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“Dogs had begun scrapping”

This phrase stems from professional whitewasher James Crosby, who left a comment at a blog post about the fatal attack of Mary Bernal. Crosby not only blames the horrifically violent incident on the victim and the victim’s sister-in-law, he also minimizes the attack by referring to it as the “dogs had begun scrapping”. Thus it’s perfectly normal for a dog scrap to result in one human being killed and another severely injured. Learn more by reading: The Crosby Analysis.

This attack began before the day of the attack. Relatives were visiting for a month and had a small dachshund. The dachshund had received substantial attention, supplanting the dog Taz in many interactions. Just prior to the attack Ms. Bernal had picked up the dachshund because the two dogs had begun scrapping. When Ms. Bernal yelled at Taz and snatched the dachshund away, Taz went after the little dog. Bernal held the dog up and screamed. Taz’s first bite was to Ms. Bernal’s hand, where she was holding the dachshund. Her screaming intensified, triggering further action by Taz. Ms. Bernal went down and Taz continued attacking the screaming, thrashing woman. Ms. Macias stuck the dog repeatedly with a shovel, intensifying the attack. – James Crosby

“Dachshunds are more aggressive”

After a study was published in Applied Animal Behaviour Science in 2008, which showed that “sausage” dogs were the most aggressive breed, Maul Talkers took to the streets clamouring victory. The ridiculous study — which in no way measured the severity of the bite — is often used by Maul Talkers to show that dachshunds are more dangerous than pit bulls. It must be noted that the majority of pit bull owners are strongly anti-small dogs and particularly dislike Dachshunds.

I’ve found little dogs are more snappy… My Shih Tzu would bite you a lot quicker than any of the other dogs, and my bully will lick you to death, or knock you over leaning on you for a scratch…. my sister had 2 little ankle biters, and one of them would bite you if you even tried to pet it…. Of course, that means I’m PRO big dog, anti little dogMollie’s Nana

Every dachshund I’ve ever met has been mean. I’m sure there are nice ones out there…but I’ve yet to meet one in my personal experience, and I work with dogs everyday as a kennel assistant! It’s always the little breed dogs that are the meanest IMO. – Anonymous

In the 27-years that Merritt Clifton of Animal People has been tracking serious and fatal dog attacks, pit bulls caused serious bodily harm to 1,451 persons, maimed 777 and killed 153. Dachshunds on the other hand, caused serious bodily harm to 5 persons, maimed 5 and killed 1. The victim killed was an 81-year old invalid woman and the attack involved a pack of six dogs, of which at least two were dachshunds. (See: Attacks by Packs of Dogs Involving Predation on Human Beings).

“All dogs are unpredictable”

Much like “All dogs bite,” and “All dogs have teeth,” this phrase is used by Maul Talkers to flatten the dangerous dog breed issue by placing all breeds on the same dangerousness scale. This phrase, however, is especially misleading as unpredictable aggression is a proven genetic trait of the breed, and pit bulls are widely known by members of the public to unpredictably attack.

In Colorado Dog Fanciers v. Denver, which has withstood numerous legal challenges, the court noted fourteen separate areas of differences that pit bulls exhibit than other dog breeds including: strength, manageability of temperament, unpredictability of aggression, tenacity, pain tolerance and manner of attack (e.g. the pit bull bite style).

All dogs are unpredictable! Not just pit bulls! You ask why I would want to own a pit bull (which have been called the ‘nanny dog’ by the way)…Let’s see, they are good with children, they are very loyal, and just want to please. – Anonymous

“All dogs have teeth”

Just like the phrase, “All dogs bite,” the phrase, “All dogs have teeth,” is used by Maul Talkers to flatten the dangerous dog breed issue by placing all breeds on the same dangerousness scale. All dogs have teeth; therefore, all dogs have the propensity to KILL goes the theory, despite the fact the pit bulls kill more human beings than all other dog breeds combined. For instance in a 3-year period (2006 to 2008), pit bulls killed 52 people. All other breeds combined killed 41.

ALL dogs have teeth and can bite – Sample anti-BSL letter
Here’s a newsflash—all dogs have teeth. All dogs have the ability to bite and cause damage. – Pit nutter
All dogs have teeth, and ALL DOGS BITE… dont blame the pit bulls. – Pit nutter Diane Huges
“This is simply canine behavior not a breed specific behavior,” said Ron Cole of San Francisco. “All dogs have teeth. All dogs can be potential lethal weapons.” – Pit nutter Ron Cole

“Pomeranians kill too!”

Maul Talkers like to point out the single instance since the Big Bang when a pomeranian dog killed a 6-week old baby. The pomeranian phrase is used to minimize the massive number of victims pit bulls have disfigured, maimed and killed since the late 1970s.

Pomeranian Kills 6-Week-Old
GirlSeptember 21, 2001
LOS ANGELES (AP) – A small Pomeranian dog killed a 6-week-old baby while the infant’s caretaker briefly left the child unattended to warm a bottle of milk, authorities said.
The relative, who was caring for the infant girl, found her head buried in the dog’s mouth Saturday night, sheriff’s Deputy Cruz Solis said. The girl died of head trauma at an area hospital, he said.
The baby’s name was withheld because her parents were out of the country and had not been notified, Solis said.
The relative has not been charged. Animal control officers took the dog.
Pomeranians are a breed of miniature canines that have a foxlike face, pointy ears and long, fluffy hair. The deputy said Pomeranian attacks are rare.
“Obviously it doesn’t take much to kill a 6-week old baby but it’s not something that happens with that breed,” Solis said. –

“He was just playing”

This phrase is often used by pit bull owners and advocates after a pit bull unpredictably and unpleasantly attacks. The  intention is to minimize the attack by saying that the dog was “just playing”. For instance, after a pit bull attacked UFC fighter Kyacey Uscola in May — one bite puncturing through his penis — a pit nutter said the following:

“[Pit bulls] aren’t anymore aggressive than other breeds of dogs, but simply have a stronger bite which leads people to think that they’re attacking when to them they’re simply playing around. – doomrider7

Chet 99 on, who often posts pit bull mauling stories so that forum members can respond, posted a story about a pit bull that attacked its owners, sending one to the hospital. It was reported the next day that the dog was euthanized because of the severity of the injuries.

The couple was lucky their pit bull was just playing.
“He says there appears to be no reason the dog attacked them.”
NOT an attack. The pit bull was just playing. Sheesh, what’s the big deal? – ARepublicanForAllReasons

“All dogs bite”

“All dogs bite” is a phrase used by Maul Talkers to minimize the serious and fatal injury pit bulls inflict on human beings and animals. The phrase is used to flatten the dangerous dog breed issue by placing all breeds on the same dangerousness scale. Maul Talkers commonly say that chihuahuas bite, too, denying that the tiny dog’s bite is any different than what is inflicted by the jaws of a pit bull. Part of the term is also used in a book titled, Dogs Bite: But Balloons and Slippers Are More Dangerous, indicating that balloons and slippers are more dangerous than pit bulls.

Renowned Maul Talker, Bill Bruce, head of Calgary’s animal bylaw services, recently took matters a step further by claiming that a chihuahua inflicted a bite “as big as a tennis ball.” He carefully leaves out what breed the chihuahua was mixed with as well.

The bottom line, says Bruce, is all dogs can bite.
“The worst bite I saw was by a 15-lb chihuahua cross which took a (chunk) almost as big as a tennis ball out of a person’s leg,” he says. – Pit nutter Bill Bruce

“Just being ‘playful’”

After a serious pit bull mauling, such as the incident involving Jeanette Cunningham, Maul Talkers will say that the dog was just being “playful”. The term is used to deny the pit bull’s responsibility in the attack. The pit bull, named Kiko, which the owners called “playful” and “harmless”, left Cunningham with permanent, disfiguring injuries.

To make matters worse, the dog’s owner objected to her animal being banned. She pleaded to keep it in her Burien home saying her dog was “playful” and “harmless.” – Ken Schram
A playful, pit bill turned violent in an instant…
“It was crazy because the dog’s so playful, even with the littler ones, it’s so playful… I guess it just didn’t want to be bothered today” – Willie Morgan
hey bill why dont you get facts before you open your d-c-suc=-r. pits are breed to be loyal family dogs. do u own a pit bill? didnt think so and if the dog was attack the lady she would have more then teeth marks. the PUPPY was most likely playingPit nutter Dan