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“Gentle and loving”

Like the term “big baby” and other phraseologies designed to emphasize the positive traits of pit bulls, owners of these dogs will claim their pit bull has always been “gentle and loving” to deflect the long-standing vicious reputation of the breed. Owners will also do so in the aftermath of a serious or fatal attack to bolster the common defense of, “never shown aggression before,” whereby alleviating them of any responsibility in the attack.

But Nicholas Cook says the pit bull-labrador mix the family called Butch had always been gentle and loving with people, though he was inclined to fight with dogs if he felt threatened. – Nicholas Cook
The American Pit Bull Terrier as a breed is not human aggressive. In fact, quite the opposite is true of the breed. They are gentle and loving dogs. – Reddawn
We expect owners of American Pit Bulls to call and e-mail us with tales of how gentle and loving their dogs are. They will also say that when the dogs attack, it’s the owner’s fault, or that particular dog’s, and not the breed’s. – WALB
It should be a dangerous-dog law not breed-specific. We should not be killing innocent animals that haven’t done anything wrong. Most of the dogs are gentle and loving family pets, especially the Staffordshire bull terrier. – Beverly Vinnels
My kids who are adults now have had pitt bulls as pets. They have been very gentle and loving dogs. I hope they check out this owner… – Dogood
I am not in the least bit afraid to go volunteer with them…I know first hand how gentle and loving a Pit can be and am super excited to go! – Becky

“The REAL story was not told”

“The REAL story” is sometimes seen in mauling threads after an attack, but is more commonly found on nutter boards. The phrase closely resembles another Maul Talk term, “the story doesn’t add up.” For instance, a pit nutter might state, “Of course the REAL story was not told” then goes on to claim special knowledge (such as I know the family) of which there is no way to verify because the poster leaves no verifiable information.

There’s definitely something not being said in this story. Pitbulls do not just go haywire & attack unprovoked, unless they had rabies or were HORRIBLY abused. Get back to us when the “real story” of what happened here is told… – kaycee71
I bet you heard about a story about a young kid getting attacked by a pit. That is what the paper reported. But the real story was They kid was attacked by the other family dog. The pit then attacked the other dog to get it off the kid.!! – Chris
I would like to know what the real story was here! FOR SOME REASON THE PITBULL IS ALWAYS TO BLAME…..I KNOW IN 99.9 PERCENT OF THE CASES IT IS THE OWNER! – Blondie621

“Died for others sins”

Strongly religious persons are often active in cause related organizations and may use God and their belief in God to support their cause. But some pit nutters take God sayings and images to a whole new level. The scariest anthropomorphic term used by pit bull advocates to date is the depiction of a pit bull nailed to a cross with the saying beneath, “HE DIED FOR OTHERS’ SINS.” It’s one thing to try to raise pit bulls to the level of human beings, it’s whole separate matter to try to raise the breed to the level of Christ.

Fact is that this “man” used to like kicking the dog in the head to “discipline” it, resulting in a simple case of Darwinism (duh!). The real tragedy is that the dog died for the sins of its owners and for trying to defend itself. People are disgusting. – Stuart Fisk
Unwilling to assume responsibility for the control and care of our canine companions, we instead hang entire breeds of dogs in effigy for the sins of their owners. – Pit nutter
pit he died for our sinsGameness Kennels

“Stunt pit”

A “stunt pit” is a pit bull used for a variety of positive pit bull media operations (See: Pit bulls as service dogs?) A stunt pit may be a service/therapy dog designated by a pit bull advocacy organization or a dog that is “rehabilitated” after a highly publicized mauling. Stunt Pitting does not fix the non-existent pit bull breeding standards, grow back a scalp or resurrect the life of a child, it only increases attacks as unqualified owners are attracted to the breed.

“Raised the dog from a puppy”

To evade responsibility after a biting incident, a pit bull owner may say, “I raised the dog from a puppy.” It’s similar to another Maul Talk term, “The dog has never shown aggression before.” Both try to persuade authorities that the dog owner could never have known his dog would attack. The puppy term has added meaning. Pit bulls do not reach maturity until 1.5 to 2 years old. It is at this time when the breed’s aggressive traits kick in. This is also the average age of pit bulls surrendered to shelters by their owners.

The father said he and his family are grieving over the tremendous loss of their child. The father said the family raised the pit bull since it was a puppy and that the dog never showed any signs of aggression toward anyone in their family. – Mark Valentin
Wallis says his neighbor hasn’t apologized for the attack or said anything to him since it happened April 22…When reached by telephone, Hayes declined to comment and hung up. She told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram she had raised the pit bulls since they were puppies and considered them good, lovable pets. – Nancy Hayes
The dog was 5-years old and had been raised by the victim’s father since it was a puppy. In a press conference following the attack, the victim’s uncle, Terrence Lovejoy, urged parents to “get rid” of pit bulls. He also stated that the dog “didn’t growl, didn’t bark,” just walked over and grabbed the child. He described the incident as “a sneak attack on my nephew.” –

“Dog was never beaten”

Sometimes a pit bull owner will say that his dog was “never beaten” or “neglected” after the animal seriously injures or kills a person. The terms are designed to absolve the dog owner from any responsibility and to counter pit bull factions who argue that pit bulls only attack when the owner has beaten or neglected them. This is an interesting position for a pit bull owner to be in. Once part of the pit bull community, this owner now must fight against pit bull factions who are calling him an abuser in order to protect the breed.

The father said he had raised the dog since the day it was born, and he said it was a very nice and loving dog who was never beaten. – WJXT (Mark Valentin)
Erb described the six pit bulls as “house dogs” that were well cared for and even microchipped for identification. “They were spoiled rotten,” Erb said. “They were not neglected in any way.” – Barbara Erb

“Never shown aggression before”

After a serious of fatal pit bull mauling, the dog’s owner will often say, the dog has “never shown aggression before” to absolve himself from responsibility. After the death of a 3-day old baby, for instance, who was killed by the family’s pit bull, the baby’s father, Mark Valentin, not only used this phrase but another one employed by culpable pit bull owners, “raised the dog from a puppy.” At the time, Valentin was being investigated for child neglect. It must also be noted that Valentin undoubtably promoted the Nanny dog myth before his pit bull — described to the media as “very loving” — killed his son.

The father said that the family “raised the pit bull since it was a puppy” and that the dog “never showed any signs of aggression” towards anyone in their family. The day that police and child protection agencies stop honoring these cliche excuses from pit bull owners, is the day that children will championed instead of buried. –
The father said the family raised the pit bull since it was a puppy and that the dog never showed any signs of aggression toward anyone in their family. – Mark Valentin
Valentin said that the dog never showed any signs of aggression toward anyone in their family, adding that his 4-year-old son “has never had any problems with this dog.” The father said he had raised the dog since the day it was born, and he said it was a very nice and loving dog who was never beaten. – Mark Valentin

“Ban stupid owners!”

“Ban stupid owners!” is a reactionary phrase used by Maul Talkers following a serious or fatal pit bull attack. The phrase denies the pit bull’s responsibility in the incident and directs the blame onto the dog’s owner. Despite the U.S. Constitution, specifically the 14th Amendment, Maul Talkers will have you believe that banning stupid owners is legal in our country. This distortion works to further confuse the public about the underlying source of the pit bull problem: the dog was bred to bite down with its powerful jaws, hold that bite and shake whatever is in its mouth until it’s dead. (See: pit bull bite style).

Why don’t they ban stupid people instead? I’m no fan of a pit bull chained to a tree in the trailer park – Bootz Fan
Ban Stupid People… not dogs – Pit nutter Myspace page
Ban stupid ownersPit nutter Facebook page
Stupid owners have stupid dogs. Maybe the ban should be that stupid people shouldnt be allowed to own pit bulls – Julie and JoJo Fink
I say ban stupid owners not the breed. =) – Pit nutter
Ban Stupid People Not Dogs (Tee-shirts) – Pit nutter
it’s not the dogs. it’s the stupid owners. there is a reason they call pits the “ghetto mascot” guess who owns them and treats them badly to make the dog mean. they should bad stupid people. – Chris Crawford

“Just a ‘lap dog'”

To emphasize positive traits depicted by pit bulls, Maul Talkers often say that the animal is just a “lap dog”. As an anonymous poster from the Craven Desires blog points out, any dog that wants to be “right on top of you” is possibly displaying dominance, which is “anything but cute or sweet”.

They are wonderful cuddlers and love nothing more than a belly rub. In fact, most pit bulls think they are lap dogs! – Pit bull rescue central
I’m really a lap dogPit bull positive
This breed needs to be taught to sit and greet people calmly as it’s natural inclination will probably be to climb into their lap, put a paw on each of their shoulders, and attempt to wipe their face off with it’s tongue. Attempts to convince a full grown pit bull that it is too big to be a “lap dog” … – Pit bulls on the web
Another behavior that pit nutters constantly rave about is how their dogs just want to be “lap dogs“. “Oh, if you’re sitting down, he just wants to be right on top of you.” No shit, Sherlock. That’s also dominance behavior, and it’s anything but cute or sweet. – Anonymous

“I’m a vet tech”

This phrase is often used by pit bull owners to be seen as an authority when interviewed in news articles or commenting in a mauling thread. 95% of the time, the person is not a “vet tech” (with 2-3 years of accredited training) nor has any training outside of being a pit bull owner. Maul Talkers often take this perceived expert claim further by claiming to be a vet tech for “30 years.” When his or her MySpace or Facebook page is found, however, the person’s age is listed as 25 or younger. Any person who claims to be a “vet tech” when talking about the pit bull issue should quickly be dismissed as a fraud.

I work with all types of dogs as I am certified veterinary technician. When I was in Aurora I worked with quite a few “Pit-bulls” and never came across one that I was scared of until my last day of 2 years at that clinic. I was attacked by several chows, a few labs and one extremely mean Golden (not even mentioning all the chihuahuas, min-pins, shit-zus and countless other small dog breed). – CVT

As a vet tech for 8 years I have had a lot of experience handling dogs who I am unfamiliar with and who are unfamiliar with me. I have had to restrain and perform painful and frightening procedures on all shapes and sizes. When I began in this business I had no experience with pit bulls at all. In the past eight years MANY of the breeds I used to admire have shown me their true and ugly natures and I am no longer a fan. On the flipside I have come to respect and adore the pit bull based on my experiences with them. – Vet Tech