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“Dog holocaust”

The term “dog holocaust” brings up over 6,000 results in Google Search. It is most often used by radical pro-pit bull groups after a city or country adopts breed-specific legislation, specifically a pit bull ban. The International Dog Holocaust group, ironically, began in Germany after the whole country adopted breed-specific restrictions. It’s possible that die hard German pit bull zealots coined the term given the responsibility the country played in THE Holocaust, which brings up nearly 7 million Google Search results.

Are You Funding The Dog Holocaust?
Dog lovers – Are you supporting breed-specific legislation?
Are you facilitating the killing of innocent dogs? Are you helping to fund the dog holocaust? – Dog Politics
Germany bans breeds, reactions evoke holocaust memories
In the wake of two deadly attacks by dogs in the last three months, German state governments have banned or restricted more than three dozens breeds of dogs. – Pedigree Database

“The most ‘abused’ breed”

Along with the term, “The most ‘maligned’ breed,” pit bull owners and advocates use the term, “The most ‘abused’ breed” to gain sympathy for pit bulls. The truth is the pit bull is the most abused breed in the world because its entire selective breeding foundation is based on dogfighting, and pit bulls continue to be bred for dogfighting today. The act of dogfighting is horrifically abusive and outlawed in all 50 U.S. states. Maul Talkers, however, will have you believe that every pit bull is born angelic and that it is due to owners’ beating and torturing the animal that it continues to maul and kill human beings and animals at an unmatched rate. Note below that 83% of the human fatalities involved family dogs, not pit bulls that were abused or used in dogfighting by their owners.

Mid Year Results: U.S. Dog Bite Fatalities from January 1 to July 22, 2010 – Of the 18 fatal dog attacks recorded by so far in 2010, pit bull type dogs contributed to 67% (12). This is equivalent to a pit bull killing a U.S. citizen every 17 days during this 203-day period. 83% (10) of these incidents involved a family pit bull killing a family member.

According to Google News Archives, usage of the term picked up in the late 1990’s and shot through the roof in 2005. One cannot read a mauling thread without hearing the verbiage echoed throughout. After two loose pit bulls killed William Parker in July 2010, pit bull advocates, owners, and apologists were out in full force to victimize the offending pit bulls who not only killed Parker, but injured four others:

I would bet that most posters would agree that not all pit bulls are vicious. Those dogs who are vicious have been shown no love, starved, and have been repeatedly abused and agitated, so much so, that anyone or anything approaching is seen as a threat. Undoubtedly, that was probably the case in this sad, sad story.
This is by no means a racial or location issue. It is about being a responsible pet owner treating an animal as a pet, not a means for what some sick people call “entertainment.” – illindtenn

“The most ‘maligned’ breed”

This term appears to have taken root in the early 1990’s, just after pit bulls spent the 1980’s on a killing spree, (which has only increased since). During the 1980’s, the pit bull breed amassed 45 deaths versus the next top killing breed, the German Shepherd, which amassed 13 in the same period. The Rottweiler community adopted the same verbiage in 1996, just after the breed catapulted to the top killer from 1993 to 1996. “The most ‘maligned’ breed” terminology, however, is primarily used by pit bull advocates in an effort to gain sympathy for the dog.

The stranger may see only a “pit bull” on a leash held by an obvious fool. Your behavior and the behavior of your dog may be the only opportunity this stranger will ever have to see the positive side of what has become the most maligned breed in the history of dogdom. – American Pit Bull Terrier Handbook

“You are a racist!”

According to Google News Archive, the phrase began circulating in the mid 1980’s, which is when there was the first surge of U.S. cities adopting pit bull laws. In a 1987 Toledo Blade article, kooky Dr. Ian Dunbar (connected with the ACF) said: “Singling out a breed like the American Staffordshire terrier — commonly called the pit bull — ‘is just like being racist or sexist.'”

Also an anthropomorphic phrase, “You are racist!” is voiced by pit bull advocates to condemn their critics. Today, the phrase is frequently flung at people by pit bull advocates in the comment section of a mauling thread. Interestingly, commenter Doug lashes back at Maul Talkers for pulling the race card:

For you to bring Black People into this leaves me thinking there may be some racist tendencies on your part though.If me HATING these dogs and Rotty’s is what you call RACIST and ignorant so be it.But take a look deep inside and ask yourself why you did bring Black people into this discussion. – Doug

“Wiggle butts”

Bledy VanKarnage, currently a hired lobbyist for Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, used the term “wiggle butts” to refer to pit bulls when speaking with the Columbia Tribune back in October 2007. At that time, she was employed by the ASPCA. This may have been the first time the childish term, “wiggle butts” was used to describe pit bulls. The intention of the term is to coat the pit bull’s horrific safety record with a glossy, happy shine. There is also a Wiggle Butts Bully Rescue out of Mentor, Ohio.

Ledy Vankavage, like other passionate pit bull enthusiasts, said most pits are “extremely human friendly,” little “wiggle butts” that don’t deserve the bad rap they’ve been given.
“They should be judged as individuals, and if they’re temperament tested and found to be sound, they should be re-homed,” said Vankavage, a Collinsville, Ill., lobbyist and attorney for The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

(“Pit bull advocates fight stereotypes of the breed,” Columbia Tribune, October 27, 2007)

“Murderous Nazi”

Like Maul Talk terms that include holocaust and genocide, “murderous Nazi” is used by Maul Talkers to compare the death of 6 million innocent Jews by the Nazi regime to a city’s adoption a pit bull law. UK-based Selwyn Marock — a fanatical animal rights activist — uses the term frequently when leaving comments:

These murderous Nazis are running around Dade County Miami as well,they are SLAUGHTERING far more Animals.They are unable to tell the difference between a miniature Maltese and a Pitbull, so all are Pitbulls, a bit like the Jews in the 40’s. – s marock


BDL is term consistently in use by Maul Talker Ledy VanKavage, a hired gun for Best Friends Animal Society. Breed Discriminatory Legislation (BDL) is a spin on the traditional name for pit bull laws: Breed-Specific Legislation (BSL). The term “discriminatory legislation” was first used by a Miami attorney named David Cerf in 1980. Cerf was hired by The Everglades Pit Bull Terrier Club to fight the Hollywood, Florida pit bull ordinance, the first pit bull ordinance in modern times.

“BSL is like rape”

To demonstrate the radicalness of groups like RDOWS, in the Winter 2007 edition of the American Pit Bull Terrier Gazette, the chairwoman of RDOWS, Cherie Graves, compares breed-specific laws to a person being raped and even the murder of a family member.

“This ban is no less an assault on their lives, than would be a rape, the murder of a family member, the invasion, and vandalism of a home, a violent attack upon their person.” – Cherie Graves, Breed Specific Legislation Leads to Unspeakable Cruelty

“BSL is genocide!”

Pit bull advocates frequently refer to breed-specific legislation (BSL) and breed-specific laws as “genocide,” which is a term reserved for the human race. Merriam Webster’s definition states the following: “The deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political, or cultural group.” The term bsl genocide turns up over 90,000 results on Google Search. At the FuckBSL YouTube video, which depicts authorities “seizing German Shepherds,” a user writes the following untruths as all BSL grandfathers in existing dogs:

I have to say, this is very well done. BSL is completely irrational, it’s genocide, no better than what Hitler did to the Jewish people. I’ve met more than a few pitbulls, and all of them have been among the sweetest dogs ever. I agree that small dogs are more evil than pits, and anyone who leaves any dog alone with a child is retarded and needs to have their children taken away. – mach7mach10
The term is also abbreviated as BSG (Breed Specific Genocide) – jjclimcon
But an outright ban — which is what most BSL proponents are in favor of — is a death sentence. A BSL ban equals BSG (Breed Specific Genocide jjclimcon

“Dog murderer”

Murder is a legal term that only applies to humans, much like the term “genocide.” Pit bull advocates and No-Kill fanatics, however, use the term (spelled in all capitals), “You are a dog MURDERER!” in attempts to equate a canine life to a human life. They typically use the phrase to lynch a dog bite victim (or animal control personnel) after he or she requests a dangerous Pit Bull be euthanized or declared dangerous:

“If we don’t comply with the ‘Dangerous Dog Law’ she will be taken from us and put down by strangers, after suffering in a cage, waiting her turn to die. We are her family and don’t want her to go that way! Vanessa Carlton in our eyes is a MURDERER and we pray to the good lord for justice!” – Ben Teichberg