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“I’m a vet tech”

This phrase is often used by pit bull owners to be seen as an authority when interviewed in news articles or commenting in a mauling thread. 95% of the time, the person is not a “vet tech” (with 2-3 years of accredited training) nor has any training outside of being a pit bull owner. Maul Talkers often take this perceived expert claim further by claiming to be a vet tech for “30 years.” When his or her MySpace or Facebook page is found, however, the person’s age is listed as 25 or younger. Any person who claims to be a “vet tech” when talking about the pit bull issue should quickly be dismissed as a fraud.

I work with all types of dogs as I am certified veterinary technician. When I was in Aurora I worked with quite a few “Pit-bulls” and never came across one that I was scared of until my last day of 2 years at that clinic. I was attacked by several chows, a few labs and one extremely mean Golden (not even mentioning all the chihuahuas, min-pins, shit-zus and countless other small dog breed). – CVT

As a vet tech for 8 years I have had a lot of experience handling dogs who I am unfamiliar with and who are unfamiliar with me. I have had to restrain and perform painful and frightening procedures on all shapes and sizes. When I began in this business I had no experience with pit bulls at all. In the past eight years MANY of the breeds I used to admire have shown me their true and ugly natures and I am no longer a fan. On the flipside I have come to respect and adore the pit bull based on my experiences with them. – Vet Tech

“Freak accident”

Owners of pit bulls often say after a serious or fatal pit bull attack that it was a “freak accident”. Google News Archives shows clear results of this when typing in the terms: freak accident pit bull. The term has been in continuous use by pit bull owners since 1985, after Wally Robert’s pit bull, named Napoleon, killed Deborah Pernell while she slept. The phrase is a complete denial of responsibility. Such occurrences are neither freak nor accidental when involving pit bulls. The fact that parents of victimized children and police authorities 25-years later still call such attacks “freak accidents” is regrettable and untrue.

“Dexter had no history of biting and we feel this was a freak accident.” – Annie Hornish, the Connecticut Senior State Director of the Humane Society of the United States, after her own pit bull killed a woman.
“We are all traumatized with this freak accident and are praying for Adrieanna and her family” – The Herald Family
It was a freak accident,” she said. The woman, who asked not to be named, said her children have played with the same dog at the Duck Hill Springs home many times before, adding that the dog owner “didn’t raise the dog to be mean or vicious.” – Unnamed neighbor
Rodriguez told the responding officer she had warned Edward Cahill to euthanize the dog, because the dog was violent and unpredictable. But today she says that is not true. –snip — “I don’t want people to think bad of pit bulls,” Rodriguez said. “It was a freak accident. He loved those dogs.” – Blanca Rodriguez
“I think what happened is that she had a ponytail and she reached down to get something and one of the dogs said…” — snip — Klemetti maintains that the dogs had never hurt people before and that the attack was a “freak incident.” – Steve Klemetti
A day after the family’s pit bull fatally attacked his pregnant wife, Greg Napora said Friday he doesn’t blame the dog. He even plans to bury his spouse, Darla, with their pet’s cremated remains in her casket.” –snip– “Whatever happened right now was not the breed’s fault” –snip– “It was just a freak accident.” – Greg Napora
Cook was bitten on his arms, neck, stomach, and leg. Nicholas Michael [Cook] can’t make sense of the attack. “I didn’t train him to fight or nothing, this was a freak accident,” he said. – Nicholas Michael [Cook]
It was a freak accident. It could have happen to anybody she’s [the neighbor] got three kids of her own. It could have happened to one of hers.” – April Sumrall
Hours before being mauled to death by the family pit bull, 12-year- old Nicholas Faibish had been told to stay in the basement … Maureen Faibish, who called The Chronicle on Saturday, trying to make sense of what she called a “freak accident.” – Maureen Faibish
It was just a freak accident that it got loose and went over there and attacked her dog,” says Vincent. “It’s not like Bella did it on purpose. – Jessica Vincent
“She could have bled to death,” he said. “The whole thing was just a freak accident, but what we couldn’t believe was how long it took for the medics to get here.” – John Ogden
Kenneth Smith, the child’s father, called it a “freak accident.” The animal had been chained to a tree but broke loose and lunged through a hole in the yard fence, he said. – Kenneth Smith
Agerson said her dog was friendly, and she was shocked by his action. She said he’s been destroyed … “It was a tragedy — a freak accident,” Agerson said – Tina Agerson

The following is a “real” freak accident:

Woman killed in freak New York lift crush
A woman died in a New York City office building after lift doors dragged her upwards and crushed her.
Officials say the woman, identified as advertising agency employee Suzanne Hart, was attempting to enter the lift when her foot or leg became caught.
The car then quickly rose, dragging her body into the shaft and killing her … The accident happened at 10:00 local time (15:00 GMT), officials said, but medics were unable to reach her body immediately because she became stuck between the first and second floors. BBC News, December 2011

“Nanny dog”

The Nanny Dog Myth was invented by the president of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club, Lillian Rant, around 1970 (See: The Nanny Dog Myth Revealed). The term refers to the pit bull’s allegedly (and erroneously referenced) unique ability to be overly gentle and patient with children. The term caught fire in the mid 1980s, after the first U.S. city adopted a pit bull law, and has been widely disseminated ever since. A good example of its usage is found on an Oprah community page:

allen76 is right. PITS were called “THE NANNY DOG” from the 1920’s to the end of the 1940’s and were THE MOST POPULAR FAMILY DOG IN THE USA. Gayle and Oprah should not speak about topics they have no education about (like Pit bulls). Pits are WAY DOWN on this years bite/attack list. Labs are at the top. – evie156

There were NO fatal dog attacks by labradors in 2009.

“Breed ambassador”

According to a study published by Tufts Center for Animals and Public Policy in 2000, “Managing the Stigma of Outlaw Breeds: A Case Study of Pit Bull Owners“, the most public way in which pit bull owners managed breed stigma was to become a fierce advocate for the breed or breed ambassador. Such owners seek to “educate” the public — often through their own well-behaved pets — by discounting stereotypes and promoting the finer qualities of the breed.

Examples of breed ambassador imagery is easily found on the Internet, such as the YouTube video, “Pit Bull Viciously Attacks Child,” which depicts happy babies lying near pit bulls. Some breed ambassadors, however, take activism of the “Pit Bull Cause” to reckless levels. Despite warnings from pit bull experts to “avoid dog parks at all costs,” such persons purposely visit dog parks to show other dog owners that pit bulls are safe, reliable dogs that are merely “misunderstood.” –

“Tragic accident”

Owners of pit bulls frequently say after a serious or fatal pit bull attack that it was a “tragic accident”. Google News Archives shows clear results of this when typing in the terms: tragic accident pit bull. The term has been in continuous use by pit bull owners since the mid-1980’s. Given today (2010), this term is a complete denial of responsibility. Pit bulls have been maiming and killing individuals on a regular basis for nearly 30 years. While these continuous occurrences are tragic, they are certainly not accidental.

The victim’s brother-in-law said, “This dog has never shown any aggression before. It slept in the bed with them. They’ve had the dog four years, and it never ever showed anything like this. This is a tragic accident. – David Todd
In yet another instance of an infant killed by a family pit bull, law enforcement officials are wrongly calling this preventable death a “tragic accident.” Kalamazoo Public Safety Chief Jeff Hadley said, “These cases are very difficult, and obviously, it’s a very emotional topic. But sometimes … it’s just a tragic, tragic accident.” –
San Bernardino police called the incident a “tragic accident,” just as San Bernardino County Sheriff’s officials did after a family pit bull killed 3-year old Omar Martinez in January. –
Mother shut boy in basement to protect him from pit bull / 12-year-old was killed by family dog; owner sees death as tragic accident but defends the breed as loving pets –
Wesley Barrentine is Wyno’s Stepfather-In-Law, he tells Eyewitness News reporter Greg Gullberg that her death was just a freak accident. “I don’t know why it happened it’s just a tragic accident,” Barrentine said. – Wesley Barrentine
A woman has died as the result of an a pit bull attack, according to the Lowndes County Sheriff … The sheriff is calling the incident, ” a very tragic accident and vicious attack.” – Lowndes County Sheriff
The Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office says it won’t pursue charges against a man whose pit bull mauled his 5-year-old nephew to death. Investigators say they found no signs of negligence. Sheriff Lupe Trevino told The Monitor in McAllen that the death appears to have been a tragic accident. – Sheriff Lupe Trevino