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“Anything to please their master”

Another way pit bull owners and advocates victimize pit bulls is to say that they will do “anything to please their masters”. The intention of the statement is to imply that the pit bull only attacked because its master ordered it to, and the only reason why it did not stop attacking is because the animal wanted to please its master. So the next time you read a headline like, “Pit Bulls Break Through Window to Attack Woman and Dog“, remember that the dog was only trying to please its master.

ANY dog could be trained to kill, even Chihuahuas. But Pit Bulls are the ones used MOST in fighting, therefore, people often say ALL the breed are bad dogs. My aunt being one of them. I think Pit Bulls are BEAUTIFUL dogs myself. But they ARE owned by Drug Dealers & Thugs more then anybody. But is that the dogs fault? No. ALL dogs are born innocent. Any dog will do ANYTHING to please their masters. Even if winning a Fight is one of them. – Cuddles and Jasper are my life

“Your dog provoked the attack”

Just as Maul Talkers blame children for provoking a pit bull to launch an unbridled attack causing severe and fatal injury, they also blame dogs victimized by pit bulls. On, the owner of a victimized dog makes a plea for help only to have a pit bull advocate blame her deceased dog for the incident:

Not saying it is so, but perhaps the now-deceased dog provoked the attack by the pit bull? If so, it would be why the police ‘failed’ to take action against the pit bull owner. – Ghost of Doc J

“Your dog was unleashed”

After Jacqueline Harris’ dog, named Louie, was captured on camera being mauled by two pit bulls, the pit bull owners fled the scene. Harrison was bitten trying to save her dog. None of the dogs were leashed at the time, but Louie was attempting to flee the pit bulls after they spotted and bolted after him. Pit bull advocates blamed the incident on Harris (Note: There is an excellent chance that Iceman80 is a lying pit nutter).

Iceman80: Ms. Harris wants everyone to think of her and her dog as victims, when she was as much to blame as the pit bull owners. Yes, the pit bulls should have been on leashes.(I am not a pit bull fan, and I don’t understand why anyone would want one as a pet) If Ms. Harris really cared about her dog, she could have been more protective by keeping the garage door closed. Leaving a small dog unattended, and unprotected in an open garage isn’t too bright.
Jeri: Yeah, and she should have had a fence and a moat around the garage! – Jeri

“The child provoked the dog”

Pit bull owners and advocates frequently claim that a child teased or taunted the dog prior to the serious mauling. The most common phrase, however, is, “The child provoked the dog.” A Google Search shows over 36,000 results for the term: pit bull child provoked. The term is not limited to children. In an article about Maria Zaldana, “70-year-old must have provoked pit bull attack,” pit bull owner Jason Reid makes this claim:

The co-owner of the dogs, Jason Reid, showed up at the Associated Humane Society of Newark facility Saturday and told D.J. Infield, the manager and chief animal control officer, that Maria Zaldana, of Jersey City, must have provoked the dogs, Infield said today.
Zaldano suffered a partially torn scalp, numerous puncture wounds and the skin was torn from the left side of her face and her right knee and calf.