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“Pits for Tits”

As if anthropomorphizing pit bulls could not get worse? How about a pit bull depicted with female breasts, wearing a pink bra in honor of pit bull awareness month (not recognized by any formal body, just plain old Nutters) and National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Our ordering is specific as 60% of proceeds of Pits for Tits goes towards pit bull rescue and only 40% to the American Cancer Society. To even use these two awareness campaigns in the same paragraph is shocking and revolting, as if they are on an even playing field?

A dog breed that kills more people than all dog breeds combined every year, herein depicted as a sex toy, is being promoted along side breast cancer, a disease that strikes down 40,000 American women each year. This insidious anthropomorphic pit bull campaign, Pits for Tits, operates on multiple levels. 1.) A pit bull depicted as a sex toy, 2.) A pit bull with female breasts wearing a pink bra, 3.) The “pit bull cause” having the same significance as a cancer that kills 40,000 women each year and 5.) Last, but not least, hijacking National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and using it to promote pit bulls.

Who are the big brains behind this sexual, anthropomorphic pit bull campaign? Lizz Whitacre and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s No Kill Advocacy Club, according to the press release. Pits for Tits is a 5K doggie run that will be held on October 3. People can pay $15 for a Pits for Tits tee-shirt whose depiction for 2015 is unknown, but in the past has used the slogan, “Bringing awareness for bullies and boobies.” Whitacre incredulously states in the release, “The causes are the same in the way that anyone can be affected.”

No, Lizz Whitacre. Owning a pit bull is a choice. Contracting breast cancer is not.

Pits for Tits - anthropomorphic pit bull campaign

This sexual, anthropomorphic pit bull illustration is by Ally Frame, also a UNL student.


This combined term was coined by the community (way to to go Pit Bull Regulation Project!). The first part, “mutant,” comes from the Maul Talk Term, genetic mutant, which refers to the artificial selection of pit bulls to create successful dogfighting machines. The second part refers to the grave dangers of “dog-sitting” pit bulls, as noted by one member, “deaths and maulings are not rare” during such mutant-sittings.

Elmhurst Fire Chief Michael Kopp said ambulances took a man to Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood and a woman to Elmhurst Memorial Hospital at about 5 p.m. Monday, after they were attacked by two pit bulls … the man and woman had apparently been dog-sitting when they were attacked. – CBS Chicago
The unlucky victim was taken to Staunton Community Memorial Hospital where she was treated for multiple, severe bites to both arms.
The unidentified victim told authorities she had been dog-sitting her son’s male, 1- to 2-year-old pit bull

A neighbor, who did not wish to be identified, said she was dog-sitting when the pit bull, named Feisty, attacked Johnson. She said she feels the dog was just doing what a guard dog is supposed to do. – Unidentified “dog-sitter”
A North Carolina woman and her boyfriend will likely be charged with felony child abuse after a pit bull ate all the toes on her 4-month-old son’s left foot while they slept. Robie Lynn Jenkins and Tremayne J. Spillman told authorities they were dog-sitting the 12-week-old pit bull – Times Union
According to the Lee County Coroner, Horton suffered severe injuries in the attack as well as undergoing a heart attack. She was pronounced dead on the scene. Her husband, Jerry Horton, was rushed to Carolina Pines Regional Medical Center with serious injuries. At the time of the attack, Ethel and her husband were dog-sitting their nephew’s pit bull named Brutus –
In yet another attack, a nine-year-old boy was seriously injured by a pit bull terrier after he accidentally wandered into his aunt’s backyard where she was dog-sitting a pit bull for a friend. – California Personal Injury Blog
A woman was dog sitting a pit bull in a home in South Austin when the dog began attacking – YouTube
The two were on a walk with Tytionna’s 2-month-old brother when the pit bull the family was dog-sitting got loose. It charged the trio and bit Tytionna in the face, dragging her to the ground. Then it bit her leg and shook her. “It swallowed my earring,” she said. – News4Ajax
Jeannine Fusco, 44-years old, was killed after being bitten in the head and throat by a pit bull she and her sister were watching for a friend. Police said the dog violently attacked 44-year-old Jeannine Fusco in the garage of her home. The victim suffered severe bites to her throat, head and neck –

“Genetic mutant”

The “mutant” term was introduced by author and animal behaviorist Alexandra Semyonova of and picked up by blogger Craven Desires. “Genetic” is implicit in the meaning of mutant, but we’ve added it to the Maul Talk term to avoid any confusion. The Free Dictionary defines mutant as: “An individual, organism, or new genetic character arising or resulting from mutation.” Use of the term can be seen in many of Craven’s posts, for instance, 9/24/10 Weekly Frankenmauler Round Up.

  1. after her hideous mutant savaged three dogs.
  2. were bitten by a HIDEOUS mutant during their afternoon walk.
  3. he ordered the mutant to attack
  4. the mutant is described as an ugly shade of white with hideous grey
  5. altercation involving an ugly mutant and a 10 lb dog occurs it is called an ASSASSINATION attempt.
  6. KALOB CROMARTIE’S ugly mutant got loose and attacked
  7. little dog Gracie Mae, when a mutant pit dog started to follow them
  8. she claims that Officer Fisk knocked down the mutant
  9. at a street festival yesterday, an ugly mutant pit fighter named PARROT
  10. she tried to calm them down. and for her trouble, two of the mutants attacked
  11. K9 Ice was attacked by a pit bull while trying to control a crowd. the ugly mutant was shot and killed

File photo of a genetic mutant.

genetic mutant pit bull