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“Manifesto of hate”

The term likely derives from the novel The Catcher in the Rye. A character in the play and film Six Degrees of Separation called Salinger’s novel a “manifesto of hate” against phonies. The term is strictly used in terms of “class struggle” and subcultures within these classes. Pit bull advocates such as Karen Delise refer to and others who stand up to the pit bull lobby as authoring a “manifesto of hate”.

Ms. Lynn is purposely deceitful. Her information is worst than garbage, it is a manifesto of hate. – Karen Delise


One of the most overused anthropomorphic terms in the pit bull issue is “misunderstood”. As readers understand, a misunderstanding can only occur between human beings, as it requires human comprehension. The term misunderstood pit bull yields over 91 thousand Google Search results. Maul Talkers use the term to gain sympathy for the breed and to lure members of the public into being “educated” by a pit bull owner.

“A lot of people who are not raised with little people or have never been around them, think they’re nothing but circus acts and so forth. So you get that misunderstanding and you’re not taken serious. It’s the same with pit bulls. – Shorty Rossi, Pit Bull Boss, Animal Planet

“Murderous Nazi”

Like Maul Talk terms that include holocaust and genocide, “murderous Nazi” is used by Maul Talkers to compare the death of 6 million innocent Jews by the Nazi regime to a city’s adoption a pit bull law. UK-based Selwyn Marock — a fanatical animal rights activist — uses the term frequently when leaving comments:

These murderous Nazis are running around Dade County Miami as well,they are SLAUGHTERING far more Animals.They are unable to tell the difference between a miniature Maltese and a Pitbull, so all are Pitbulls, a bit like the Jews in the 40’s. – s marock


BDL is term consistently in use by Maul Talker Ledy VanKavage, a hired gun for Best Friends Animal Society. Breed Discriminatory Legislation (BDL) is a spin on the traditional name for pit bull laws: Breed-Specific Legislation (BSL). The term “discriminatory legislation” was first used by a Miami attorney named David Cerf in 1980. Cerf was hired by The Everglades Pit Bull Terrier Club to fight the Hollywood, Florida pit bull ordinance, the first pit bull ordinance in modern times.

“BSL is like rape”

To demonstrate the radicalness of groups like RDOWS, in the Winter 2007 edition of the American Pit Bull Terrier Gazette, the chairwoman of RDOWS, Cherie Graves, compares breed-specific laws to a person being raped and even the murder of a family member.

“This ban is no less an assault on their lives, than would be a rape, the murder of a family member, the invasion, and vandalism of a home, a violent attack upon their person.” – Cherie Graves, Breed Specific Legislation Leads to Unspeakable Cruelty

“BSL is genocide!”

Pit bull advocates frequently refer to breed-specific legislation (BSL) and breed-specific laws as “genocide,” which is a term reserved for the human race. Merriam Webster’s definition states the following: “The deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political, or cultural group.” The term bsl genocide turns up over 90,000 results on Google Search. At the FuckBSL YouTube video, which depicts authorities “seizing German Shepherds,” a user writes the following untruths as all BSL grandfathers in existing dogs:

I have to say, this is very well done. BSL is completely irrational, it’s genocide, no better than what Hitler did to the Jewish people. I’ve met more than a few pitbulls, and all of them have been among the sweetest dogs ever. I agree that small dogs are more evil than pits, and anyone who leaves any dog alone with a child is retarded and needs to have their children taken away. – mach7mach10
The term is also abbreviated as BSG (Breed Specific Genocide) – jjclimcon
But an outright ban — which is what most BSL proponents are in favor of — is a death sentence. A BSL ban equals BSG (Breed Specific Genocide jjclimcon

“Dog murderer”

Murder is a legal term that only applies to humans, much like the term “genocide.” Pit bull advocates and No-Kill fanatics, however, use the term (spelled in all capitals), “You are a dog MURDERER!” in attempts to equate a canine life to a human life. They typically use the phrase to lynch a dog bite victim (or animal control personnel) after he or she requests a dangerous Pit Bull be euthanized or declared dangerous:

“If we don’t comply with the ‘Dangerous Dog Law’ she will be taken from us and put down by strangers, after suffering in a cage, waiting her turn to die. We are her family and don’t want her to go that way! Vanessa Carlton in our eyes is a MURDERER and we pray to the good lord for justice!” – Ben Teichberg

“Canine genocide”

According to, “genocide” is a term used to describe the deliberate and systematic extermination of a national, racial, political, or cultural group. The term has no application for canines. Pit bull advocates and other Maul Talkers, however, use the term “canine genocide” to elevate pit bulls to the status of human beings. The following snip of a blog post aptly describes this:

A blatantly illogical, emotional, vindictive unfair and unethical argument doesn’t gain legitimacy just because it is directed at animals rather than human beings. I wonder how long it will be before The Daily Beast figures that out, and stops giving Frankie’s loyal friend a platform to preach canine genocide. –

“Canine profiling”

Like the term “canine racism,” canine profiling is used by pro-pit bulls groups to thrust the race card into the pit bull problem and to anthropomorphize it. Canine profiling, however, is a more recent term and likely arose after the hit movie Men in Black II (Frank the pug dog). Google Search shows that Bledy VanKarnage, then with the ASPCA, latches onto the term about a year later and institutionalizes it among pit nutters and pit bull advocacy groups. What began as a joke in a movie became critical pit bull propaganda.

“All dogs are individuals”

It’s not known precisely when this term began, but it was mostly likely penned by guru Maul Talker Ledy VanKavage, a hired gun for Best Friends Animal Society. It is repeated by Animal Farm Foundation and many other pro-pit bull groups. The term is strategically designed to flatten the dangerous dog issue by extracting a specific breed. More hideously, it anthropomorphizes the issue by specifically stating that “dogs are individuals” and share the same constitutional and civil rights as human beings.