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“The child provoked the dog”

Pit bull owners and advocates frequently claim that a child teased or taunted the dog prior to the serious mauling. The most common phrase, however, is, “The child provoked the dog.” A Google Search shows over 36,000 results for the term: pit bull child provoked. The term is not limited to children. In an article about Maria Zaldana, “70-year-old must have provoked pit bull attack,” pit bull owner Jason Reid makes this claim:

The co-owner of the dogs, Jason Reid, showed up at the Associated Humane Society of Newark facility Saturday and told D.J. Infield, the manager and chief animal control officer, that Maria Zaldana, of Jersey City, must have provoked the dogs, Infield said today.
Zaldano suffered a partially torn scalp, numerous puncture wounds and the skin was torn from the left side of her face and her right knee and calf.

“The child taunted the dog”

Similar to the phrase, “The child teased the dog,” is the taunting claim voiced by pit bull advocates following a serious pit bull mauling. This “blame the victim” technique minimizes the seriousness of the victim’s injuries and literally declares: “What did you expect?” In the incident involving Vincent Marchese, commenter “Fail” even states, “MAYBE he got what was coming to him.”

Their point was that he had been to that fence before. The neighbors had stated that kids had taunted that dog previously. Read the article before making stupid comments. MAYBE the kid isn’t compeltely innocent. MAYBE he taunted the pitbull. MAYBE he got what was coming to him. If I taunt a dog, or for that matter a person, I would be aware there are consequences. – Fail

“Children can be brats”

“Children can be brats,” and variations of it, is one of several phrases voiced by pit bull advocates to blame the victim after a serious biting incident. After Abbigael Sheehan, 11, was attacked by a pit bull in her father’s home — family witnesses said that the incident was “unprovoked” — commenters at the news story still blamed Abbi:

Stop blaming the dog !! Kids can be loud, screaming , yelling, running around etc….She set the dog off more than likely !! I don’t think this dog was’troubled’….The girl set the stage for what happened…probably teasing the dog and acting like a brat…sharron

“The child teased the dog”

“The child teased the dog,” is frequently voiced by pit bull advocates after a pit bull seriously injures a child. This is a blame the victim technique, and one cannot read any mauling thread after such an attack without a pit nutter voicing this cruel absurdity. The question is, even if a child did tease the dog, should he have ended up like Vincent Marchese? There are also legal ramifications. In many states, if it is proven that the victim “teased, tormented or abused” the dog prior to the attack, the victim may be denied his legal complaint.

there had to been a reason for the male pitbull to just attack her like that,either the young girl was teasing the dog,or something,my dog is a two yr old female,and if she feels threatened then she will bark.where was the parent of this child,why wasnt she watching her child. – jessica pitbull owner