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“Pits for Tits”

As if anthropomorphizing pit bulls could not get worse? How about a pit bull depicted with female breasts, wearing a pink bra in honor of pit bull awareness month (not recognized by any formal body, just plain old Nutters) and National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Our ordering is specific as 60% of proceeds of Pits for Tits goes towards pit bull rescue and only 40% to the American Cancer Society. To even use these two awareness campaigns in the same paragraph is shocking and revolting, as if they are on an even playing field?

A dog breed that kills more people than all dog breeds combined every year, herein depicted as a sex toy, is being promoted along side breast cancer, a disease that strikes down 40,000 American women each year. This insidious anthropomorphic pit bull campaign, Pits for Tits, operates on multiple levels. 1.) A pit bull depicted as a sex toy, 2.) A pit bull with female breasts wearing a pink bra, 3.) The “pit bull cause” having the same significance as a cancer that kills 40,000 women each year and 5.) Last, but not least, hijacking National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and using it to promote pit bulls.

Who are the big brains behind this sexual, anthropomorphic pit bull campaign? Lizz Whitacre and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s No Kill Advocacy Club, according to the press release. Pits for Tits is a 5K doggie run that will be held on October 3. People can pay $15 for a Pits for Tits tee-shirt whose depiction for 2015 is unknown, but in the past has used the slogan, “Bringing awareness for bullies and boobies.” Whitacre incredulously states in the release, “The causes are the same in the way that anyone can be affected.”

No, Lizz Whitacre. Owning a pit bull is a choice. Contracting breast cancer is not.

Pits for Tits - anthropomorphic pit bull campaign

This sexual, anthropomorphic pit bull illustration is by Ally Frame, also a UNL student.

“Give them a chance”

A recent submission by KaD came in containing two Maul Talk terms: “These are really nice dogs if you’d just give them a chance.” We separated the terms into: “really nice dogs” and “give them a chance.” Tackling the latter term first, Google Search results show that the query (“pit bull” and “give them a chance”) has over one million results. This term often centers around the obscene number of unwanted pit bulls — about a million annually — that arrive in open admission shelters of which 800,000+ are euthanized. The plea, give them a chance, is echoed gratuitously despite the breed’s unmatched, killing record.


I always cringe when some pitiot says “These are really nice dogs if you’d just give them a chance…” That’s the whole problem. Pits are the number ONE breed for FAILING a second chance after mauling or killing a person or their pet. Pit bulls have had 30 YEARS of chances — resulting in 30 years of maimings, killings, maulings, disfigurements, dismemberments, scalpings, amputations, life flights, dead pet dogs, dead horses, dead sheep, dead alpacas, dead kids. Pit bulls have had far too many ‘chances’ already. Add to this the fact that pit bulls were bred to be fighting dogs, not pets, and that there are over 400 registered dog breeds and no damn reason anyone needs to own a pit bull. – KaD


Many adopters won’t even give them a chance. They hear pit and they run. They are scared.  – Kristina Campbell
the reason there is so much in the pound is because people don’t give them a chance.  thats why there so many in the pound, shelter, and even dead! – Eric13
Fighting Pit Bulls being put down – why not give them a chance? – Alice
Pit Bulls are an amazing loyal loving dog if you people would just give them a chance! – Amanda Thoman
“I encourage people not to wrinkle their nose and get all scared when they see a Pit Bull. I encourage you to give them a chance,” – Shannon Bagby
Why rescue a Pit Bull: “Because they can change minds, touch hearts, and save lives…if someone would just give them a chance.” – Pit bull rescue
Pits – Give them a chanceFacebook page
Give them a chance — I know a lot of people are afraid of pits, but they are really great dogs if you just give them a chance. – Ashley Gilbert
When cared for and treated responsibly…Pit Bulls are the best dogs anywhere…give them a chance. – Bailey West
This pit bull single-handedly changed my misinterpreted belief about the breed. They are great dogs if you just give them a chanceJennifer

Close Combination References

They are really, really good dogs, wonderful dogs, if people would just give them a chance. – Danielle Black
I wish more people like you would give them a chance. They can be really good dogs if you raise them with love – xxangiielovexx
I know a lot of people are afraid of pits, but they are really great dogs if you just give them a chance. – Ashley Gilbert
I must say thank you so much for adopting a APBT, you are saving two lives. The one who you adopt and the one that takes its place at the shelter. They can be really great dogs if people just give them a chance and they just want to be lap dogs! – Rogue Bullies

“It’s not the dog’s fault”

This term was most recently employed by Nikko-Nutter William Uhring who claimed it wasn’t the dog’s fault after it snatched an infant from a bassinet killing it. The term is endlessly trumpeted by Nutters after a serious or fatal pit bull mauling (See: Pit bull owners not showing the love and Given all the attacks, it’s time to ban pit bulls in Florida). Google Search results for “It’s not the dog’s fault”  and “pit bull” returns over 44,000 results. The child-like motto ignores the many well-raised pit bulls that unpredictably attack innocent children (after having never shown aggression before) and even kill their dear owners.

“My critics give me excuses that it’s not the dog’s fault, it’s the owner’s fault. But over my three decades of law enforcement, blaming the owner has not reduced the number of bites that are happening,” he said. – Watervile Police Chief Joseph Massey
It’s not the dog’s fault,” Uhring said on Wednesday. “That dog was put in a very uncomfortable situation, and I didn’t want to see it victimized further.” – William Uhring
It’s not the dog’s fault,” they hollered, the typical mantra among pit-bull apologists. “It’s the owner.” – Columnist Gary Stein
Spare me the argument of pit bull advocates that it’s not the dog’s fault, it’s the negligent owners who don’t train the dogs properly. Tell that to little Trinity. Society cannot monitor every pit bull owner. – Columnist Marshall Frank
you can’t judge an entire breed – much like an entire race – based on one incident. the owners of ANY dog – not just pit bulls – are responsible for the dog’s behavior, demeanor and personality … like children, dogs learn from their parent. it’s not the dog’s fault for how it was raised and you’re an absolutely idiot for thinking otherwise. – DaniHen
It’s not the dog’s fault or the breed’s fault…it’s the person who’s holding the leash!! – The Proper Pit Bull
Talk of a breed specific ordinance had pit bull owners clawing to get to metro council members. “It’s not the dog’s fault, it’s the people!” complained Lauren Claypool, a pit bull owner. – Lauren Claypool
“It’s not the dog’s fault, it’s your guys’ fault,” Rossi said. When a person gets attacked by a pit bull, Rossi said people just talk about them and do not get to know the history of the individual dog… – Luigi Rossi, Shorty the Pit Boss

“Pittie party”

A “pittie party” is the union of pittie and “pity party,” and is used to describe pit bull apologists who are trying to drum up sympathy (a pity party) for their pit bulls and themselves, particularly after a mauling or when the facts of the case are overwhelmingly against them. As the “party” term implies, multiple pit nutters are involved. Examples are often found in mauling threads after an attack and even get elevated to the media, such as Bella did after biting Vanessa Carlton.

The ingredients for a pittie party usually involve No-Kill fanatics or desperate pit bull owners begging for their dog to “get a second” chance after inflicting serious injury upon a person. A classic example occurred in 2009 (See: The Lafourche Comprise) after a pit bull named Shank badly mauled a woman. No-killers and Shank’s owners threw a pittie party to save the dog from death row. Shortly after Shank’s reprieve, he horribly attacked an animal control worker.

“It was a bait dog!”

Pit bull rescuers and animal shelter workers often call rescued pit bulls “bait dogs” in order to drive up sympathy and donations. They also use the term to as a way to adopt out dogs formerly used for fighting. The logic of a dogfighter using a pit bull as a bait dog makes little sense. Dogfighters typically kill cur pit bulls (pit bulls that refuse to fight). Any dog that can fight is an investment and worth protecting. Bait dogs, realistically, are more likely to be strays and dogs of other breeds.

Last week, Best Friends announced that one of Vick’s dogs, Bonita, died during a routine anesthesia procedure. The dog apparently had worn or filed down teeth and had required dental work. Best Friends chalks the bad teeth up to Bonita likely being a “bait dog,” when the condition might just be the result of longtime chain chewing on Vick’s property. The press release is masterful copy for soliciting donations. –

“Pit bulls have a bad rap!”

The phrase, “Pit bulls have a bad rap,” is so cliched that Bad Rap (Bay Area Doglovers Responsible About Pit Bulls) based their anachronistic name on it. Pit bull owners and advocates use the phrase to cast pit bulls as victims by saying, “Pit bulls are NOT EVIL, they just have a bad rap!” On the contrary, pit bulls have a very deserved reputation and one that is unmatched in the maiming and killing of innocent human beings and animals.

“Pit bulls have a bad rap,” says Shorty in an Animal Planet press release, “though they don’t deserve it at all. It’s what people have done to these pits or how they have trained them that caused this horrible misperception. Pit bulls are beautiful and energetic dogs that make wonderful companions and have the ability to bring out the best in just about any one – the elderly, children, the handicapped, and yes… even the little people of this world!” – Pit Boss, Animal Planet TV

“Media hysteria”

Maul Talkers often say that pit bulls are the victims of “media hysteria”. A Google Search on the terms: media hysteria pit bull yields 14,000 results. It’s the media that makes life miserable for pit bulls; it’s the media that has damaged the breed; it’s the media that creates hysteria about pit bulls… According to Maul Talkers, the only time the media reports (or identifies) a pit bull correctly is when it is a “positive pit bull” article. In any other context, such as a serious or fatal pit bull mauling, the media erroneously identified the dog and once again victimized pit bulls.

The continuing media hysteria generated by bad press and bad owners –
Breed Specific Legislation and Media Hysteria Make life Miserable for Pit Bull Owners –
Could have been ANY breed of dog that ‘attacked’ you, BUT since it was a PitBull AND media hysteria, YOU don’t blame THE OWNER. Shame on you. – Onekingstar

The truth about the media is that they report gore and death, and pit bulls rarely fail to deliver. Pit bulls are also the subject of berserking incidents, when a single pit bull attacks and seriously injures multiple people. The media traditionally reports such dramatic events. Back when rabies killed many people, the media reported dramatic headlines like, “FIGHT WITH A MAD DOG.; Policeman Kills It While Its Teeth Are Buried in His Leg.” There was a reason for this too. A bite by a rabid dog without treatment meant a horrible death by hydrophobia.

“Anything to please their master”

Another way pit bull owners and advocates victimize pit bulls is to say that they will do “anything to please their masters”. The intention of the statement is to imply that the pit bull only attacked because its master ordered it to, and the only reason why it did not stop attacking is because the animal wanted to please its master. So the next time you read a headline like, “Pit Bulls Break Through Window to Attack Woman and Dog“, remember that the dog was only trying to please its master.

ANY dog could be trained to kill, even Chihuahuas. But Pit Bulls are the ones used MOST in fighting, therefore, people often say ALL the breed are bad dogs. My aunt being one of them. I think Pit Bulls are BEAUTIFUL dogs myself. But they ARE owned by Drug Dealers & Thugs more then anybody. But is that the dogs fault? No. ALL dogs are born innocent. Any dog will do ANYTHING to please their masters. Even if winning a Fight is one of them. – Cuddles and Jasper are my life

“The most ‘abused’ breed”

Along with the term, “The most ‘maligned’ breed,” pit bull owners and advocates use the term, “The most ‘abused’ breed” to gain sympathy for pit bulls. The truth is the pit bull is the most abused breed in the world because its entire selective breeding foundation is based on dogfighting, and pit bulls continue to be bred for dogfighting today. The act of dogfighting is horrifically abusive and outlawed in all 50 U.S. states. Maul Talkers, however, will have you believe that every pit bull is born angelic and that it is due to owners’ beating and torturing the animal that it continues to maul and kill human beings and animals at an unmatched rate. Note below that 83% of the human fatalities involved family dogs, not pit bulls that were abused or used in dogfighting by their owners.

Mid Year Results: U.S. Dog Bite Fatalities from January 1 to July 22, 2010 – Of the 18 fatal dog attacks recorded by so far in 2010, pit bull type dogs contributed to 67% (12). This is equivalent to a pit bull killing a U.S. citizen every 17 days during this 203-day period. 83% (10) of these incidents involved a family pit bull killing a family member.

According to Google News Archives, usage of the term picked up in the late 1990’s and shot through the roof in 2005. One cannot read a mauling thread without hearing the verbiage echoed throughout. After two loose pit bulls killed William Parker in July 2010, pit bull advocates, owners, and apologists were out in full force to victimize the offending pit bulls who not only killed Parker, but injured four others:

I would bet that most posters would agree that not all pit bulls are vicious. Those dogs who are vicious have been shown no love, starved, and have been repeatedly abused and agitated, so much so, that anyone or anything approaching is seen as a threat. Undoubtedly, that was probably the case in this sad, sad story.
This is by no means a racial or location issue. It is about being a responsible pet owner treating an animal as a pet, not a means for what some sick people call “entertainment.” – illindtenn

“The most ‘maligned’ breed”

This term appears to have taken root in the early 1990’s, just after pit bulls spent the 1980’s on a killing spree, (which has only increased since). During the 1980’s, the pit bull breed amassed 45 deaths versus the next top killing breed, the German Shepherd, which amassed 13 in the same period. The Rottweiler community adopted the same verbiage in 1996, just after the breed catapulted to the top killer from 1993 to 1996. “The most ‘maligned’ breed” terminology, however, is primarily used by pit bull advocates in an effort to gain sympathy for the dog.

The stranger may see only a “pit bull” on a leash held by an obvious fool. Your behavior and the behavior of your dog may be the only opportunity this stranger will ever have to see the positive side of what has become the most maligned breed in the history of dogdom. – American Pit Bull Terrier Handbook