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“Really nice dogs”

Following up on a submission by KaD last week, “[Pit bulls] are really nice dogs if you’d just give them a chance,” we now focus on the first part: “really nice dogs.” Variations, such as “really good dogs,” “really great dogs” and “really sweet dogs” are found ad nauseum online. However, “give them a chance” is the heavy hitter term due to the endless number of unwanted pit bulls sitting in shelters awaiting death (If only the public would give them a chance!). The term, “really nice dogs” and its variants are often used by owners after their dog violently attacks and by breed enthusiasts as a propaganda tool.

Lesson #1 — Parents often learn through their kids...
Dad: “So how was school today?”
Johnny: “It was Ok. Oh, a lady came and talked to us about being kind to animals. She brought her dog. That was the best part!”
Dad: “Really, what kind of dog was it?”
Johnny: “It was a pit bull named Sampson.”
Dad: “A pit bull? Were you scared?”
Johnny: “Nah. He’s a really nice dog. I got to pet him and give him a treat too.”
Even if Dad decides to call Johnny’s teacher out of concern, the message will just be reinforced. Sampson is a nice dog. – Pit Bul Propaganda Promoter
People that, like you and I, want a well-behaved family companion in an urban or suburban setting. They go to training classes, hire a private trainer, and do anything to proof to “everyone” that a pit bull or Amstaff can be a really nice dog. – Messed-up “Bullies” Don’t Always Belong to Thugs.
She and others in the Alta Vista area neighborhood can hardly believe that a pit bull running loose could lift her gate off its hinges, enter her back yard, kill her tiny dachshund, and then be reunited with its owner … Lauren Olivas said her live-in boyfriend owns the dogs … “She’s actually a really good dog,” Olivas said of the female involved in the killing. “When I heard there was a dog attack, I knew it was her.” – Lauren Olivas
the mailman who delivers on this route, and another neighbor, are swearing up and down that the dog was a really nice dog. So how can the public trust all the testimony of all the pit bull owners who claim their dog is a really nice dog? Some of the worst mauling cases involve dogs whose owners and family swear the dog was great. – Anonymous
they turn on people based on how there treated.! & actually beast was a really great dog this was the first time he ever did something like that now tell me just over one mistake do you really think he should be put down – West Side Milinos
Following a vicious dog hearing in December, the pit bull involved, Cali, was deemed “vicious” and was taken to the Warren Animal Shelter …  “She can be a really sweet dog.  – Animal Control Officer Heidi Garrity
Sterilize all pit bulls now and let the breed die out. There are too many kids around with a half a face after someone’s, “it’s a really sweet dog” has ripped their little faces apart. Pit bulls are not essential to the biosphere continuum. – People First-Dogs Second
However, Sgt. Wiggins said when the officer could not fend-off the dog, he made the decision to fire his gun at it … “The dog was a great dog,” said Junior’s owner, Tony O’Hare. “He would never hurt anybody; he was just a real sweet dog.” – Larry Carver

“My dog might lick you to death”

To understand the experience of owning an outlaw dog breed, Tufts Center for Animals and Public Policy did a study on pit bull owners (Managing the Stigma of Outlaw Breeds: A Case Study of Pit Bull Owners). The “sympathetic” researchers found that owners of dangerous dog breeds directly feel the stigma targeted at their breed and resort to various tactics to lessen it. One of the tactics included counterbalancing the pit bull’s “killer” reputation with overwhelming “affection,” such as: “My dog might lick you to death.”

I’ve found little dogs are more snappy… My Shih Tzu would bite you a lot quicker than any of the other dogs, and my bully will lick you to death, or knock you over leaning on you for a scratch…. – Mollie’s Nana
So nice to hear there are people who believe that a pitbulls are a special breed and not all vicious and need to be destroyed. I love my pit as if he were my child. I know he will protect me if needed but also realize that he would probably lick to death anyone that got close enough – lizalu
Our pit bull is named “Sweetie” and it fits her perfectly. She has never met a person she didn’t like and try to lick to death. Her wagging tail is the most dangerous part of her – MyTMMO
I have a Red Nosed Pit Bull … my dog has only ever lunged at one person that came at me aggressively, I was startled and she was ready to kill them. Everyone else she may/ has tried to lick to death, but that is all. – Arkguy84

“Noble breed”

Google Search results of “pit bull” and “noble breed” show 13,000 results today. The pit bull community often uses the term to describe the top killing dog breed to emphasize its positive traits. The term has been in use by the community for at least a century. In the 1911 Dog Fancier collection, Chas. Werner advertises his pit bulls as “Our Noble Dog.” Despite over 100 years of continuous fatal maulings inflicted by pit bulls upon innocent human beings and pets, the public is still asked to believe they are noble?

One particular thing (aside from the obvious abuse) that ticks me off is this noble breed gets officially branded, once again, as Satan’s… – Doug Giles
To inform to all people that wishes it and conform to the reality, about the wonderful and noble breed dog American Pit Bull Terrier – FIAPBT
We have spent a lifetime collecting material on this noble breedAPBT Books
Any dog labeled a “pit bull” that is human-aggressive is a perverse alteration of a truly noble breed. – Bryan T. Hughes
What nasty newspaper reporter had the temerity to defame this noble breed (in jest) – Tony Chamberlain
benefits from this positive image, which and given the negative circumstances that surround to our wonderful and noble breed… – Mariano Peinado
“Actually no. But I was raised with them” … That’s why you are so adamant about defending them. You think that they are a noble breed, that’s your opinion and you are entitled to have it. But others don’t agree… – Forum guest
Betrayal of a Noble Breed – Justice is overlooked and The American Pit Bull Suffers at the Hands of Many Breed Destroying Culprits – Husham Salih

“Couch eater”

The term “couch eater” gained notoriety after Lani Blaylock, a Union County, Oregon Dog Deputy and pit nutter, posted it to her public Facebook page about her rescued pit bull,  Bomani (“In a Mob” spelled backward). Seven months after the rescue, she took her pit bull to a La Grande Elementary School to perform a Dog Bite Safety class. Superintendent Larry Glaze ordered Blaylock’s pit bull removed from the kindergarten classroom citing obvious safety concerns. (Note to Blaylock, “couch eaters” make lousy stunt pits.)

BLAYLOCK’S other dogs are snack sized and I suspect this is BLAYLOCK’S first pit bull. The newbies are always the most rabid defenders of the breed.
On March 18th, BLAYLOCK posted a photo of her partially destroyed sofa. She attributed the damage to her “couch eater” and stated “This is what happens when your dog breaks outa his crate while you are work! LOL”
On mother’s day, the animal control officer posted a photo of her hand with a single tiny tooth mark. BLAYLOCK stated she was bitten by a “lil puff ball” while walking her dogs. She jokes with a facebook friend about needing training on how to handle animals. – Craven Desires

“Gentle and loving”

Like the term “big baby” and other phraseologies designed to emphasize the positive traits of pit bulls, owners of these dogs will claim their pit bull has always been “gentle and loving” to deflect the long-standing vicious reputation of the breed. Owners will also do so in the aftermath of a serious or fatal attack to bolster the common defense of, “never shown aggression before,” whereby alleviating them of any responsibility in the attack.

But Nicholas Cook says the pit bull-labrador mix the family called Butch had always been gentle and loving with people, though he was inclined to fight with dogs if he felt threatened. – Nicholas Cook
The American Pit Bull Terrier as a breed is not human aggressive. In fact, quite the opposite is true of the breed. They are gentle and loving dogs. – Reddawn
We expect owners of American Pit Bulls to call and e-mail us with tales of how gentle and loving their dogs are. They will also say that when the dogs attack, it’s the owner’s fault, or that particular dog’s, and not the breed’s. – WALB
It should be a dangerous-dog law not breed-specific. We should not be killing innocent animals that haven’t done anything wrong. Most of the dogs are gentle and loving family pets, especially the Staffordshire bull terrier. – Beverly Vinnels
My kids who are adults now have had pitt bulls as pets. They have been very gentle and loving dogs. I hope they check out this owner… – Dogood
I am not in the least bit afraid to go volunteer with them…I know first hand how gentle and loving a Pit can be and am super excited to go! – Becky

“Just a ‘lap dog'”

To emphasize positive traits depicted by pit bulls, Maul Talkers often say that the animal is just a “lap dog”. As an anonymous poster from the Craven Desires blog points out, any dog that wants to be “right on top of you” is possibly displaying dominance, which is “anything but cute or sweet”.

They are wonderful cuddlers and love nothing more than a belly rub. In fact, most pit bulls think they are lap dogs! – Pit bull rescue central
I’m really a lap dogPit bull positive
This breed needs to be taught to sit and greet people calmly as it’s natural inclination will probably be to climb into their lap, put a paw on each of their shoulders, and attempt to wipe their face off with it’s tongue. Attempts to convince a full grown pit bull that it is too big to be a “lap dog” … – Pit bulls on the web
Another behavior that pit nutters constantly rave about is how their dogs just want to be “lap dogs“. “Oh, if you’re sitting down, he just wants to be right on top of you.” No shit, Sherlock. That’s also dominance behavior, and it’s anything but cute or sweet. – Anonymous

“He’s just a big baby”

After a menacing incident or a police shooting incident — and even after instances of serious and fatal attacks — pit bull owners and advocates will refer to the attacking pit bull or their own pit bull as a “big baby” to deflect the breed’s well-known reputation as a vicious frankenmauler. For similar reasons, breed ambassadors do so as well. The term is related to the phraseology, didn’t know his own strength (after all, he’s just a big baby).

“The dog was a big baby,” Richard Goulart said. “Nobody understands. They had the dog for years before the baby came along. The baby and the dog got along wonderfully.” [Until the family pit bull attacked the baby in the face, and the only way the father could stop the attack was to stab the dog to death] – Grandfather of baby nearly killed by family pit bull
After a family pit bull mauled a baby to death, the mother still had images of her pit bull on her Facebook page. She called the 8-year old pit bull a “Big Baby.” – Dallas mother whose baby was killed by family pit bull
I loved my Pit Bull. He was a big baby. He just happened to flip at the wrong time, you know?” – Nicholas Cook
Tip was my bestfriends pit… He was the biggest baby ever and would never hurt a fly. – Cliche Nutter
David said officers overreacted in shooting his dog, which he called “a big baby.” – Simon David
I have a 3-year-old pit bull and she is spoiled and a big baby — the best dog you could ever have – Kelly Hebert
ITS NOT THE PITBULLS what about the CHIUAS that are always attacking people…and yes amanda u are soo right cashy boy is nottn but a big headed baby.Mary1122
“He was a big baby,” said his owner, Marc Hernandez, 20, who had had Tyson since he was a puppy of 7 weeks. – Marc Hernandez
[Tina Brinkley said] “I walked up to the cage, and it was not aggressive at all. It was a big baby.” – Tina Brinkley
We have a Pit Bull in the family that is a huge baby when it comes to family. I have no doubt that this dog would protect the family when needed… – YaThink
“I think it’s ridiculous in my opinion,” she said. “The dog is nothing but a big baby, and you know, I gotta do what I gotta do.” – Frustrated Sarah Neal
I have a pit-bull, he is 1 or 2 dogs that have, and he is a big baby. – Kristen
Leave the pit bulls alone. I own one and he’s a big baby. Now if this would have been funeral… – Crissy

“Wiggle butts”

Bledy VanKarnage, currently a hired lobbyist for Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, used the term “wiggle butts” to refer to pit bulls when speaking with the Columbia Tribune back in October 2007. At that time, she was employed by the ASPCA. This may have been the first time the childish term, “wiggle butts” was used to describe pit bulls. The intention of the term is to coat the pit bull’s horrific safety record with a glossy, happy shine. There is also a Wiggle Butts Bully Rescue out of Mentor, Ohio.

Ledy Vankavage, like other passionate pit bull enthusiasts, said most pits are “extremely human friendly,” little “wiggle butts” that don’t deserve the bad rap they’ve been given.
“They should be judged as individuals, and if they’re temperament tested and found to be sound, they should be re-homed,” said Vankavage, a Collinsville, Ill., lobbyist and attorney for The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

(“Pit bull advocates fight stereotypes of the breed,” Columbia Tribune, October 27, 2007)


This term is meant to make pit bulls appear cute and cuddly. Various references include: Pittie Love Rescue, Pittie’s Place, Positively Pitties, City Pitties and Pittie City of Best Friends Animal Society). Yet “pittie” also has secondary meaning when used by Maul Talkers, such as the need to “pity” and victimize pit bulls.

Pittie City… meet some of the rescued dogs at Best Friends
Here are the stories of some of the pit bulls of Best Friends, including some of the Vicktory dogs. – Best Friends Animal Society
Pittie City–what a wonderful name. Thank God they ended up at Best Friends. I wish I had room for more, but I’ve already got 4 pitties of my own. I live in Virginia not far from where they came from, we have cried from them and cheered when the news came that they were going to Best Friends and Badrap. I look forward to reading more good news about them all. – k9mommyx4


This is a cutesy term meant to make pit bulls seem cuddly.  It is the verbal equivalent of dressing a pit bull in a tutu. The Urban Dictionary offers the following definitions:

A slang term for Pit Bull; makes the dog sound more friendly and cute
“I need to go feed a hungry pibble”
A term of endearment used when referring to American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, or any one of the three mixed with any other breed of dog.
“My dog is an adopted Pibble.”
the more refined and less aggressive form of pit bull. a kinder, gentler term that better reflects the true nature of these great friends.
“i cant get this damn evil pibble to stop snuggling with me. GOSH!”