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“Weaponized GMOs”

In order to understand this term, one must also understand what a GMO is, a genetically modified organism. According to Wikipedia, a GMO is an organism whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques. In the case of pit bulls — and all dog breeds — selective breeding is the tool used for genetic modification. But let’s be clear about pit bulls, it is what dog fighters selectively bred OUT of pit bulls that turned them into “weaponized GMOs.” It is what is missing from pit bulls that makes them so lethal:

  • There is no natural cut off when attacking. Normal dog breeds bite and release; they are finished. But pit bulls repeatedly attack, which is the definition of a “mauling” and results in the extreme disproportionate number of amputations and deaths attributed to the breed. Dog fighters selectively bred OUT their natural cut off when attacking.
  • High tolerance to pain. Natural “self preservation” was selectively bred OUT of pit bulls. The very basis of breeding fighting dogs was to achieve a “game” dog, one that would fight to the death. All other domesticated and wild animals contain natural “self-preservation.” When faced with preserving their own life or dying, they choose “life.”
  • Ignore normal dog language. Normal dog-to-dog language was bred OUT of pit bulls by dog fighters, such as submission and appeasement, and approaching at a slight arc with a slightly turned head when meeting other dogs. Pit bulls will disembowel a dog on its back signaling submission and often approach in a b-line with a direct stare.
  • Pit bulls often provide no warning before an attack. Normal dog breeds bark or growl, their hair raises up — they provide visual and audio signals that warn a person or an animal to back off. Pit bulls often attack in total silence with no visual signals either. If any are present, they occur so fast that neither humans or animals can recognize them.

When genetic traits are removed from the gene pool they are gone, unless they are bred back into the gene pool. Thus, by breeding OUT normal dog traits dog fighters created “weaponized GMOs” that lack a normal cut off when attacking, lack “self preservation” when under attack, lack knowledge of dog language and lack providing warning signals before an attack. Mankind has the power to create a dog breed through selective breeding that is vastly more dangerous than a wild animal and that is exactly what dog fighters did.

Pit bulls are a man-made problem, and must be addressed by a made-made solution.

The Coward


The dogfighting community uses the term “cull” when referring to the elimination of a pit bull (killing it) after the animal shows undesirable characteristics. A cur, for instance, would be culled. Pit bull advocates and pro-pit bull groups falsely claim that man biters were historically culled. Yet the only evidence that exists regarding this claim is that dogfighters historically did NOT cull man biters when they performed well in the fighting pit (the dog was too valuable to cull).

Who in their right mind would step into a pit as a referee or trainer with two wounded animals fighting for their lives if there was the danger of becoming the focus of their attacks?? That is why any man biters were culled immediately. Therefore, those genes have been bred out of them. And your supposed “attack by a pit bull nearly every day of the week” is total bs! – Pit nutter Bill

“Man biter”

A “man biter”, also referred to as a “man eater”, is a game-bred pit bull that attacks its handler or another human being. Dogfighting forum boards incessantly argue as to whether or not man biters were culled. The truth is many past champion fighting dog bloodlines contained man biters and modern ones do as well. Such dogs were NOT culled because they were far too profitable. Dogfighters do NOT cull champion pit fighters; they cull curs.

Show me evidence of one instance where a well-known dogman culled a manbiter that was a winning pitdog or producer, or even showed potential in either area. There is no evidence to suggest such dogs were regularly culled, however, there is ample evidence to suggest the contrary:
Gr. Ch. Gambler’s Virgil – while in a rage, tried to bite the Gambler, and actually tore the shirt off of Gambler’s back as he tried to get away from him. Gambler thought very seriously about putting the dog down, but instead decided to roll him. Evidently he liked what he saw and by the tender age of just over 18 months, Virgil became a 1X winner.
Adams’ Gr. Ch. Zebo ROM – attacked Mr. Adams’ son and nearly took his son’s ear off. After the request of Mr. Adams’ wife, Zebo was sold again, this time to Mr. Johnson who fought him twice more.
Loposay’s Buster ROM – The late Barney Fife and his brother, Matt, went traveling through North
Carolina to visit Mrs. Loposay and then go to the Fork Farm, to see Mr. Grady Cummings. Upon arrival to Mrs. Loposay’s, they were able to see the great producer Buster, who made an attempt to bite both of them.
Stepp’s Gr. Ch. Angus – his only downfall was he was a man-biter, such as many of the best-to-be
were ie; Gr Ch Art (ROM), Gr Ch Zebo (ROM), Dbl Gr Ch Tornado, Ch Honeybunch (ROM), and Ch Yellow John (ROM) just to name a few…
Indian Bolio ROM – would scream with rage until he was released into the other dog. Occasionally, he would bite you if not released quick enough… and Bullyson… and Chinaman… and so on. – Dogmen conversations about man biters and man eaters


Dogmen are individuals who fight their pit bulls in matches against other pit bulls — illegal dogfighting. The term dogmen was coined by the dogfighting community to portray dogfighters as lovers and knowers of dogs, instead of criminals and degenerates. The phrase likely came in response to the 1974 series of dogfighting articles written by Wayne King, special to the New York Times. The articles led to the 1976 amendment of the Animal Welfare Act, due to the public’s intolerance of dogfighting.

Throughout his lifetime, Mr Colby was known to be an honest man, always “on the square”, as well as an honest breeder. He is known and remembered as one of the worlds foremost authorities concerning the American ‘Pit’ Bull Terrier. He was a Dogmansdogman” even among the elite of his peers. Men like George Armitage, Pete Donovan, Earl Tudor, Howard Heinzl, and Al Brown, all stated that John P. Colby was and always would be in a class all his own as a breeder of game dogs. – Rios pit bull

“Preserving the breed”

“Preserving the breed” is dogmen code for preserving dogfighting and is often found in dogfighting forum boards, such as the tag line for the website. Pit bulls were selectively bred for dogfighting. They were bred for no other purpose back in the 1800’s, and they continue to be bred for dogfighting today. Preserving the breed only means preserving the game-bred bloodlines and the game-bred qualities of a pit bull, such as tenacity (gameness), the pit bull’s ability to fight to the death.

This is a true athlete, the American Pit Bull Terrier. Within this athletic package, we have been given the spirit, loyalty, dedication, and heart of the dog that we love today. It is the never give up, always give 110% attitude, the gameness, that keeps us connected to the breed. The A.D.B.A. and the A.D.B.S.I. are here to stay. It is our responsibility to protect and preserve the APBT in its original form. – ADBA

Pro-pit bull groups, such as Animal Farm Foundation, use similar language in their tag line, “To restore the image of the American Pit Bull Terrier,” in an effort to mislead members of the public that pit bulls were a popular household pet in the early 1900’s, a whole separate bag of distortions. (See: Nanny dogs to learn more.)

“Romanticizing the history of dogfighting”

Many Maul Talkers romanticize the history of dogfighting and the preservation of the pit bull breed. Pit bull advocates and pro-pit bull groups, such as Bad Rap, often use photographs from the early 1900’s to show how “loyal” pit bulls were and ignore the fact that many images depict dogfighters. As Gary Wilkes points out in, Pit Bulls:

(1920’s) Family albums include fighting dogs in almost every picture. Six days a week, they played with kids, went on vacations and were an integral part of family life. They also put up with the typical abuse that children heap on dogs and were praised for their ability to be poked, prodded and fallen upon without any reaction. They were the model of bonded, loving, friendly, affectionate family dogs. On the seventh day, they fought like demons. – Gary Wilkes

There is nothing to romanticize about the pit bull’s violent history, but Maul Talkers try to convince the public otherwise. One learns a few paragraphs further into Wilkes’ story that one of his grandfather’s pit bulls rips the leg off of an innocent man. His praised pit bull was also a man eater, yet another truth groups like Bad Rap omit about the pit bull’s past.

The most exaggerated romanticizer of the history of dogfighting is Jere Alexander. After the Fulton County Animal Shelter scandal, Alexander applied for and received a grant from Emory University for “Stitch ‘Er Up: Dogfighting Embroidery.” She then proceeded to stitch images of famous fighting dogs; she even depicted the mating of Fanny and Redboy. She has since taken these bizarre images offline.

Prior to being forced to resign due to the shelter scandal, Alexander created a website call (exists now in web archives). The site claimed to be  the “Online Pit Bull Museum”, but was nothing more than an online dogfighting museum . Her website also listed a Board of Advisors, two of which are known dogfighters, Tom Garner and T.L. Williams.

“Cur out”

A “cur” in dogfighting language, or to “cur out”, is any dog that is not a pit bull or is an inferior pit bull that quits a fight due to lack of gameness. Curs are frequently shot and killed for displaying such behavior, as being one is a gross embarrassment for its owner. Lucky the cur pit bull that is shot and killed. Others suffer horrible torture, such as being hosed down then electrocuted at the hands of people like Michael Vick.

“That black dog is a cur!” came the yell from the top of the stands. The noise in the barn dropped so quickly it was scary. It got so quiet the sound of the dogs feet scraping on the tarp could be heard, as every eye in the barn looked up to see who had labeled a dog that had never turned or hesitated in his life a “cur“. I thought big trouble lay only seconds away, as a slur like that cannot be ignored. The “Black Dog’s” handler looked up to the top row where the voice had come from and said, “I don’t appreciate you calling my dog a cur!” – Chatnjack,

“Yard accident”

A term used by “dogmen” when a pit bull in their yard goes ballistic, such as snapping a chain to attack another pit bull in the yard, getting hanged by its chain and strangling itself to death, or bursting free from its yard to attack nearby animals and people. Dogmen speak openly about yard accidents on dogfighting forum boards:

“For me, the damn Yard wrecks always happened while during the day, while I was home alone and hubby at work. Dear Jesus…it doesn’t get any worse than trying to win a tug of warMatch with the one still on the chain!!!!!!!! Worse one, I had my triplets in the bath tub, at an age too young to leave alone, home alone, hear a rukus and look out the window to see a wreck happening. By the time I get out to them and get them seperated, my gyp: Pedigree 17004 messed this male up so bad, he passed the next day…”