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“I don’t understand it”

After the catastrophic pit bull mauling of Linda Henry, 54, of Westwego, Louisiana, her boyfriend Clarence Allen said, “I don’t know why they did it … They never had a fight. I don’t understand it.” Three of the couple’s four adult pit bulls ambushed Henry after she walked into her home. The woman lost an eye, ear and both arms to amputation in the horrific assault. The pit bulls also ripped off the entire back portion of her scalp. The response by pit bull owners, “I don’t understand it” is complete denial of well documented pit bull attack traits revealed over and over again in serious and fatal pit bull maulings.

The toddler killed by a family dog in Orange County has been named … Mike Hicks, the victim’s cousin, told reporters, “Friendly dog, I mean, I don’t understand it. Just don’t understand it. Words can’t describe how it happened,” Hicks said. –
“My dogs mind me when I tell them to go in the yard and lay down, they do. When I say go on the porch and lay down, they do. I don’t understand why this happened” – Donny Hays
I don’t understand what happened. It was almost like he was cursed or something, like somebody had him under a curse.” – Derek Malcom
I just don’t understand it. He is such a sweet dog, just a big ol’ puppy. I leave him alone with my kids all the time. The 4 year old must have provoked him.” (sarcasm) – Glock23
Every single solitary pitbull owner whose dog has mauled someone has said the exact same thing as you; they are wonderful, I’ve never had a problem, I just don’t understand it, this is the first time, etc. – Anonymous
All pit bulls are as sweet as pie and every time they bite or kill someone, the fool owner says “I don’t understand it. My dog has never bitten anyone before. The child must have been doing something to provoke him because he’s always been as sweet as pie.” – Hank
Maybe he is… but it’s amazing how often, following a vicious pit pull attack, the responsible party says, “I don’t understand it… he’s a nice dog.” –bikeboy
Most pit bull owners whose dogs attack another animal or human with no apparent reason are wont to say that they don’t understand it because their dog was the gentlest, most loving dog one could imagine. – Barbara Kay
And to add to 26’s posting, how many times have you read in pit bull attack stories that an owner says, “I don’t understand it. He’s always been such a sweet dog”? – LAB
The remarks frequently heard after such an attack “I don’t understand it….he’s always been nice to everyone…..he plays with all the neighborhood children….he’s not an attack dog…..he’s never been abused….” certainly bear that out. It is mind boggling how many here will make all kinds of nonsensical excuses for pitbulls – AA#5

“Must have been the weather”

Maul Talk reader JoannaDW sends in new phrase after the fatal pit bull mauling of Debra Wilson-Robert. The phrase, “Must have been the weather” has been used before, but in a slightly different context. In February 2010, after a series of brutal pit bull maulings in Philadelphia, including the horrific death of Christine Staab, pit bull propaganda devotee Karen Delise suggested the attacks were caused by the “snowy winter” and “cabin fever.”

This one was inspired by the story told on September 11 about the woman in Jefferson County who was killed by her pet pit bull. Marla Glover, the woman’s friend, actually blamed the attack on a storm that blew over, as if it’s totally normal and expected for domestic animals to suddenly launch a bloody, fatal attack on long-time owners and friends. Most wild animals don’t even do that, but this does not faze the dedicated pit nutter. “Must have been the weather” is the sort of response you give to someone whose allergies or arthritis is acting up, or to someone whose plants have grown twice their original size in a week. It’s not the response you give to someone who was eaten alive by their own pets. – JoannaDW

“Pit bull just snapped”

This term is often used by persons who witness or experience a violent, unpredictable pit bull attack. Unfortunately, there are decades of documented evidence about the dangerous unpredictability of pit bulls (fighting dogs). Part of the unpredictability of an attack by a pit bull is that the breed often fails to show warning signals, such as a growl, bark or direct stare prior to its attack. Pit Nutters like to “educate” readers that “pit bulls never snap.” There are always warning signals they claim — AKA blame the dog owner or the victim.

After a family pit bull “snapped” in Rochester and attacked its owner, the owner admitted this was the second time the pit bull snapped. “The owners said the dog ‘just snapped,’ something that had happened once before, after the animal delivered a litter of pups.” – Darwinian pit bull owner
Cathy Wheatcraft, 48, of Clark Road was mauled to death by the pit bull as she checked her mailbox about 7 p.m…. “Something caused him to snap, they don’t know what it was…” – Frances Tyson
A Spartanburg woman who was killed by a pit bull had been attempting to rescue her mother from the attacking dog … Coroner Rusty Clevenger said Sunday night that an autopsy on Cartee showed she died directly from the dog bites to her head and body. “It appears the dog just snapped” – Jamie Nelson, director of Spartanburg County
A 2-year-old girl was mauled to death by a dog Sunday night at a home in West Mifflin … TayLynn DeVaughn, of Forest Hills, was described as happy and playful by her father, Cory DeVaughn, who said that a pit bull mix named Jake “snapped” and attacked the child – Cory DeVaughn
Two weeks ago, the face of a 40-year-old woman in Pinole was ripped off by her 9-year-old pet pit bull. A neighbor told the pit bull “had a kind, loving temperament … it must have snapped.” Two pit bulls snapped in downtown Stockton last week, attacking two men and killing a cat… – The Modesto Bee
When you hear in the news that a pit bull just snapped and attacked somebody but never showed any signs of aggression that is a myth – Pit Nutter posting on Yahoo’s content farm
I was guilty of always saying, its how they are raised. INCORRECT. Jake was a family member, always relaxed. The evening he attacked me had just been laying beside me in the kitchen. I was his “grandmaw”… I loved him. I will forever believe what happened that evening, he had no control over it. Something snapped. – Denise Hill
“From what I understood was that the kids were playing in the backyard when the [pit bull], I don’t know what the word would be,” said Gay. “Kind of snapped.” – Charles Edward Gay
“Itʼs all just horrible. Itʼs all still horrible,” Ashiyah said. “Iʼm not going to question anything. I was responsible for that child. I loved that child. And now heʼs dead. Heʼs dead because my dog snapped and did something I had never, ever seen in him do before.” – Ashiyah Ferguson
When a family member’s pit bull, who baby Jayden has grown up with snapped … just attacked her face and would not let go … Jayden has undergone six hours of surgery to repair a fractured jaw and damage to her nasal passages, tear duct, eye lids and bridge of her nose. She also lost five teeth in the attack – Pit bull loving grandfather
The Stewart family said they are at a loss at why Chance suddenly became vicious … She continued, “Something snapped. He had Abby in his sights and he headed right for her. Ronnie threw her so hard up on the trampoline; it threw one of her shoes off.” – Lisa Stewart
“I took him from being an abused dog to being a house dog,” said the pit bull’s owner, Justin Sostre, 18, who plans to have the animal euthanized. “He just snapped.” – Justin Sostre
Noah’s mother was at her boyfriend’s home when his normally loving pit bull snapped. The dog clamped down on Noah’s head, ripping off his scalp and his ear. “It saddens me when people say: ‘my pit bull would never do that, I’ve got the sweetest dog in the world.’ – Kim Durall, mother of victim
my neighbor babied his pitbull too. It was supposedly a “big baby” also. Then out of the blue it decided to break through the screen door and attack my other neighbors dog … Also have a co worker whose “lovable” pit bull just snapped after years of being babied and it attacked his friends dog – KTM rider
The dog was being really nice to all of us for about 10 minutes and then he just snapped.” Elena’s parents took her to the hospital where doctors used 26 stitches to sew her upper lip back on. –
A Bronx tot was mauled yesterday when her pet pit bull snapped and tore into her cheeks, police and witnesses said. Makailah Barnett, 3, nearly had the side of her face ripped off … “The dog just lost her mind” – Daily News
I once thought pits could be kind and gentle, and just had a bad rep……. till the one we had turned on my daughter 2 weeks ago … He never showed any signs of agression … I dont know why he snapped that night but it is a nightmare we will all live with for the rest of our lives. – Mandy, CC, USA

“It’s not the dog’s fault”

This term was most recently employed by Nikko-Nutter William Uhring who claimed it wasn’t the dog’s fault after it snatched an infant from a bassinet killing it. The term is endlessly trumpeted by Nutters after a serious or fatal pit bull mauling (See: Pit bull owners not showing the love and Given all the attacks, it’s time to ban pit bulls in Florida). Google Search results for “It’s not the dog’s fault”  and “pit bull” returns over 44,000 results. The child-like motto ignores the many well-raised pit bulls that unpredictably attack innocent children (after having never shown aggression before) and even kill their dear owners.

“My critics give me excuses that it’s not the dog’s fault, it’s the owner’s fault. But over my three decades of law enforcement, blaming the owner has not reduced the number of bites that are happening,” he said. – Watervile Police Chief Joseph Massey
It’s not the dog’s fault,” Uhring said on Wednesday. “That dog was put in a very uncomfortable situation, and I didn’t want to see it victimized further.” – William Uhring
It’s not the dog’s fault,” they hollered, the typical mantra among pit-bull apologists. “It’s the owner.” – Columnist Gary Stein
Spare me the argument of pit bull advocates that it’s not the dog’s fault, it’s the negligent owners who don’t train the dogs properly. Tell that to little Trinity. Society cannot monitor every pit bull owner. – Columnist Marshall Frank
you can’t judge an entire breed – much like an entire race – based on one incident. the owners of ANY dog – not just pit bulls – are responsible for the dog’s behavior, demeanor and personality … like children, dogs learn from their parent. it’s not the dog’s fault for how it was raised and you’re an absolutely idiot for thinking otherwise. – DaniHen
It’s not the dog’s fault or the breed’s fault…it’s the person who’s holding the leash!! – The Proper Pit Bull
Talk of a breed specific ordinance had pit bull owners clawing to get to metro council members. “It’s not the dog’s fault, it’s the people!” complained Lauren Claypool, a pit bull owner. – Lauren Claypool
“It’s not the dog’s fault, it’s your guys’ fault,” Rossi said. When a person gets attacked by a pit bull, Rossi said people just talk about them and do not get to know the history of the individual dog… – Luigi Rossi, Shorty the Pit Boss

“Provide a psychoanalysis”

After Tucson TV station KGUN-TV aired a segment about pit bulls, the Nutters unleashed hell on the station’s Facebook page. Then the station got a letter from a local group named “Pit n’ Proud” brimming in Maul Talk (pro-pit bull “spin”), accusations and illogical reasoning. KGUN9 News Director Forrest Carr blasted back with an editorial that no doubt sent the Nutters squealing backward. There are so many good parts within Carr’s response, but the failure of the station to “psychoanalyze” the fatal pit bull mauling of Michael Cook is award winning.

Pit n’ Proud – What is concerning is that no one looked in to why the dog reacted in such a violent manner. To our knowledge, no professionals came in to evaluate the dog’s temperament or its physical and psychological condition, or to interview the families to find out what warning signals or body language they may have missed that could have prevented the attack. This is the vital information that must be reported on to help prevent future occurrences.- Rachel Molyneux and Anthony Holcomb

Carr’s response – Molyneux and Holcomb (of Pit n’ Proud) were also critical that in reporting on the Michael Cook killing, KGUN9 News did not step forward to provide a psychoanalysis of the dog — talking to the family and examining what “warning signals or body language they may have missed that could have prevented the attack.” – Forrest Carr


“Nuttercide” is a term coined by the community, and like the term piticide, refers to a pit bull homicide. In the 6-year period from 2005 to 2010, there were 104 piticides, one American killed by a pit bull every 21 days. Nuttercide is a subset of this unfortunate group and refers to pit bull owners (pit nutters) who are brutally struck down and killed by their once “loyal” pit bull. Breed advocates likely describe such incidents as the owner being “loved to death” by his pit bull, as opposed to being “licked to death.”


August 2011, Philadelphia, PA
Carmen Ramos, 50 years old
August 2011, Pima County, AZ
Michael Cook, 61-years old
August 2011, San Mateo County, CA
Darla Napora, 32-years old
June 2011, Spotsylvania County, VA
David Quyon Haigler, 38
November 2010, Dillon County, SC
Justin Lane, 25
October 2010, Callaway County, MO
Rev. John Reynolds, 84
December 2008, Riverside County, CA
Gerald Adelmund, 60
January 2008, Beauregard County, LA
Kelli Chapman, 24
October 2007, Clay County, FL
Tina Marie Canterbury, 42
July 2006, Monongalia County, WV
Brandon Coleman, 25
December 2005, Wayne County, MI
Mary Stiles, 91
November 2005, Bexar County, TX
Roberto Aguilera, 64
May 2005, St. Louis, MO
Lorinze Reddings, 42
January 2003, Gwinnett County, GA
Flora Lubin, 52
December 2002, Bergen County, NJ
Julia Mazziotto, 80
July 2002, Harris County, TX
Dorothy Carter, 52
July 2001, Cook County, IL
Alexander Gillis, 77
September 1994, Bronx County, NY
Ana Claudio, 66
September 1985, Baltimore County, MD
Rebecca Puckett, 57
Can I get a “Pit Bulls are the most loyal dogs” Hell yeah?!?
**Disclaimer…I am not making this up! – Vintage

“Animals will be animals”

Much like, dogs are dogs, the phrase, “animals will be animals” is a term used by animal advocacy groups and pit bull fans to deny the pit bull’s responsibility after a violent or deadly attack. The term also illustrates the idea that one can’t expect a pit bull to “think or act like a human being.” Such reasoning stands in stark contrast to the egregious anthropomorphism carried out by pit bull advocates on behalf of the pit bull breed.

After a pet pit bull nearly killed his Tucson owner in August 2011, Jayne Cundy of Pima Animal Care Center said, “Your animal [pit bull] is an animal. It’s not human … it doesn’t have human values.” According to this logic, the only time a pit bull “is an animal” is after a devastating attack. Furthermore, the logic falsely rationalizes that it’s natural for a pit bull to unleash a horrific assault upon its owner because, “animals will be animals.”

its not anyones fault with what happen because animals will be animals know matter how much you train them – Richard Short
[Cheryl Zelen calls out Short’s distortion] OMG! Mr. Short…”Animals will be animals??” Come on! Obviously u hasve NO CLUE how DANGEROUS that Pitbull is!! Did you witness what we did on Tuesday??? Hell no! – Cheryl Zelen
but just because they are domesticated doesnt mean they arent able to be a threat to people or animals… animals will be animals! and its not just “pit bulls” any breed of dog is still an animal and it will always be an animal! – PitBullMommie1206
You fail to realize, animals will be animals, we are animals, and kill each other all the time. I’m not saying it’s alright, but in this case – Admin
Animals will be animals. We cannot expect animals to understand our human rules. We have to be fair to them on this. 3. Do you think big dogs of certain breeds considered dangerous should be banned? No, I don’t, just as we don’t ban big-sized humans, do we? – Illogical animal advocate

“The REAL story was not told”

“The REAL story” is sometimes seen in mauling threads after an attack, but is more commonly found on nutter boards. The phrase closely resembles another Maul Talk term, “the story doesn’t add up.” For instance, a pit nutter might state, “Of course the REAL story was not told” then goes on to claim special knowledge (such as I know the family) of which there is no way to verify because the poster leaves no verifiable information.

There’s definitely something not being said in this story. Pitbulls do not just go haywire & attack unprovoked, unless they had rabies or were HORRIBLY abused. Get back to us when the “real story” of what happened here is told… – kaycee71
I bet you heard about a story about a young kid getting attacked by a pit. That is what the paper reported. But the real story was They kid was attacked by the other family dog. The pit then attacked the other dog to get it off the kid.!! – Chris
I would like to know what the real story was here! FOR SOME REASON THE PITBULL IS ALWAYS TO BLAME…..I KNOW IN 99.9 PERCENT OF THE CASES IT IS THE OWNER! – Blondie621

“Dogs are dogs”

Much like all dogs fight and it was a dog fight, the term “dogs are dogs” is used by pit bull owners after their dog attacks and injures or kills an animal (usually another dog). The term is used to deny the pit bull’s responsibility in the attack and to deny the pit bull’s genetic heritage: Selective breeding for the purpose of killing other dogs (dogfighting). It is true that dogs will be dogs in that dogs may bark, growl and posture when interacting with other dogs. What is untrue is the expectation that all dogs will launch a deadly assault upon another dog. Pit bulls on the other hand, will and do.

They just happened to be in the yard with me all day long, and the dog did go down and fight the other dog, but dogs are dogs. – Collins Tully
This article has already gotten a little longer then I originally wanted, so I’ll try to wrap it up. Dogs are dogs…..any dog that is made to feel dominate or fearful – Liz Churchville
Children are Children, Adults are Adults, Dogs are Dogs. Teach them properly and they will Prevail. – Tired of Ding Dong’s
I can’t say the same for my boyfriend who had the unfortunate task of removing the foaming at the mouth 8 pound hellion from our dog’s face. Dogs are dogs and the problem with dogs is they are governed by… – xgirl

“All dogs fight”

To minimize the selectively bred trait of explosive aggression in pit bulls following a serious or deadly attack (or when BSL comes knocking), pit bull owners and apologists will insist that “all dogs fight” or that “you can make any dog fight.” Meaning that such explosive aggression can be taught at will to all dog breeds. Certainly all dogs can fight, but only some dogs will fight and only one breed contains the tenacity to fight to the death: The American pit bull terrier. (See: All dogs bite for additional information.)

You can make any dog fight,” said Teresa Gardner, head of animal control for Hinds County. “But it’s what we do to pit bulls that makes them fight.” – Teresa Gardner
Lab’s are #1 for actual domestic dog fighting. All dogs fight all dogs bite. I am gonna get Pitt Bulls next. No more Labs. – Janessa70
I had a rednosed pit and he loved people. He wouldn’t dream of hurting a human. He turned on one of our dogs but all dogs fight and it isn’t just pitbulls. – Alli Turner
All dogs bite, all dogs lick, all dogs fight, all dogs understand right from wrong and they darn sure know when they are being mistreated in any form! Being a senior citizen does not exclude one from being a bad owner [This is after a 77-year old woman was mauled by her friend’s pet pit bull] – A Staffie Owner