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“I heard it on NPR”

Nutter Laurie Hoffman“I heard it on NPR” stems from another underhanded attack by a pit bull advocate on Jeff Borchardt, the father of a young boy mauled to death by his babysitter’s two pit bulls on March 6th in Walworth, Wisconsin. Following the release of Borchardt’s story on July 26, Beyond the Interview, Jeff became involved with the City of Watertown, whose council members are midway through passing a rational and preventive pit bull ordinance.

After a recent public hearing about the ordinance, which Jeff attended, Laurie Hoffmann wrote a disturbing Letter to the Editor of the Watertown Daily Times, rife with untruthful and defamatory statements. It’s a wonder the Times published it all. There was no fact checking either. Hoffmann stated multiple times that both Borchardt and the babysitter were “negligent” without any evidence to back up her claim, the legal definition of libel.

Another deception in Hoffman’s piece, is her claim, “I heard it on NPR.” Hoffmann said, “I also cried when I heard National Public Radio report about the Wisconsin grandmother who put her grandson in a car seat on the floor with her Jack Russell Terrier.” First, no such story ever aired on NPR, according to their website. Second, the only infant killed by a Jack Russell in the U.S. since 1982 was Justin Mozer in 2008 in the State of Kentucky.

The circumstances of Mozer’s death were also entirely different.

You see how this works? National Public Radio, which Hoffmann listed twice in her letter, could not have run a story about a non-existent victim from Wisconsin.1 Hoffmann falsified the “victim” and the “state” in her letter (Check out a Google site search of As one can see from the search result listings, NPR does like to talk about Jack Russell Terriers, but in the context of “Jack Russell Terrier Swallows More than 100 Pennies.”

A bloody fatal dog attack is far less palatable to NPR producers.

Hoffmann used NPR to lend credit to her hazy story and the State of Wisconsin, where Jeff’s son was killed by two pit bulls, to “localize” the infant killing Jack Russell. This combination appears intentional. Like Michelle Serocki of the Brew City Bully Club, who deceitfully tried to lure one of Jeff’s friends with false information in a private Facebook message, Hoffmann’s letter sheds more light on the “organized” pro-pit bull effort.

Laurie Hoffmann also failed to disclose her background in the letter. She is not a mere Watertown resident, but served on the board of the Watertown Humane Society, at least through 2009. Hoffmann is a shining example of why “public policy coming from animal advocates concerning protecting humans from pit bulls is fundamentally flawed.” People like Hoffmann have no place in policy decisions designed to protect the safety of citizens.

Jeff Borchardt’s response to Hoffmann’s letter is below, followed by the babysitter’s response, Susan Iwicki (added Sept 3), and Hoffmann’s printed letter.

Watertown Daily Times
Friday, August 30
Print Edition

Response to Laurie Hoffmann

My name is Jeff Borchardt. I am the father of 14-month old Daxton Borchardt who was brutally killed by two pit bulls owned by a family friend on March 6th. It was a prolonged attack that lasted up to 15 minutes. The dogs crushed my son’s skull and ripped off the entire right side of his face. My friend Susan, was also sent to the hospital due to the injuries she received fighting off her own pit bulls to protect my son’s life.

In Laurie Hoffman’s letter to the editor (August 23, 2013), she made grievous errors about the circumstances of my son’s violent death. Being the father, I spoke at length with the Walworth County detective. Had there been any negligence on anyone’s part, criminal charges would have resulted. Susan’s dogs have never shown any signs of aggression prior to March 6th, both were also spay and neutered. These dogs appeared to be the nicest, friendliest family pets you could ever imagine. The only mistake I made was believing the myth, “It’s not the breed, it’s all how you raise them.”

I have no idea where Hoffmann got the story of the Jack Russell terrier that supposedly killed another Wisconsin boy. It never happened. The only recorded fatality by a Jack Russell in the past decade occurred in Kentucky. That infant was lying on a bed; there was no grandmother present or car seat, his name was Justin Mozer.

The desire of some people like Hoffmann to portray pit bulls as anything other than the ticking time bombs that they are is a great disservice to the public. Dogs selectively bred for hundreds of years for the repulsive sport of dogfighting. When Susan walked into her back yard carrying Dax on that snowy day in March, they viciously attacked them. The result of Susan’s two well-raised pit bulls turning “dead game.” It was a struggle so violent that the metal gate to the dog run was ripped down. Blood covered her backyard along with all of my son’s clothing. In addition to inflicting catastrophic injuries, the dogs stripped my son naked.

My only desire is to honor the memory of my son by sharing the truth about pit bulls with other people who believe the myth that I did. If the truth in this letter can contribute to a safer Watertown, my son will not have died in vain. – Jeff Borchardt Facebook Page
September 2, 2013
Susan Iwicki

Response to Laurie Hoffmann

My name is Susan Iwicki. I was caring for my friend’s 14-month-old son, Daxton Borchardt, at my home in Walworth, WI when my own two pet pit bulls attacked me while Dax was in my arms. It was the most violent and bloody 15 minutes of my life. This was not just “a dog bite” incident. This was a vicious and prolonged attack on our flesh. This was a mauling by “normal house pets” that without warning reverted to what their breed was initially bred for: killing. No amount of force I exerted, including gouging at the female’s eye, was enough to stop or even create pause in their attack.

I never saw a single flash of aggression in those dogs since they were brought into my home as puppies three years prior. I truly believed, “It’s all how you raise them.” And they were raised with love, attention, and proper discipline. They were each spayed and neutered as early as the vet allowed and had regular veterinary visits. Both dogs were socialized, played with numerous children and small animals throughout their lives, and loved to cuddle. I was their “mama.” My dogs never experienced a day of neglect or abuse in their existence. The false sense of security is in believing it is the owner, not the breed.

On March 6th of this year, my so-called “babies” attacked their “mama” and ended the life of a real, human baby. A sweet, curious, happy little boy named Dax. In Laurie Hoffmann’s letter to the editor on August 23rd, she refers to the “negligence aspect” of pit bull victims’ stories. If the breed is so safe and truly are “nanny dogs,” how could any owner of a pit be negligent for having a child near their “nanny dog” that was raised well?

I urge you to look at that “friendly” pit bull you or your neighbor owns. Perhaps you believe the myth that I did, “It’s all how you raise them.” It certainly sounds attractive to believe, doesn’t it? It isn’t. It is an outright distortion of reality and one of the most dangerous myths to believe and perpetuate. From 2005 to 2012, pit bulls killed 151 Americans, about one citizen every 19 days. By 2016, pit bulls are projected to maul 275 Americans to death since 1998, the year the CDC stopped tracking fatal dog attacks by breed. – Susan Iwicki

All parts highlighted are distortions and/or show the “organized” pro-pit bull effort.
Lorrie Hoffmann pit bull sociopath

1 In November 2012, in the United Kingdom, an infant was killed by a family Jack Russell. This may be what Hoffmann was referring to. The was not a United States dog bite fatality, much less specific to the State of Wisconsin. Also, NPR, at least according to their website, never reported on this boy’s death (no results for Harry Harper).

“Just like any other dog”

Pit bulls are “just like any other dog” is a phrase mainly trumpeted by animal groups connected to Ledy VanKavage (aka “Bledy VanKarnage”), such as Best Friends Animal Society (lobbyist) and Animal Farm Foundation (board member). Unlike a similar phrase used by the same groups, “all dogs are individuals,” the slogan, pit bulls are “just like any other dog,” is a complete denial of the existence of breed traits. This false myth winds up killing an untold number of family pets each year (due to pit bull dog aggression), and seriously injuring and killing innocent people (due to the breed’s “hold and shake” bite style). These two influential groups deliberately created the slogan to disseminate to their Nutter followers — strategic disinformation.

Pit bull type breeds are just like any other dog. Each one is an individual. – Best Friends Animal Society
Fighting dogs should be evaluated like any other dog seized in a cruelty case,” says VanKavage, senior legislative analyst for Best Friends Animal Society. – Ledy VanKavage
Pit-bull-terrier-type dogs are just like any other dogs, but they’ve been given a bad rap; so, they need help overcoming the stereotypes surrounding them and the myths about them. – Best Friends Animal Society
“In addition to this program helping to save lives of adoptable animals, I would really like for people to realize that Pit Bull Terriers are just dogs, like any other dog … loyal goofballs – Jamie Healy, Best Friends Animal Society
As scientific study and research continues to prove that “pit bull” dogs are just like any other dog, we’re now facing a different, equally challenging, hurdle: proving that “pit bull” dog owners are just like any other dog owner. – Animal Farm Foundation (Fat chance given their “human kill rate” and antisocial owners!)
Well-matched dogs not only love this work, but their presence out in public amongst people and other animals helps advance the idea that AFF works so hard on — that pit bull type dogs are just dogs like any others– nothing different, nothing unique. – Animal Farm Foundation
“It used to be that the concern was with predicting everything that might go wrong,” Reynolds says. “Now, increasingly, people are embracing them as dogs like any other dogs.” – Donna Reynolds, Bad Rap, results of strategic disinformation (See: Darla Napora)
It’s clear that pit bulls are just like any other dogs – bad owners create bad dogs, regardless of breed. I really appreciate that your station is giving our beloved dogs a voice – Nutter Melanie Meyer, responding to VanKavage interview, results of strategic disinformation
PITTIES ARE JUST LIKE ANY OTHER DOG – IT TAKES THE PERSON TO MAKE THE DOG, ANY DOG, GOOD OR BAD. – Nutter Felica responding to Best Friends blog post, results of strategic disinformation

“Give them a chance”

A recent submission by KaD came in containing two Maul Talk terms: “These are really nice dogs if you’d just give them a chance.” We separated the terms into: “really nice dogs” and “give them a chance.” Tackling the latter term first, Google Search results show that the query (“pit bull” and “give them a chance”) has over one million results. This term often centers around the obscene number of unwanted pit bulls — about a million annually — that arrive in open admission shelters of which 800,000+ are euthanized. The plea, give them a chance, is echoed gratuitously despite the breed’s unmatched, killing record.


I always cringe when some pitiot says “These are really nice dogs if you’d just give them a chance…” That’s the whole problem. Pits are the number ONE breed for FAILING a second chance after mauling or killing a person or their pet. Pit bulls have had 30 YEARS of chances — resulting in 30 years of maimings, killings, maulings, disfigurements, dismemberments, scalpings, amputations, life flights, dead pet dogs, dead horses, dead sheep, dead alpacas, dead kids. Pit bulls have had far too many ‘chances’ already. Add to this the fact that pit bulls were bred to be fighting dogs, not pets, and that there are over 400 registered dog breeds and no damn reason anyone needs to own a pit bull. – KaD


Many adopters won’t even give them a chance. They hear pit and they run. They are scared.  – Kristina Campbell
the reason there is so much in the pound is because people don’t give them a chance.  thats why there so many in the pound, shelter, and even dead! – Eric13
Fighting Pit Bulls being put down – why not give them a chance? – Alice
Pit Bulls are an amazing loyal loving dog if you people would just give them a chance! – Amanda Thoman
“I encourage people not to wrinkle their nose and get all scared when they see a Pit Bull. I encourage you to give them a chance,” – Shannon Bagby
Why rescue a Pit Bull: “Because they can change minds, touch hearts, and save lives…if someone would just give them a chance.” – Pit bull rescue
Pits – Give them a chanceFacebook page
Give them a chance — I know a lot of people are afraid of pits, but they are really great dogs if you just give them a chance. – Ashley Gilbert
When cared for and treated responsibly…Pit Bulls are the best dogs anywhere…give them a chance. – Bailey West
This pit bull single-handedly changed my misinterpreted belief about the breed. They are great dogs if you just give them a chanceJennifer

Close Combination References

They are really, really good dogs, wonderful dogs, if people would just give them a chance. – Danielle Black
I wish more people like you would give them a chance. They can be really good dogs if you raise them with love – xxangiielovexx
I know a lot of people are afraid of pits, but they are really great dogs if you just give them a chance. – Ashley Gilbert
I must say thank you so much for adopting a APBT, you are saving two lives. The one who you adopt and the one that takes its place at the shelter. They can be really great dogs if people just give them a chance and they just want to be lap dogs! – Rogue Bullies

“Use them as pillows”

After the horrific dog mauling death of 21-month old Monica Laminack by her family’s seven pit bulls, relatives told investigators that the toddler often played with the dogs and would “use them as pillows” while watching TV. Google Search results show that Laminack’s relatives are not unique. The term, “use them as pillows,” yet another disturbing pit bull myth rife with dangerous propaganda, is spread across the Internet by numerous Nutters (See related myth: Nanny dog). Authorities anticipate charges against the adults who were home “napping” while the seven pit bulls tore little Monica apart.

He said relatives insisted the toddler would play with the dogs and even “use them as pillows while watching TV.” – Nutter family
keep the dog ditch the husband he sounds paranoid i have pit bulls and when my grandchildren come over they use them as pillows to watch tv – Karen B
I think its awesome how most of these points to ban the breed are based on social stigma and not personal experience. I love my loyal loving cuddling friendly pit bulls. They let kids pull their ears, ride their backs, use them as pillows. – Anna Jones
Who does this cowhead think he is? Pit bulls r the most sweetest, kindest, & the most gentlest breed of dog there is. Wut other dog breed would just lay there & let children climb all over them & let a person use them as pillows without attacking. – Teresa Cornwall
Same. I used to have 2 pits. They were the sweetest dogs ever. They let u use them as pillows! – ElviraTepes
Blame the deed not the breed! There is no such thing ad a bad dog only bad owner. I own 5 pitbulls and 1 American bulldog and they all let my children jump on them pull tails pull ears (yes I discurrge my children from doing so) they even let my children use them as pillows. – Tipsy
ANY DOG CAN ATTACK … these dogs are the most LOYAL nad protective that I have ever owned … my 8 stay inside at night and are outside at least 6hrs a day,they sit in the floor when we watch a movie or the kids will use them as pillows while watching T.V – luv my pit bull
My aunt has owned three pits, and when she went on vacation, we would watch them. I used to use them as pillows when I was younger, and they had no problem with it. – FlyersEnforcer
The APBT’s in our family were always like having a nanny around we could ride them and use them as pillows to take a nap with and when outside playing they were always right with us on guard protecting us – sw_df27

After publishing this post, a user sent in the below information to show that pillows aren’t always innocent fluffy objects used to lay your head upon. Pillows, however, do not kill people spontaneously, without specific direction from those who use them.

  • Daily World, The (Aberdeen, WA) – March 27, 2013 — Man says he ‘committed a father’s worst sin,’ pleads not guilty to shooting — Michael League called 911 early Sunday to report he’d “committed a father’s worst sin,” authorities said.League, 69, told police he took his .22-caliber Ruger pistol and shot his adult son and daughter in the head as they slept in his Puyallup home, court records show.He allegedly used a pillow to muffle the sound of the gunshots so as not to wake his wife and two young grandsons, who also were asleep in the house.
  • Clear Creek Courant (Idaho Springs, CO) – December 5, 2012 — Investigator: Elmgreen confessed to killing father,  Judge finds probable cause at preliminary hearing — During a preliminary hearing in Jefferson County Court on Nov. 30, a homicide investigator testified that defendant Kenneth Elmgreen admitted to killing his elderly father and then attempting suicide.Evergreen resident Elmgreen, 53, was arrested in early August on charges of first-degree murder, attempted first-degree arson and two counts of crimes of violence.Last Friday, Jeffco sheriff’s Investigator Kathleen Battan testified that Elmgreen said he used a pillow.
  • Bismarck Tribune, The (ND) – October 3, 2012 — ND murder suspect scheduled to change plea — DICKINSON (AP) – Trial has been canceled and a change-of-plea hearing scheduled for a North Dakota man accused of killing the mother of a child he believed was his daughter.Dirk Huber of Belfield had pleaded not guilty to murdering Nicole Radebaugh in her apartment bedroom in August 2011. He was scheduled for trial beginning Oct. 15. Court documents show that he will appear in court to change his plea instead.Authorities allege that Huber used a pillow to suffocate Radebaugh.
  • San Francisco Chronicle (CA) – July 20, 2012 — Woman charged with murder – Bible possibly a weapon — A woman smothered a romantic rival with a pillow and beat her – possibly with a Bible – while chanting religious passages as part of what she called an exorcism, a prosecutor said Thursday. Karla Kuhl, 35, of El Sobrante has been charged with murdering 58-year-old Patricia Medeiros, said Contra Costa County prosecutor Harold Jewett.Sheriff’s deputies responding to an early morning medical call on June 5 found Medeiros dead in her home.
  • Herald-Dispatch, The (Huntington, WV) – February 8, 2012 — Man accused of trying to kill daughter, Father allegedly used pillow in an attempt to suffocate girl, 11 months old — HUNTINGTON — A local man found himself behind bars Tuesday, charged with trying to kill his infant daughter.Authorities charged Larry James Thomas, 40, with felony attempted first-degree murder, along with misdemeanor domestic battery and carrying a concealed weapon without a license. Criminal complaints describe Thomas as a convicted felon wanted out of Boyd County, Ky.The incident with Thomas’ 11-month-old daughter happened just after 11 p.m. Monday.
  • Dickinson Press (ND) – November 8, 2011 — Officer: Pillow used to suffocate Radebaugh; Huber pleads not guilty to Belfield homicide — Nov. 08–Dirk J. Huber is believed to have used a pillow to kill his former girlfriend after allegedly arguing over the paternity of her daughter, officials said during his pretrial conference in Dickinson on Monday. The 41-year-old pleaded not guilty Monday to murdering Nicole Lynn Radebaugh, 39, by suffocating her in her Belfield apartment in August.
  • Associated Press Archive – September 14, 2010 — UK reporter sentenced for fake mercy killing claim
    A veteran British TV reporter has been sentenced after he admitted making up claims he killed a former lover who was dying of AIDS. A judge gave BBC journalist Ray Gosling a 90-day suspended prison sentence for fabricating his confession and wasting 1,800 hours of police time.The 70-year-old Gosling drew media and police attention in February when he said on a BBC TV documentary that he used a pillow to smother his dying lover in his hospital bed.
  • Grand Rapids Press, The (MI) – January 13, 2009 — Life sentence ‘what I deserve’ — GRAND RAPIDS — Against the advice of his lawyer, 41-year-old Andrew Neal pleaded guilty Monday and accepted a lifetime in prison for murdering a woman he called his close friend. “It’s what I deserve, your honor. There is no excuse,” Neal told Kent County Circuit Judge Paul Sullivan after admitting he used a pillow to suffocate Mashonda Griffin, 35, in her Wyoming home, at 2940 Union Ave. SE, on Oct. 27.

“I don’t understand it”

After the catastrophic pit bull mauling of Linda Henry, 54, of Westwego, Louisiana, her boyfriend Clarence Allen said, “I don’t know why they did it … They never had a fight. I don’t understand it.” Three of the couple’s four adult pit bulls ambushed Henry after she walked into her home. The woman lost an eye, ear and both arms to amputation in the horrific assault. The pit bulls also ripped off the entire back portion of her scalp. The response by pit bull owners, “I don’t understand it” is complete denial of well documented pit bull attack traits revealed over and over again in serious and fatal pit bull maulings.

The toddler killed by a family dog in Orange County has been named … Mike Hicks, the victim’s cousin, told reporters, “Friendly dog, I mean, I don’t understand it. Just don’t understand it. Words can’t describe how it happened,” Hicks said. –
“My dogs mind me when I tell them to go in the yard and lay down, they do. When I say go on the porch and lay down, they do. I don’t understand why this happened” – Donny Hays
I don’t understand what happened. It was almost like he was cursed or something, like somebody had him under a curse.” – Derek Malcom
I just don’t understand it. He is such a sweet dog, just a big ol’ puppy. I leave him alone with my kids all the time. The 4 year old must have provoked him.” (sarcasm) – Glock23
Every single solitary pitbull owner whose dog has mauled someone has said the exact same thing as you; they are wonderful, I’ve never had a problem, I just don’t understand it, this is the first time, etc. – Anonymous
All pit bulls are as sweet as pie and every time they bite or kill someone, the fool owner says “I don’t understand it. My dog has never bitten anyone before. The child must have been doing something to provoke him because he’s always been as sweet as pie.” – Hank
Maybe he is… but it’s amazing how often, following a vicious pit pull attack, the responsible party says, “I don’t understand it… he’s a nice dog.” –bikeboy
Most pit bull owners whose dogs attack another animal or human with no apparent reason are wont to say that they don’t understand it because their dog was the gentlest, most loving dog one could imagine. – Barbara Kay
And to add to 26’s posting, how many times have you read in pit bull attack stories that an owner says, “I don’t understand it. He’s always been such a sweet dog”? – LAB
The remarks frequently heard after such an attack “I don’t understand it….he’s always been nice to everyone…..he plays with all the neighborhood children….he’s not an attack dog…..he’s never been abused….” certainly bear that out. It is mind boggling how many here will make all kinds of nonsensical excuses for pitbulls – AA#5

“Could not stop it”

After a pet pit bull violently attacked Ryan Maxwell killing him, the owner of the dog, Ashiya Ferguson, emphatically declared: “Oh God, it was so horrible. I couldn’t stop it. I couldn’t stop it. I couldn’t stop it.” Ferguson is hardly alone in the inability to stop a tenacious pit bull attack, which is Part One of why many communities regulate this dog breed. Part Two is the damage this breed inflicts during its assault. In the case of Ryan Maxwell, the dog clamped onto the boy’s throat and refused to release. The dog was still clamped on when police arrived. As usual, to “disengage” the pit bull, officers had to shoot the dog.

“Oh God, it was so horrible. I couldnʼt stop it. I couldnʼt stop it. I couldnʼt stop it.” While Ashiyah and her sons scrambled to try to free Ryan, Susan called the police. “How do you call someoneʼs mother and explain this?” Ashiyah asked. – Ashiya Ferguson
An officer said he was forced to shoot a dog Sunday after he could not stop it from attacking another canine. “The pit bull showed no signs of stopping, no matter what they tried,” – Police officer Kevin Wyatt
My babies just started fighting!… Help!! … This time i was home alone and could not stop it. They were literaly tearing each other apart!! I got them seperated with all my might and theyd break free ad keep going. I was scarred, horrified, and helpless. It started in the living room and ended in the front driveway. I even got my pistol and fired the entire clip into the ground next to them … They never missed a beat. – csixer66
I’ve had othwise lovely pits get into dogfights where the owner could not stop the fight no matter how hard they tried….and that includes hitting them with a hose, hitting them with a baseball bad, etc. Sorry, but when pits get into an aggressive fight, there is not much you can do to stop them. – DuikesMum
Boo, a four-year-old pit bull, broke free from it’s leash and ran into Lombardo’s yard. The Lombardo family said they could not stop the attack on their own. Charles Lombardo told sheriff’s deputies that he tried to separate the animals by yelling, kicking and hitting them with a cane before be grabbed a 12-gauge shot gun and shot the dog twice, then called police. – Charles Lombardo
A condo neighbor of my in-laws was not so fortunate, their young 4 year old daughter was riding her tricycle on their sidewalk when a neighbor’s two Pit Bulls attacked her. A group of male neighbors rushed to help her with hammers, shovels and tire tools and could not stop the dogs from ripping the girls throat out killing her … – Ken
Police considered charges Tuesday against the owners of two pit bull terriers that killed a retired Veterans Administration hospital chief surgeon in a 25-minute attack that neighbors could not stop. Witnesses said about nine people tried to subdue the dogs with poles, pipes and brooms while the animals mauled Dr. William G. Eckman, 67, as he left his home… – Los Angeles Times

“Pit bull just snapped”

This term is often used by persons who witness or experience a violent, unpredictable pit bull attack. Unfortunately, there are decades of documented evidence about the dangerous unpredictability of pit bulls (fighting dogs). Part of the unpredictability of an attack by a pit bull is that the breed often fails to show warning signals, such as a growl, bark or direct stare prior to its attack. Pit Nutters like to “educate” readers that “pit bulls never snap.” There are always warning signals they claim — AKA blame the dog owner or the victim.

After a family pit bull “snapped” in Rochester and attacked its owner, the owner admitted this was the second time the pit bull snapped. “The owners said the dog ‘just snapped,’ something that had happened once before, after the animal delivered a litter of pups.” – Darwinian pit bull owner
Cathy Wheatcraft, 48, of Clark Road was mauled to death by the pit bull as she checked her mailbox about 7 p.m…. “Something caused him to snap, they don’t know what it was…” – Frances Tyson
A Spartanburg woman who was killed by a pit bull had been attempting to rescue her mother from the attacking dog … Coroner Rusty Clevenger said Sunday night that an autopsy on Cartee showed she died directly from the dog bites to her head and body. “It appears the dog just snapped” – Jamie Nelson, director of Spartanburg County
A 2-year-old girl was mauled to death by a dog Sunday night at a home in West Mifflin … TayLynn DeVaughn, of Forest Hills, was described as happy and playful by her father, Cory DeVaughn, who said that a pit bull mix named Jake “snapped” and attacked the child – Cory DeVaughn
Two weeks ago, the face of a 40-year-old woman in Pinole was ripped off by her 9-year-old pet pit bull. A neighbor told the pit bull “had a kind, loving temperament … it must have snapped.” Two pit bulls snapped in downtown Stockton last week, attacking two men and killing a cat… – The Modesto Bee
When you hear in the news that a pit bull just snapped and attacked somebody but never showed any signs of aggression that is a myth – Pit Nutter posting on Yahoo’s content farm
I was guilty of always saying, its how they are raised. INCORRECT. Jake was a family member, always relaxed. The evening he attacked me had just been laying beside me in the kitchen. I was his “grandmaw”… I loved him. I will forever believe what happened that evening, he had no control over it. Something snapped. – Denise Hill
“From what I understood was that the kids were playing in the backyard when the [pit bull], I don’t know what the word would be,” said Gay. “Kind of snapped.” – Charles Edward Gay
“Itʼs all just horrible. Itʼs all still horrible,” Ashiyah said. “Iʼm not going to question anything. I was responsible for that child. I loved that child. And now heʼs dead. Heʼs dead because my dog snapped and did something I had never, ever seen in him do before.” – Ashiyah Ferguson
When a family member’s pit bull, who baby Jayden has grown up with snapped … just attacked her face and would not let go … Jayden has undergone six hours of surgery to repair a fractured jaw and damage to her nasal passages, tear duct, eye lids and bridge of her nose. She also lost five teeth in the attack – Pit bull loving grandfather
The Stewart family said they are at a loss at why Chance suddenly became vicious … She continued, “Something snapped. He had Abby in his sights and he headed right for her. Ronnie threw her so hard up on the trampoline; it threw one of her shoes off.” – Lisa Stewart
“I took him from being an abused dog to being a house dog,” said the pit bull’s owner, Justin Sostre, 18, who plans to have the animal euthanized. “He just snapped.” – Justin Sostre
Noah’s mother was at her boyfriend’s home when his normally loving pit bull snapped. The dog clamped down on Noah’s head, ripping off his scalp and his ear. “It saddens me when people say: ‘my pit bull would never do that, I’ve got the sweetest dog in the world.’ – Kim Durall, mother of victim
my neighbor babied his pitbull too. It was supposedly a “big baby” also. Then out of the blue it decided to break through the screen door and attack my other neighbors dog … Also have a co worker whose “lovable” pit bull just snapped after years of being babied and it attacked his friends dog – KTM rider
The dog was being really nice to all of us for about 10 minutes and then he just snapped.” Elena’s parents took her to the hospital where doctors used 26 stitches to sew her upper lip back on. –
A Bronx tot was mauled yesterday when her pet pit bull snapped and tore into her cheeks, police and witnesses said. Makailah Barnett, 3, nearly had the side of her face ripped off … “The dog just lost her mind” – Daily News
I once thought pits could be kind and gentle, and just had a bad rep……. till the one we had turned on my daughter 2 weeks ago … He never showed any signs of agression … I dont know why he snapped that night but it is a nightmare we will all live with for the rest of our lives. – Mandy, CC, USA

“All dogs fight”

To minimize the selectively bred trait of explosive aggression in pit bulls following a serious or deadly attack (or when BSL comes knocking), pit bull owners and apologists will insist that “all dogs fight” or that “you can make any dog fight.” Meaning that such explosive aggression can be taught at will to all dog breeds. Certainly all dogs can fight, but only some dogs will fight and only one breed contains the tenacity to fight to the death: The American pit bull terrier. (See: All dogs bite for additional information.)

You can make any dog fight,” said Teresa Gardner, head of animal control for Hinds County. “But it’s what we do to pit bulls that makes them fight.” – Teresa Gardner
Lab’s are #1 for actual domestic dog fighting. All dogs fight all dogs bite. I am gonna get Pitt Bulls next. No more Labs. – Janessa70
I had a rednosed pit and he loved people. He wouldn’t dream of hurting a human. He turned on one of our dogs but all dogs fight and it isn’t just pitbulls. – Alli Turner
All dogs bite, all dogs lick, all dogs fight, all dogs understand right from wrong and they darn sure know when they are being mistreated in any form! Being a senior citizen does not exclude one from being a bad owner [This is after a 77-year old woman was mauled by her friend’s pet pit bull] – A Staffie Owner

“Any breed can be trained to be bad”

Like its sister phrase, “must have been trained to attack,” the “any breed” version is a denial of the pit bull’s responsibility. The use of “any breed” also flattens the dangerous dog argument by falsely asserting that all breeds pose an equally dangerous threat (See: All dogs have teeth and All dogs bite). The training aspect, however, is the most egregious falsehood. As veteran dog behaviorist Gary Wilkes pointed out in a recent piece, “99% of pet owners can’t teach their dogs to ‘come’ reliably or virtually any other behavior.”

No, pit bulls are not inherently viscious. Even though they are bred for dog fighting and ‘bull baiting’, they are not born insane. You can train ANY dog to be a mean viscious killer: bassett hounds, chihuahuas, or any breed can be trained to kill. – Pit nutter BigBill
Any breed can be trained to be vicious, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Every breed needs a chance. – Jim Kosmicki
Any breed can be trained to be mean. Any dog can bite. – Big Jutts
I’ve been around animals my whole life and any breed can be trained to be mean and kill – LAP

“Must have been trained to attack”

This statement is often made by Maul Talkers after a horrible pit bull attack. It is used to deny the pit bull’s responsibility and the breed’s genetic history by shifting the blame onto the dog’s owner. The term is also used to victimize pit bulls. What goes notably unmentioned by Maul Talkers are the many disfiguring and deadly pit bull attacks that involve “loving household” pit bulls that were never trained to attack prior to the dog’s berserking incident.

What Little Bear also didn’t know is that the pitbull breed gets a bad rap because of a handful of pitbulls who were either trained to be mean, or not trained correctly. – Nicki Mann
And just becuase criminals take this breed and fight it and make it do terrible things, you want to punish us all? Guess what, get rid of them and the same criminals are going to go after your beloved Labs and Retrievers who can be trained and tortured just as easily to fight… – Anonymous pit nutter
Just another horrible pet “owner” that will continue to tarnish the reputation of a perfectly good dog breed. Ignorant people that have no clue about Pit Bulls or dogs in general will latch onto this to support their xenophobic fear of the dog rather than the stupid owners that mistreat and train their animals to behave poorly. – Fuzzle1
If any dog is trained to fight by (probably by your distant igrorant lowlife realtives) humans, thats what the dog will do. Get it- still HUMANS FAULT. No different then teaching your son to go rob 7-ll and shoot someone. Does that mean the entire human race should be punished because of your stupid family?? – Pit nutter Jen
“We try to keep track of them, and we have very few incidents,” he said. “A lot of them are not because of what breed of dog it is, but how it has been trained.” – Pit nutter police chief