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“Pits for Tits”

As if anthropomorphizing pit bulls could not get worse? How about a pit bull depicted with female breasts, wearing a pink bra in honor of pit bull awareness month (not recognized by any formal body, just plain old Nutters) and National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Our ordering is specific as 60% of proceeds of Pits for Tits goes towards pit bull rescue and only 40% to the American Cancer Society. To even use these two awareness campaigns in the same paragraph is shocking and revolting, as if they are on an even playing field?

A dog breed that kills more people than all dog breeds combined every year, herein depicted as a sex toy, is being promoted along side breast cancer, a disease that strikes down 40,000 American women each year. This insidious anthropomorphic pit bull campaign, Pits for Tits, operates on multiple levels. 1.) A pit bull depicted as a sex toy, 2.) A pit bull with female breasts wearing a pink bra, 3.) The “pit bull cause” having the same significance as a cancer that kills 40,000 women each year and 5.) Last, but not least, hijacking National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and using it to promote pit bulls.

Who are the big brains behind this sexual, anthropomorphic pit bull campaign? Lizz Whitacre and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s No Kill Advocacy Club, according to the press release. Pits for Tits is a 5K doggie run that will be held on October 3. People can pay $15 for a Pits for Tits tee-shirt whose depiction for 2015 is unknown, but in the past has used the slogan, “Bringing awareness for bullies and boobies.” Whitacre incredulously states in the release, “The causes are the same in the way that anyone can be affected.”

No, Lizz Whitacre. Owning a pit bull is a choice. Contracting breast cancer is not.

Pits for Tits - anthropomorphic pit bull campaign

This sexual, anthropomorphic pit bull illustration is by Ally Frame, also a UNL student.

“Classy girls wear pearls!”

After the Asheville Humane Society (AHS) adopted out a stray pit bull that in short order killed 6-year old Joshua Strother, the executive director, Tracy Elliott, had the balls to criticize the public for mistakenly anthropomorphizing dogs. “Animals are animals,” Elliott said. “They are not people and attempts to compare them to people or anthropomorphize them are a mistake. Any animal is capable of behavior we can’t predict,” Elliott said. There is just one colossal problem with Elliott’s statement. On June 20, the same time period that Asheville Humane adopted out the fatally attacking pit bull, AHS launched a highly anthropomorphic adoption campaign for a pit bull named Pearl, bling included. “Classy girls wear pearls!” reads one of three Facebook posts dressing up a female pit bull as a girl. Pearl’s sickeningly anthropomorphic campaign — just another aggressive pit bull adoption campaign by AHS — isn’t the only one either. Meet “Emerald” the pit bull.

Anthropomorphic pit bull adoption campaign screenshot 1  |  screenshot 2  |  screenshot 3

Asheville Humane Society

“Children are going to die in BSL”

In perhaps the most stunning example of anthropomorphic nonsense written by a Nutter — though “died for others sins” is indeed a whammy — user “mward” recently left a comment at The Truth About Pit Bulls blog in regards to The Nanny Dog Myth Revealed. The comment speaks for itself in attempting to elevate pit bulls to the status of human children in hopes of making listeners feel more grief for this unfortunate canine breed. It’s also a deflection technique, as pit bulls are best known for killing innocent children.

All of you have no idea what you are talking about. You want to talk about children? CHILDREN die every day by the thousands in animal shelters because no one wants them and the ones who take them abuse them. CHILDREN are going to die in BSL cities today because this blog continues to add fuel to the fire. CHILDREN are going to have to fight for their lives in a pit because someone wants money and drugs. Human children are not the only children we share this planet with. Now you leave my pit bull child alone! –mward

“Discriminatory legislation”

In 1980, after Ethel Tiggs and Frankie Scarbrough were nearly killed by pit bulls, the City of Hollywood enacted the country’s first modern day pit bull law, requiring owners to register their dog and carry $25,000 in liability insurance. The Everglades Pit Bull Terrier Club hired Miami attorney David Cerf to fight the ordinance who said to city officials: “You should be more concerned about the increase in rapes in Hollywood instead of penalizing dog owners with discriminatory legislation.” The term later evolved into breed discriminatory legislation and is now used by Ledy VanKavage along with a “BDL” abbreviation.

In 1974, it appears the same David Cerf attempted to have a defendant examined by a “voodoo doctor or exorcist.” Circuit Court Judge Dan Satin denied Cerf’s motion.

Court Bedeviled by Call for Services of Voodoo Doctor.
The defendant, Harvey Lee Outler had been determined competent to stand trial for the murder of his common law wife, but the evaluating doctor said Outler believed he was under a curse. Cerf said Outler, 36, believed that Mable Young, 31, has used roots to put a curse on him. Police say Outler shot Mrs. Young in the face with a piston April 13. “Your honor, a voodo curse is just as deadly as a threat with a gun,” Cerf said.

In 1984, it appears the same David Cerf gets in trouble with the Florida Bar.

CERF v. STATE, 458 So.2d 1071 (Fla. 1984)
No. 64183.
Supreme Court of Florida.
September 6, 1984.
Rehearing Denied December 6, 1984.
This is an appeal from an attorney disciplinary proceeding in circuit court pursuant to Fla.Bar Integr.Rule, art. XI, Rule 11.14. We have jurisdiction. Art. V, § 15, Fla. Const. We approve the disciplinary measure recommended by the circuit judge in his written judgment and report of disciplinary matter.

“Died for others sins”

Strongly religious persons are often active in cause related organizations and may use God and their belief in God to support their cause. But some pit nutters take God sayings and images to a whole new level. The scariest anthropomorphic term used by pit bull advocates to date is the depiction of a pit bull nailed to a cross with the saying beneath, “HE DIED FOR OTHERS’ SINS.” It’s one thing to try to raise pit bulls to the level of human beings, it’s whole separate matter to try to raise the breed to the level of Christ.

Fact is that this “man” used to like kicking the dog in the head to “discipline” it, resulting in a simple case of Darwinism (duh!). The real tragedy is that the dog died for the sins of its owners and for trying to defend itself. People are disgusting. – Stuart Fisk
Unwilling to assume responsibility for the control and care of our canine companions, we instead hang entire breeds of dogs in effigy for the sins of their owners. – Pit nutter
pit he died for our sinsGameness Kennels

“Canine CODIS”

In June 2010, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) announced the establishment of the Canine Combined DNA Index System, a DNA database of pit bulls seized in dogfighting raids, and dubbed it the “Canine CODIS.” This is a grave insult to human beings — particularly persons brutally assaulted and killed in violent crimes — who the FBI’s national CODIS system was designed to help.

After stealing the name “CODIS” from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and slapping “Canine” in front of it — CODIS was invented to help federal, state and local crime laboratories solve violent crimes against humans — Sayres is going to tell the U.S. government exactly when the technology can be used and under the guise of “the protection of animals and people alike?” –

“Dog holocaust”

The term “dog holocaust” brings up over 6,000 results in Google Search. It is most often used by radical pro-pit bull groups after a city or country adopts breed-specific legislation, specifically a pit bull ban. The International Dog Holocaust group, ironically, began in Germany after the whole country adopted breed-specific restrictions. It’s possible that die hard German pit bull zealots coined the term given the responsibility the country played in THE Holocaust, which brings up nearly 7 million Google Search results.

Are You Funding The Dog Holocaust?
Dog lovers – Are you supporting breed-specific legislation?
Are you facilitating the killing of innocent dogs? Are you helping to fund the dog holocaust? – Dog Politics
Germany bans breeds, reactions evoke holocaust memories
In the wake of two deadly attacks by dogs in the last three months, German state governments have banned or restricted more than three dozens breeds of dogs. – Pedigree Database


According to, a hatemonger is a “propagandist who seeks to provoke hatred and prejudice, esp. against a minority group or groups”. The term is yet another anthropomorphic term employed by pit bull advocates when faced with a person who criticizes pit bulls or makes statements about the pit bull’s true genetic heritage. In the following example, “wrenchinthcogs” says the following about YouTube artist Zupf:

The fact that you have subscribed to an ignorant hatemonger like zupf is making your case a bit unfavorable as well… – wrenchinthecogs

“Manifesto of hate”

The term likely derives from the novel The Catcher in the Rye. A character in the play and film Six Degrees of Separation called Salinger’s novel a “manifesto of hate” against phonies. The term is strictly used in terms of “class struggle” and subcultures within these classes. Pit bull advocates such as Karen Delise refer to and others who stand up to the pit bull lobby as authoring a “manifesto of hate”.

Ms. Lynn is purposely deceitful. Her information is worst than garbage, it is a manifesto of hate. – Karen Delise


One of the most overused anthropomorphic terms in the pit bull issue is “misunderstood”. As readers understand, a misunderstanding can only occur between human beings, as it requires human comprehension. The term misunderstood pit bull yields over 91 thousand Google Search results. Maul Talkers use the term to gain sympathy for the breed and to lure members of the public into being “educated” by a pit bull owner.

“A lot of people who are not raised with little people or have never been around them, think they’re nothing but circus acts and so forth. So you get that misunderstanding and you’re not taken serious. It’s the same with pit bulls. – Shorty Rossi, Pit Bull Boss, Animal Planet