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“Just like any other dog”

Pit bulls are “just like any other dog” is a phrase mainly trumpeted by animal groups connected to Ledy VanKavage (aka “Bledy VanKarnage”), such as Best Friends Animal Society (lobbyist) and Animal Farm Foundation (board member). Unlike a similar phrase used by the same groups, “all dogs are individuals,” the slogan, pit bulls are “just like any other dog,” is a complete denial of the existence of breed traits. This false myth winds up killing an untold number of family pets each year (due to pit bull dog aggression), and seriously injuring and killing innocent people (due to the breed’s “hold and shake” bite style). These two influential groups deliberately created the slogan to disseminate to their Nutter followers — strategic disinformation.

Pit bull type breeds are just like any other dog. Each one is an individual. – Best Friends Animal Society
Fighting dogs should be evaluated like any other dog seized in a cruelty case,” says VanKavage, senior legislative analyst for Best Friends Animal Society. – Ledy VanKavage
Pit-bull-terrier-type dogs are just like any other dogs, but they’ve been given a bad rap; so, they need help overcoming the stereotypes surrounding them and the myths about them. – Best Friends Animal Society
“In addition to this program helping to save lives of adoptable animals, I would really like for people to realize that Pit Bull Terriers are just dogs, like any other dog … loyal goofballs – Jamie Healy, Best Friends Animal Society
As scientific study and research continues to prove that “pit bull” dogs are just like any other dog, we’re now facing a different, equally challenging, hurdle: proving that “pit bull” dog owners are just like any other dog owner. – Animal Farm Foundation (Fat chance given their “human kill rate” and antisocial owners!)
Well-matched dogs not only love this work, but their presence out in public amongst people and other animals helps advance the idea that AFF works so hard on — that pit bull type dogs are just dogs like any others– nothing different, nothing unique. – Animal Farm Foundation
“It used to be that the concern was with predicting everything that might go wrong,” Reynolds says. “Now, increasingly, people are embracing them as dogs like any other dogs.” – Donna Reynolds, Bad Rap, results of strategic disinformation (See: Darla Napora)
It’s clear that pit bulls are just like any other dogs – bad owners create bad dogs, regardless of breed. I really appreciate that your station is giving our beloved dogs a voice – Nutter Melanie Meyer, responding to VanKavage interview, results of strategic disinformation
PITTIES ARE JUST LIKE ANY OTHER DOG – IT TAKES THE PERSON TO MAKE THE DOG, ANY DOG, GOOD OR BAD. – Nutter Felica responding to Best Friends blog post, results of strategic disinformation


Writer Barbara Kay of the National Post, who does not shy away when writing about the dangerousness of pit bulls, recently penned the Maul Talk Term “ambulatory grenade.” In the same article, “Beauty queen becomes target of the pit bully lobby,” Kay created a new acronym for the pit bull lobby, calling it the pit bull advocacy movement (PBAM). Kay dutifully remarks that the PBAM, oddly enough, only exists to promote the denial of the pit bull breed’s proven vices: continuous maulings, maimings and deaths.

but the fruit of a well-oiled, extremely well-funded propaganda campaign by the pit bull advocacy movement (PBAM). The PBAM is wedded to the fiction that the pit bull, sadly victimized by a biased press, is a gentle, affectionate, child-loving dog … The PBAM is a powerful lobby group that has successfully coerced complicity in the propagation of pit bull myths from kennel clubs and humane societies, and shamefully misled gullible media … Only the PBAM exists to promote denial of their beloved breed’s proven vices. – Barbara Kay

“Responsible Pet Owner group (RPO)”

Like “pet advocacy” groups and “responsible dog owner” groups, “responsible pet owner” groups lobby only to protect the rights of the owners of dangerous dog breeds as well as dog breeders. The most well-known group is the Responsible Pet Owners Alliance (RPOA), which fiercely lobbies against all breed-specific legislation, spay and neuter laws, fencing requirements and penalties for dog owners. Their home page depicts a collage of different animals and their tag line is, “A reasonable voice regarding animal issues!” 1.) They only represent dog owners and, of these, primarily owners of dangerous breeds, and 2.) they are unreasonable, underhanded, and have been known to make death threats.

However “real” harm was done by Animal Care Services Director Gary Hendel who took the opportunity to make some shocking defamatory remarks about RPOA. Hendel actually accuses RPOA members of sending him death threats and says Mary Beth Duerler, Executive Director, is “dishonest and inflammatory.” RPOA has requested copies of all records from Animal Care Services in regard to these “death threats” under an Open Records Request. We’re not sure how Hendel determined the death threats are from our membership since he doesn’t have our membership list.

“Animal Farm Foundation”

Animal Farm Foundation (AFF) is owned and operated by Jane Berkey, a pit nutter extraordinaire. Her cause is to “restore the image of the American Pit Bull Terrier” and to push the, “All dogs are individuals,” agenda. Berkey donates thousands of dollars to groups annually that offer “pit bull programs”, including Bad Rap. In 2007, Berkey purchased the National Canine Research Council from Karen Delise but kept this purchase hidden. Her ownership of the NCRC greatly prejudices the data it produces. In 2009 the NCRC funded the BSL Fiscal Calculator, which is used to frighten municipalities who may be considering a pit bull law.

Who knows what Berkey will fund next?

“Endangered Breeds Association”

Endangered Breeds Association (EBA), a pit bull special interest group, is included in the Maul Talk Manual due the irony of its name. Endangered species — wild animals, such as the Siberian Tiger at risk of becoming extinct — are protected by “species” and “breed” specific federal laws. The EBA opposes all breed-specific (pit bull) laws and would have us believe that pit bulls are facing extinction. In 2009, nearly 1 million pit bulls were euthanized because of irresponsible pit bull breeders and owners. Pit bulls are in an overpopulation crisis, light years away from “extinction.”

“American Canine Foundation”

The American Canine Foundation (AFC) is a Washington state-based pit bull special interest group and best known by its former spokesperson Glen Bui. The ACF, specifically the “hulk-style” ex-felon Bui, threatens to sue municipalities that enact a pit bull law. At times they do sue as well, but their track record of winning is zero. Their creepy expert witness list includes: Dr. I Lehr Brisbin PhD (a Hog Dogger), Dr. Esplin D.V.M., James Crosby, Karen Delise (former owner of the NCRC). The ACF and Bui have also threatened to sue in a “tort of outrage” lawsuit among others.

Coleen Lynne ?
In Seattle ?
Is it your website ? Your my space site ? We finding out for sure tomorrow !
Hi my name is Glen Bui, I founded the American Canine Foundation and I’m what you call a real animal lover fighting for the right agenda.
You on the other hand are demented and let me tell you with no B.S. if you do not take your website down by 1-26-08 I will personally file a tort of outrage lawsuit against you in the Washington court system. – January 17, 2008

“National Canine Research Council”

The National Canine Research Council (NCRC) was started by Karen Delise in 2006. In 2007, the NCRC was purchased by Jane Berkey of Animal Farm Foundation. This ownership information is only known today due to 2010 research by Berkey is a fanatical pit bull advocate, and her ownership of the NCRC greatly sabotages the “credibility” of any research presented or provided by the group.

Internet searches show that the NCRC was formerly named the National Canine Research Foundation and was run in part with Glen Bui, a convicted felon. It is possible that Bui and Delise parted paths in 2005, as Bui shortly thereafter established the American Canine Foundation (ACF). Delise is still listed as a consultant on the ACF’s Board of Directors webpage. Both entities endlessly spew Maul Talk.

The laws have only fueled what they consider a form of dog racism. “It serves no useful purpose except to cause havoc to our government,” said Glen Bui of the National Canine Research Foundation. (News-Leader, July 2005)

“Responsible Dog Owner group (RDO)”

“Responsible Dog Owner” lobbying groups try to appeal to all dog owners but in truth only represent owners of dangerous dog breeds. Two of the most radical groups are Responsible Dog Owners of the Western States (RDOWS), led by Cheri Graves, and (RDOES) of the Eastern States, led by Sandi Coy. Both primarily, if not only, represent pit bull owners and breeders and operate to achieve one goal: the elimination of breed-specific laws. As indicated by Coy of the latter group, who has been charged with animal cruelty twice, the groups are not “responsible” either.

“Pet advocacy group”

A pet advocacy group sounds innocuous, but it is often a term used by pet PACs, such at PetPAC (“a national pet advocacy group dedicated to protecting the rights of pet owners”) whose central goal is to protect pet owners’ rights by opposing all pet regulations. Pro-pit bull lobbying groups use the term as well, such as 4 Lucas County pets, whose only goal was to oust former Lucas County Dog Warden Tom Skeldon. It is notable that “pet advocacy” groups typically only represent dog owners (not other pet owners), and the term is used to broaden their donor and membership base.

Toledo, OH – Tom Skeldon needs your support, and you can give it by leaving a comment at this blog post. Skeldon is the Lucas County, Ohio Dog Warden and the most experienced employee of the United States when it comes to dog law enforcement, particularly pit bull law enforcement. He is currently under fire by a “pet advocacy” group, AKA a pit bull advocacy group. –