After the Asheville Humane Society (AHS) adopted out a stray pit bull that in short order killed 6-year old Joshua Strother, the executive director, Tracy Elliott, had the balls to criticize the public for mistakenly anthropomorphizing dogs. “Animals are animals,” Elliott said. “They are not people and attempts to compare them to people or anthropomorphize them are a mistake. Any animal is capable of behavior we can’t predict,” Elliott said. There is just one colossal problem with Elliott’s statement. On June 20, the same time period that Asheville Humane adopted out the fatally attacking pit bull, AHS launched a highly anthropomorphic adoption campaign for a pit bull named Pearl, bling included. “Classy girls wear pearls!” reads one of three Facebook posts dressing up a female pit bull as a girl. Pearl’s sickeningly anthropomorphic campaign — just another aggressive pit bull adoption campaign by AHS — isn’t the only one either. Meet “Emerald” the pit bull.

Anthropomorphic pit bull adoption campaign screenshot 1  |  screenshot 2  |  screenshot 3

Asheville Humane Society