In order to understand this term, one must also understand what a GMO is, a genetically modified organism. According to Wikipedia, a GMO is an organism whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques. In the case of pit bulls — and all dog breeds — selective breeding is the tool used for genetic modification. But let’s be clear about pit bulls, it is what dog fighters selectively bred OUT of pit bulls that turned them into “weaponized GMOs.” It is what is missing from pit bulls that makes them so lethal:

  • There is no natural cut off when attacking. Normal dog breeds bite and release; they are finished. But pit bulls repeatedly attack, which is the definition of a “mauling” and results in the extreme disproportionate number of amputations and deaths attributed to the breed. Dog fighters selectively bred OUT their natural cut off when attacking.
  • High tolerance to pain. Natural “self preservation” was selectively bred OUT of pit bulls. The very basis of breeding fighting dogs was to achieve a “game” dog, one that would fight to the death. All other domesticated and wild animals contain natural “self-preservation.” When faced with preserving their own life or dying, they choose “life.”
  • Ignore normal dog language. Normal dog-to-dog language was bred OUT of pit bulls by dog fighters, such as submission and appeasement, and approaching at a slight arc with a slightly turned head when meeting other dogs. Pit bulls will disembowel a dog on its back signaling submission and often approach in a b-line with a direct stare.
  • Pit bulls often provide no warning before an attack. Normal dog breeds bark or growl, their hair raises up — they provide visual and audio signals that warn a person or an animal to back off. Pit bulls often attack in total silence with no visual signals either. If any are present, they occur so fast that neither humans or animals can recognize them.

When genetic traits are removed from the gene pool they are gone, unless they are bred back into the gene pool. Thus, by breeding OUT normal dog traits dog fighters created “weaponized GMOs” that lack a normal cut off when attacking, lack “self preservation” when under attack, lack knowledge of dog language and lack providing warning signals before an attack. Mankind has the power to create a dog breed through selective breeding that is vastly more dangerous than a wild animal and that is exactly what dog fighters did.

Pit bulls are a man-made problem, and must be addressed by a made-made solution.

The Coward