Out: Animal Control Officer | In: Pit Bull Social Worker

Given that unwanted pit bulls glut open admission animal shelters from coast to coast, and nearly a million are euthanized each year (about two-thirds are “owner surrender” mind you), the role of the animal control officer has shifted into pretty much a full time Pit Bull Social Worker. If Pit Bull Social Workers are not loading aggressive or at large pit bulls into trucks for impoundment, they are prepping them for adoption, promoting them through obscene showcase videos, promoting them visa-a-via breed mislabeling (“boxer blend”), cashing whopping checks from PetSmart Charities for “free pit bull sterilization” (breed-specific programs) and of course, giving them “forever” dirt naps. Your public dollars are spent ad nauseam to pay Pit Bull Social Workers to facilitate the unwanted pit bull population problem, as well as to outright lie to the public about the dangerousness of this dog breed by pumping out pit bull myths generated by the pit bull propaganda machine.

Then of course, there is the “Animal Un-Control” solution as well, where the term Pit Bull Social Worker actually stems. In a May post, one blogger writes: “This video is proof that animal control has become nothing more than pit bull social workers in many parts of the U.S. Disgusting.” The 2010 video is a harrowing portrayal of a woman being chased by a pack of pit bulls on her horse. The attack occurs in San Bernardino County, California (which has since adopted a mandatory pit bull sterilization law). Amazingly, county animal services approved the animals to be “warehoused” in a vacant house: “ANIMAL CONTROL HAS BRILLIANTLY (GREG BECK) DEVISED A WAY FOR THESE IRRESPONSIBLE LIARS TO PUT 8 DOGS IN TWO VACANT HOMES AND HAVE 4 DOGS AT THE NEW HOME 5 MILES AWAY. HOW DARE YOU JEOPARDIZE MY SAFETY, MY ANIMALS, AND THE PEACEFUL ENJOYMENT OF MY HOME.”

Thus, the role of Pit Bull Social Workers is also to enable irresponsible pit bull owners.