The first use of “pit pimping” appears to have been in 2009 by an anonymous commenter on the DogsBite blog and refers to Ledy VanKavage (aka Bledy VanKarnage), a lobbyist for Best Friends Animal Society. That VanKavage has been “pit pimping since the age of four” refers to when she got her very first pit bull, “Boody” that was allowed to roam and often fought with other dogs, according to VanKavage. Like pimps who procure customers for their prostitutes, pit pimpers procure new owners for their notorious “killer breed.”

The most egregious form of pit pimping, similar to drug dealers soliciting school children, is “pit pimping to kids.” In late July, just days after the City of Detroit declared bankruptcy, a group named Detroit Dog Rescue (all of 8 employees) was featured in an article pimping out rescued “drug” and “fighting” pit bulls to children. Journalist Gus Burns, who covered the lengthily recovery process of Duane VanLanHam, nearly killed by pit bulls in 2009, wrote the pitiable article. This is a bad blight upon Burns, who knows better.

In his article, Burns prints many deceitful myths invented by pit bull breeders and owners retold by Detroit Dog Rescue within the basement of a “closed church” where 30-plus children were attending the Crescendo Music Camp. It’s one thing for Burns to write a pit bull puff piece, it’s quite another to promote a group that pimps these dogs to kids. It’s unknown if any of the parents were aware of the pit pimping “media event”[1] — their kids used as pawns — prior to its occurrence. No parents were included in Burns’ article.

Damien Crutcher, the camp director, is the most appalling. He arranged the pit pimping “media event” to “dispel misconceptions about pit bulls.” Though Detroit has up to 50,000 stray dogs, many of which are pit bulls from dangerous backgrounds, dogfighting and drugs, Crutcher states: Their[2] are beliefs about pit bulls that “they’re man eaters, they’ll attack you, they kill kids; it’s actually the opposite. I don’t think it’s any more dangerous, I just think it’s the way that some of them are raised by their owners,” Crutcher said.

Notably, pit bull mauling deaths are so frequent in “pit hole” Detroit that a medical study was devoted to this issue.

“Pit pimping to kids” should be a crime — in Detroit it should be a felony.


(2009) Ledy VanKavage has been pit pimping since the age of 4! LMAO! – Anonymous
This is the ONE thing the pit nutters have going for them and how they’ve managed to turn a defective pet animal into a trend-no low is too low. No shame, no decency, no conscience, just pit pimping anywhere and anytime. – KaD
This child was at least the 250th American to be life flighted after a pit bull attack since the last CDC report … After two decades of pit pimping by Organized Pit Idiocy Groups (OPIGS), Life Flights are really taking off!! – Vintage
Here they are talking about propagandizing for their fighting breeds after a violent pit bull attack, where Julia Jones made sure to go out and lie to the press to save their pit pimping asses. Or rather “She was contacted by the Federal Way Mirror to do an interview portraying the positive side of pit bulls.” Nice that a newspaper is contacting a pit bull pimper to help out fighting breeds. Is Margo Horner nuts or just stupid? – Anonymous
That area is eat up with pits. And now they are bringing in Brenda Barnette, another pit pimper who subscribes to the Winograd “No Kill Equation” motto of pits get a bad rap. Sorry about the attack, your little didn’t stand a chance. – User P.
If there ever was a pit pimping group, it’s the cult of Best Fiends. You don’t understand how to manipulate, only how to be manipulated. And manipulation is what is happening with the professional dog fighters. – HarveMorgan

Reviewing previous articles by Gus Burns

[1] posted sixteen photos of this pit pimping “media event.”
[2] typo, not ours.