This term refers to a branch of Pit Sociopaths. Zealous pit bull advocates (Nutters), who comment on mauling threads or write directly to the parents of children killed by a pit bull. “So sorry for your loss … BUT” commenters care “nothing for social norms and will break them with impunity if it serves their purpose,” which in this case involves defending the pit bull breed. The “BUT” follows the superficial expression of trying to appear socially normal by first stating, “So sorry.” The latter part is used to explain away the destructive injuries inflicted by pit bulls or to place blame on other factors, such as the victim or dog owner.

I am so very very sorry for your loss and I do feel your pain I myself also lost a son but being a pet owner all of my life and helping in rescue and transports I can tell you what happen that day only the sitter and the dogs know what happen and since the pets cant talk well they could not defend themselves I believe 99.9 % that what happen is not what truly happen and it was a 100% the sitters fault so to blame it solely on the pets is not right they will suffer again because of a irresponsible owner that wasn’t doing her job. – Carrie L. Willnow (Re: Death of Daxton Borchardt)

I am soo sorry for the loss of this child. But the dog did not attack because of its breed.. That is just stupid to even say, or blame it on why the dog attacked. The dog must have though the boy was hurting the woman. We need to stop putting sterotypes on breeds of dogs. Maybe the dog was sick and the yelling child over stimulated the dog and he just snapped. – Brandy Burns Carey (Re: Death of Ayden Evans)

I am so sorry for the loss of this woman’s life and how painful it just have been and my heart goes out to her family during this tragedy. But can we all take as deep breath here and think for a moment. The pit bull breed, and the boxer breed look very much alike. Furthermore there are just as many ”vicious” German Shepherd’s or Rottweiler’s. Let’s not always blame a single bred. After all is that not similar to racism in the human race? – Lori (Re: Death of Pamela Devitt)

I am very sorry for your loss, but now this is getting a little bit disturbing. I understand you’re upset, & you have every right to be, at THOSE DOGS, not every dog of the same breed. That’s so unfair to classify every pitbull as a terrible dog. I know plenty that are loving. It’s not the dogs fault, it’s the owner. – Hannah Hoyt (Re: Death of Daxton Borchardt)

You know what Kimberly? I don’t think one person on here doesn’t feel bad about what happened. This is a terrible situation & I understand you both are hurt. But, regardless of any situation & circumstance, there is always a line to where it gets inappropriate. Again, we are all sorry for the loss, but I think his best bet is to talk about killing pitbulls outside of Facebook where our “insensitive” comments won’t be heard. – Hannah Hoyt (Re: Death of Daxton Borchardt)

Wow I’m sorry for your loss but this is a bit over board. Pit bulls aren’t all bad. Plus is this how you would react if your sons life would of been taken by a robber? And he was already dead? Would you want every man killed? I understand you have been through a lot and I don’t know what it feels like but this status went too far. – Amanda Bustos (Re: Death of Daxton Borchardt)

im so soo sorry for you loss kim and jeff, but an animal is called an animal for a reason! there all wired the same way…unfortinatly it was a pitt and not a boxer or pitcher or bulldog…things triggr actions from all mammals including humans… – Kristy Dickman (Re: Death of Daxton Borchardt)

I am sorry for their loss and my heart goes out to them. But even in my reading this story it doesn’t change my opinion about this breed. I will ALWAYS and FOREVER love the Pit Bull breed and I will continue to fight on their behalf and to love them … If we ban this breed it will just be like segregation all over again and the Pits are us black folk. You may never change your mind about this and that’s fine but don’t try and make this breed be extinct – Angela Nicholas (Re: Death of Daxton Borchardt)

First off I would like to say how sorry I am for the family of this little girl. My thoughts and prayers are with them. Second I would like to know what the Pit was mixed with, was that bread partly to blame as well? .. My brother has had several Pit Bulls and never once had a problem with them ever, other than hogging the couch. – The rest please (Re: Death of Savannah Edwards)

Same superficial expression, different terminology:

My heart goes out to you, losing your son is unimaginable. But he wasnt murdered, murder is a human condition. And i hope to god im wrong, but this video appears to me to be a thinly disguised attempt to tout your dj ‘skills’ rather then educate, or celebrate your sons life. – shelagh purvis (Re: Death of Daxton Borchardt)