A sociopath is a person with a psychopathic personality whose behavior is antisocial, often criminal, and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience. Sociopaths and psychopaths each fall within the broader term of persons with Antisocial Personality Disorder (APD). Generally speaking, sociopaths exhibit psychopathic behaviors in certain contexts but not all. For instance, while a sociopath cares “nothing for social norms and will break them with impunity if it serves their purpose,” they may not do so within their group or family. (See comparison chart: Psychopath vs. Sociopath).

A Pit Sociopath — antisocial pit bull defender — comes in a variety of forms detectable by their outward behavior. For instance Dine-n-Dash behavior, rounding up their pit bulls after a serious attack and fleeing the scene, which often forces dog bite victims to undergo a painful and expensive ($2,000 and beyond) series of rabies shots. Their characteristic “impoverished conscience” can also be detected when commenting at mauling threads or in the examples below, exhibiting extreme sociopathy by communicating directly with a parent whose child was brutally mauled to death by two pet pit bulls.

Mix Master Bogart is Jeff Borchardt, a widely known deejay in the Midwest. His son Daxton Borchardt, 14-months old, was killed by his babysitter’s two pit bulls on March 6, 2013 in Walworth County, Wisconsin. The arriving deputy initially feared it was a murder scene. Bloodstained snow and fabric covered the backyard where the attack took place. The relentless mauling lasted up to 15 minutes. The child was first taken by ambulance to Mercy-Walworth Medical Center then taken by helicopter to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. The boy suffered catastrophic injuries and did not survive.

Pit Sociopath: Stephen Chroma Cristofano

July 2, 2013

Stephen Cristofano8:15pm
Stephen Chroma Cristofano
My pitbull is the most loving dog i have ever had. Sorry your loved ones got there faces chewed off because they don’t know how to train dogs. Fuckin dj dude not be an activists about how pitbulls are shit.. You are just as bad as motherfuckers who fight them. Might as well have terriers put down because they nipped my niece in the face? Get a life.

Mix Master Bogart
I will ask you to wait a week or two for the full story to come out on a blog…then and only then you will understand why I have come to the conclusion that it is the breed and ONLY the breed that killed my son…please be patient…when the over 5000+ word blog comes out, please take the time to read the WHOLE piece…THEN get back to me…thank you.

Stephen Chroma Cristofano
Then realize you’re bringing a fuckin dog into an infants home. That was your fault as a parent not the dogs fault. I be you put a rabid rot in the same room with a rot and it’ll happen. I’m genuinely sorry about your son. But you don’t have to go out of your way to phish to get attention. And then encourage communities to put down pits.

Mix Master Bogart
ok…so you will NOT listen to the whole story then…ok, nevermind…delete me please….frankly, I’m sick of telling the story…sorry to challenge your “conditioned” way of thinking.

Stephen Chroma Cristofano
That’s fine you have a story good for you man. Again I apologize for your tragedy. But killing THE BREED. Will not avenge your death.
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Nutter Stephen Cristofano refers to “avenge” in his final message. This is hardly about avenging. This is about preventing the 300 or so new pit bull fatalities coming over the next ten years. Cristofano seems perfectly fine by this equation — aka Pit Sociopath.

Pit Sociopath: Cheryl Whiting

On July 9, Jeff posted pictures to his Facebook timeline after a day on Lake Beulah with his wife and his two small dogs. Pit Sociopath Cheryl Whiting, who had been a friend of Jeff’s up until this point, coldly and calculatedly played the pit bull card on his timeline that only leaves ONE possibility open since no one on earth has ever confused a chihuahua with a pit bull. Whiting is a Pit Sociopath of a different nightmarish twist than Cristofano. Whiting plays the “Can’t identify a pit bull” game (but notably refers to a “blue nose” pit bull, a specific type) while simultaneously and demonically taunting the grieving father.

Lake Beulah

Antisocial, perverse and diabolically wicked

July 9, 2013

Cheryl WhitingCheryl Whiting
“is that a pitbull looks like a american bluenose”

Cheryl Whiting
“he cute”

Mix Master Bogart
“^are you out of your fucking mind Cheryl Whiting?….how DARE you even say that to me?…GO FUCK YOURSELF and stay the fuck in NC and don’t come back.”

Mix Master Bogart
“like I would own a fucking pit bull EVER after what my family has been thru.”

Cheryl Whiting
“wow was just a question everyone here has one jeez”

Antisocial, perverse and diabolically wicked

Whiting is especially grotesque by creating a Nutter episode on a photo comment that had nothing to do with this issue, and adds, “everyone here has one jeez,” in order to normalize a dog breed that kills more people than all other dog breeds combined.