Writer Barbara Kay of the National Post, who does not shy away when writing about the dangerousness of pit bulls, recently penned the Maul Talk Term “ambulatory grenade.” In the same article, “Beauty queen becomes target of the pit bully lobby,” Kay created a new acronym for the pit bull lobby, calling it the pit bull advocacy movement (PBAM). Kay dutifully remarks that the PBAM, oddly enough, only exists to promote the denial of the pit bull breed’s proven vices: continuous maulings, maimings and deaths.

but the fruit of a well-oiled, extremely well-funded propaganda campaign by the pit bull advocacy movement (PBAM). The PBAM is wedded to the fiction that the pit bull, sadly victimized by a biased press, is a gentle, affectionate, child-loving dog … The PBAM is a powerful lobby group that has successfully coerced complicity in the propagation of pit bull myths from kennel clubs and humane societies, and shamefully misled gullible media … Only the PBAM exists to promote denial of their beloved breed’s proven vices. – Barbara Kay