Writer Barbara Kay of the National Post, who writes sharply crafted prose about the dangerousness of pit bulls, recently penned two Maul Talk Terms in a single paragraph. The article, “Beauty queen becomes target of the pit bully lobby” concerns the recent announcement by Miss Universe Canada, Sahar Biniaz, that she supports a provincial pit bull law in British Columbia. The first term by Kay is “PBAM” and the second is her description of a pit bull as a “genetically manufactured ambulatory grenade.”

The petition against Ms. Biniaz is not a spontaneous phenomenon, but the fruit of a well-oiled, extremely well-funded propaganda campaign by the pit bull advocacy movement (PBAM). The PBAM is wedded to the fiction that the pit bull, sadly victimized by a biased press, is a gentle, affectionate, child-loving dog. They are — until suddenly they aren’t. And nobody knows when or why they will strike with their rending, crocodile teeth and implacable to-the-death grip, except that the answer lies in their genes. The pit bull is a genetically manufactured ambulatory grenade and deserves every bit of condemnation it receives. – Barbara Kay