In what may be one of the finest comments ever left at the Facebook page — noted as biblical in fact — a reader sarcastically responds to the many nauseating Maul Talk phrases used by pit bull owners to deny the breed’s responsibility in the continuous onslaught of maulings and killings. In a dazzling metaphor, the reader hits all of the highlights: It’s all in how you raise ’em; pit bulls don’t snap for no reason; images of pit bulls cuddling with babies; and last but not least: Don’t ban the breed, ban stupid owners!

I have live land mines in my yard. They’re safe. They’ve never exploded. It’s all in how you navigate the yard. Land mines don’t explode for no reason; something has to set them off. I even have pictures of my kids sitting in my land mine strewn yard and smiling, set to “Angel” by Sarah Mclachlan. Don’t ban land mines, ban dumb, inattentive walkers!” – David