The pop culture terms “going pit bull”, “go pit bull” and “get all pit bull” are used to describe dramatic acts of aggression, violence and excitement (see: extreme tail wagging) that pit bulls display during an attack. Notably, it appears Cesar Milan attempted to usurp this phrase by creating a blog post titled “Going Pit Bull: How We Can End Prejudice.” The USPS, however, who invented “going global” to commandeer the term “going postal” after a series of deadly shootings in the 80s and 90s, easily dwarfs Milan’s effort.

According to Wikipedia, between 1983 and 1997, about 43 people were gunned down in post office-related shootings. During this same period, the Fatal Pit Bull Attacks website shows that pit bulls “going pit bull” took the lives of 69 people. “Going pit bull” and its derivatives warrant a space as a verb and adjective in modern pop culture dictionaries, as well as in conversations used to describe sudden acts of aggression, violence and mayhem that leave people and pets permanently disfigured, maimed and dead.

I guess I’ll start taking out the trash myself cause you just ever know when my perfectly good kid is going to go “pit bull” on meSharon
let’s not forget about actress Lisa Raye going pit bull on her husband Mike Misick for only God knows what, and rapper 50 cents baby mama drama which resulted in the house getting burned down – Soulful Beauty
A tiger just *might* go tiger someday, and a chimpanzee just *might* go chimpanzee someday, and a Pit Bull just *might* go Pit Bull someday. It’s the genetic potential of the beast … the code can explode, can’t it? And the code is not the same for all animals, is it? A “Tiger going Tiger” is well within the bounds of normal. So too is a “Pit Bull going Pit Bull.” – Terrierman’s Daily Dose
THEY, have been remodeling for over a month now … so today, is the FINAL day of workers ruining my morning regis & kelly, bella {pooch} going pit bull on them & sharing the guest bath with the hubs – Shugart & Spice
“They got me going pit bull in here”-@IamChampionship – King David
I would only shoot a dog if it was one I had repeated run-ins with and the owners did nothing AND I feared for my health. The first time I would hop off the bike and try to make friends unless it was “going pit bull” on me. – RobRoy
Dylan should have been there … he might have suggested they give Pete Seeger a better part than going pit bull psycho-ward crazy at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival where Dylan went electric – Ross Altman
Dud, I’m not taking sides so don’t get all pit bull on me, but how is the situation in california any different than you living in tornado alley? – mrtwistys
Comic: No Need to Get All Pit Bull On Me – Instances of the word “pit bull” being used as a noun to describe politicians (Biden, Giuliani and Palin) continues to grow. This comic strip uses the term as a verb. –
No need ta go PIT BULL on me. – XXDosEquis
understandible … I wouldn’t want anyone hitting on my lil sis … I was kidding though … *hiss* Don’t go pit-bull on meblondautumnangel
Hello. I was slightly upset with your small blurb in the “why don’t you…” section. It stated in the bottom section about going “pit bull” on the barista. – Pit Nutter complaining to Cosmopolitan magazine