Like BSL (Breed-Specific Legislation) and BDL (Breed-Discriminatory Legislation) — terms used to describe pit bull laws — NSL (Nutter-Specific Legislation), coined by a member of the Facebook Pit Bull Regulation Project, also describes legislation geared at Pit Nutters, persons who advocate for pit bulls. Like their dogs, their behavior is so bad — including life-threatening attacks on activists and officials — that laws ought be written to hold them accountable for their Internet flogging campaigns designed to shut courageous people up.*

Group says it will appeal order to euthanize pit bulls
– A court witness for the prosecution who testified that the three dogs were dangerous has been harassed by more than 1,500 negative e-mails. An online petition also is being circulated to have the witness recant her testimony.
– Assistant Monroe County Prosecutor Michael Brown has filed a petition in court to have two organizations remove from their Web sites pictures and videos of the dogs, claiming they are in violation of a court order. – (Group says it will appeal order to euthanize pit bulls, Monroe Daily News, July 27, 2011)

Elderly Woman Receives Death Threats From Animal Planet’s ‘Pit Bulls And Parolees’ Fans
Fans of controversial dog rescue show Pit Bull And Parolees have sunk their teeth into an elderly woman after she launched a petition to stop the show moving into her neighborhood … “She has had threats to her life,” said Vice President Buz Grantham. “She had threats from people calling and saying, ‘you could die'” (Elderly Woman Receives Death Threats From Animal Planet’s ‘Pit Bulls And Parolees’ Fans,, March 8, 2011)

Police Investigate Threats To Denver Councilman
Denver police are investigating threatening e-mails sent to a Denver city councilman after he refused to appear on an Animal Planet show about pit bulls. Councilman Charlie Brown said one of the e-mails he received referenced the recent shootings in Arizona that injured U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. “You are afraid because of what happened in Arizona and you should be,” read one part of the e-mail. (Police Investigate Threats To Denver Councilman, CBS Denver, January 22, 2011)

Saginaw councilman receives letter with ‘aura of a threat’ concerning dog ordinance proposal
One council member said he recently received a “threatening” correspondence that he plans to forward to the police on Tuesday. “It had the aura of a threat,” Councilman William G. Scharffe said of one e-mail that featured an image of a pile of dead pit bulls and linked his support of the proposal to discrimination against Jews and blacks. Scharffe said he responded to the e-mail and received a second correspondence that seemed more “threatening. In light of what happened in Tucson, I didn’t like the tone of it,” he said. (Saginaw councilman receives letter with ‘aura of a threat’ concerning dog ordinance proposal, News, January 25, 2011)

Poll Backing Adoption Of Pit Bulls In Question
Shelter officials said Friday that they think those survey results were skewed. They said they have uncovered evidence that pit bull advocates who live outside the county participated in the survey posing as Loudoun residents … A shelter employee discovered a posting on that encouraged other advocates across the country to participate in Loudoun’s survey and vote in favor of lifting its adoption ban. The poster provided a list of 20 Loudoun Zip codes and instructed respondents to delete the cookies stored on their computer so they could take the survey multiple times. (Poll Backing Adoption Of Pit Bulls In Question, Washington Post, December 9, 2007)

*NSL includes Nikko-Nutters, also known as No-Kill fanatics. Just after county authorities re-seized the husky that fatally attacked an infant in February 2012, a Nikko-Nutter threatened the life of Common Pleas Judge Edward Borkowski. “If the dog goes down, you go down.” The zealot signed the letter, “The Truth.”