As expected, there are “post-Nutters,” as well pre-Nutters and Nutters. A post-Nutter, usually, has either been attacked by a once “loyal” pet pit bull, or has participated in attempting to stop a violent pit bull assault. Post-Nutters don’t always entirely leave Nutterdom — the ethereal kingdom in which pit bull owners (Nutters) live — after submitting to the truth about the breed: Pit bulls are dangerous and unpredictable. But others do walk away and are thus saved from this dangerous disillusionment.

I used to defend the breed, too, until my own personal experience. A “very sweet”, family dog (WITH VERY RESPONSIBLE OWNERS) SNAPPED at MY face and drew blood before I could turn away. I was in shock that this dog would do this! Of course, “this never happened before!” and the owners were mortified. I guess one just can’t understand the power of this breed until you witness it for yourself. They are dangerous and unpredicatable. I love dogs and gave pits the benefit of the doubt. But now I know that they don’t have to be chained up in a back yard or trained to fight in order to cause great harm. Trust me! – greenville greenie
As a FORMER Pit Bull owner I would have to say that I feel for you. You are definitely in denial. I have a VERY loving home and have several different breeds of dogs, including a couple that were strays. I had a very sweet pit bull that I got as a small puppy. She never even barked at anyone until one day, out of the blue, she attacked another one of our dogs.. It was almost impossible to get her off of the other dog. There was $1500 worth of damage done. I have never witnessed such a terrible event in my life. At that moment I knew that it was not her fault, but mine for owning such a violent animal. It was in her blood. I immedialy got rid of her, as I now feared for the safety of my children. The dog that she attacked was one that she played with daily … I think that you are very ignorant in your thinking when you say that Pits only attack when they come from trashy homes. Pits are a breed that are very unpredictable. They can turn on you when you least expect it. – Tonya213