Google Search results of “pit bull” and “noble breed” show 13,000 results today. The pit bull community often uses the term to describe the top killing dog breed to emphasize its positive traits. The term has been in use by the community for at least a century. In the 1911 Dog Fancier collection, Chas. Werner advertises his pit bulls as “Our Noble Dog.” Despite over 100 years of continuous fatal maulings inflicted by pit bulls upon innocent human beings and pets, the public is still asked to believe they are noble?

One particular thing (aside from the obvious abuse) that ticks me off is this noble breed gets officially branded, once again, as Satan’s… – Doug Giles
To inform to all people that wishes it and conform to the reality, about the wonderful and noble breed dog American Pit Bull Terrier – FIAPBT
We have spent a lifetime collecting material on this noble breedAPBT Books
Any dog labeled a “pit bull” that is human-aggressive is a perverse alteration of a truly noble breed. – Bryan T. Hughes
What nasty newspaper reporter had the temerity to defame this noble breed (in jest) – Tony Chamberlain
benefits from this positive image, which and given the negative circumstances that surround to our wonderful and noble breed… – Mariano Peinado
“Actually no. But I was raised with them” … That’s why you are so adamant about defending them. You think that they are a noble breed, that’s your opinion and you are entitled to have it. But others don’t agree… – Forum guest
Betrayal of a Noble Breed – Justice is overlooked and The American Pit Bull Suffers at the Hands of Many Breed Destroying Culprits – Husham Salih