In perhaps the most stunning example of anthropomorphic nonsense written by a Nutter — though “died for others sins” is indeed a whammy — user “mward” recently left a comment at The Truth About Pit Bulls blog in regards to The Nanny Dog Myth Revealed. The comment speaks for itself in attempting to elevate pit bulls to the status of human children in hopes of making listeners feel more grief for this unfortunate canine breed. It’s also a deflection technique, as pit bulls are best known for killing innocent children.

All of you have no idea what you are talking about. You want to talk about children? CHILDREN die every day by the thousands in animal shelters because no one wants them and the ones who take them abuse them. CHILDREN are going to die in BSL cities today because this blog continues to add fuel to the fire. CHILDREN are going to have to fight for their lives in a pit because someone wants money and drugs. Human children are not the only children we share this planet with. Now you leave my pit bull child alone! –mward