The term “isolated incident” is often used by pit bull advocates after another terrible pit bull mauling dominates media headlines. A Google search of pit bull attack isolated incident shows over 43,000 results, many involving Level 5 maulings (horribly destructive) and DBRFs (Dog Bite-Related Fatalities). The term is used to compartmentalize the countless predictable tragedies caused by centuries of selective breeding for the fighting pit.

The term was recently used by a West Haven animal rescue group to whitewash the death of Neveah Bryant. (“animal rescue groups had been planning Pit Bull Awareness Day … and say the tragedy is an isolated one.”) The compartmentalization strategy is also employed by pit bull owners to avoid dogfighting and selective breeding as the causation of their containment breaking power, deadly bite style and relentless manner of attack.

You can not blame isolated incidents on one breed of dog. Thats like saying a certain race robbed a convenience store and killed the clerk therefore that whole race is bad. – Janeen Maxwell
Many times, the cities will pass breed bans under the excuse of eliminating dog fighting, but it is almost always in response to isolated incidents of bad pet ownership. – Sarah Sover
Too often today we judge an entire breed for an isolated incident, and Pit Bulls have unfortunately become the most sought after story of all. – Pit bull breeder
This is an isolated incident, there’s something like 34 fatal dog bites a year in this country, this country with perhaps around something like 74 million pet dogs. – Blue
Stories about pit bull attacks are tragic, but isolated incidents. – Random blogger
Dog owners feel it’s not fair to punish an entire breed for an isolated incident. – Pit bull owners
knee-jerk reaction to one isolated incident involving a so-called “Pit Bull Terrier”. – Nick Mays
It’s silly to ban an entire breed based off an isolated incident in the ’80s – Peter Lewis
Afterall one death, as absolutely tragic, appaling and stomach churning as it is, is an isolated incident. – Conners