The term “couch eater” gained notoriety after Lani Blaylock, a Union County, Oregon Dog Deputy and pit nutter, posted it to her public Facebook page about her rescued pit bull,  Bomani (“In a Mob” spelled backward). Seven months after the rescue, she took her pit bull to a La Grande Elementary School to perform a Dog Bite Safety class. Superintendent Larry Glaze ordered Blaylock’s pit bull removed from the kindergarten classroom citing obvious safety concerns. (Note to Blaylock, “couch eaters” make lousy stunt pits.)

BLAYLOCK’S other dogs are snack sized and I suspect this is BLAYLOCK’S first pit bull. The newbies are always the most rabid defenders of the breed.
On March 18th, BLAYLOCK posted a photo of her partially destroyed sofa. She attributed the damage to her “couch eater” and stated “This is what happens when your dog breaks outa his crate while you are work! LOL”
On mother’s day, the animal control officer posted a photo of her hand with a single tiny tooth mark. BLAYLOCK stated she was bitten by a “lil puff ball” while walking her dogs. She jokes with a facebook friend about needing training on how to handle animals. – Craven Desires