Like the term “big baby” and other phraseologies designed to emphasize the positive traits of pit bulls, owners of these dogs will claim their pit bull has always been “gentle and loving” to deflect the long-standing vicious reputation of the breed. Owners will also do so in the aftermath of a serious or fatal attack to bolster the common defense of, “never shown aggression before,” whereby alleviating them of any responsibility in the attack.

But Nicholas Cook says the pit bull-labrador mix the family called Butch had always been gentle and loving with people, though he was inclined to fight with dogs if he felt threatened. – Nicholas Cook
The American Pit Bull Terrier as a breed is not human aggressive. In fact, quite the opposite is true of the breed. They are gentle and loving dogs. – Reddawn
We expect owners of American Pit Bulls to call and e-mail us with tales of how gentle and loving their dogs are. They will also say that when the dogs attack, it’s the owner’s fault, or that particular dog’s, and not the breed’s. – WALB
It should be a dangerous-dog law not breed-specific. We should not be killing innocent animals that haven’t done anything wrong. Most of the dogs are gentle and loving family pets, especially the Staffordshire bull terrier. – Beverly Vinnels
My kids who are adults now have had pitt bulls as pets. They have been very gentle and loving dogs. I hope they check out this owner… – Dogood
I am not in the least bit afraid to go volunteer with them…I know first hand how gentle and loving a Pit can be and am super excited to go! – Becky