Much like, dogs are dogs, the phrase, “animals will be animals” is a term used by animal advocacy groups and pit bull fans to deny the pit bull’s responsibility after a violent or deadly attack. The term also illustrates the idea that one can’t expect a pit bull to “think or act like a human being.” Such reasoning stands in stark contrast to the egregious anthropomorphism carried out by pit bull advocates on behalf of the pit bull breed.

After a pet pit bull nearly killed his Tucson owner in August 2011, Jayne Cundy of Pima Animal Care Center said, “Your animal [pit bull] is an animal. It’s not human … it doesn’t have human values.” According to this logic, the only time a pit bull “is an animal” is after a devastating attack. Furthermore, the logic falsely rationalizes that it’s natural for a pit bull to unleash a horrific assault upon its owner because, “animals will be animals.”

its not anyones fault with what happen because animals will be animals know matter how much you train them – Richard Short
[Cheryl Zelen calls out Short’s distortion] OMG! Mr. Short…”Animals will be animals??” Come on! Obviously u hasve NO CLUE how DANGEROUS that Pitbull is!! Did you witness what we did on Tuesday??? Hell no! – Cheryl Zelen
but just because they are domesticated doesnt mean they arent able to be a threat to people or animals… animals will be animals! and its not just “pit bulls” any breed of dog is still an animal and it will always be an animal! – PitBullMommie1206
You fail to realize, animals will be animals, we are animals, and kill each other all the time. I’m not saying it’s alright, but in this case – Admin
Animals will be animals. We cannot expect animals to understand our human rules. We have to be fair to them on this. 3. Do you think big dogs of certain breeds considered dangerous should be banned? No, I don’t, just as we don’t ban big-sized humans, do we? – Illogical animal advocate