As suggested by the name, a rottenmauler is a frankenmauler, yet specific to the rottweiler breed, which holds the distinction of being the number two human killer after pit bulls. Unlike their pit bull counterpart, who will attack and kill humans of any size or age including their owners, rottenmaulers typically pray on the weakest: babies and children. The injuries inflicted by rottenmaulers are so substantial and life-threatening that most doctors  include the breed along with pit bulls when referring to dangerous dog breeds.

“There’s no place for pit bulls or rottweilers around children” – Dr. Mark Wulkan, Children’s Healthcare surgeon in chief and an associate professor at Emory.

According to an April 2008 news story, in the 6 years he has been at Johns Hopkins, “100% of the serious dog bites have been inflicted by pit bulls and rottweilers.” – Dr. Patrick Byrne, Director of the division of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in the Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery at Johns Hopkins.

It must be noted that the two rottenmaulers who killed 3-year old Vanessa Husmann in March 2011 where culled (shot dead) by arriving sheriff’s deputies. Vanessa’s grandfather who owned the dogs continues to breed and raise rottenmaulers from the same bloodline who he describes as “family oriented” on his website. No charges were filed after her brutal death. Authorities chalked it up as yet another “tragic accident” (See: related term)

killed 3-year old granddaughter vannessa husmann