A “pittie party” is the union of pittie and “pity party,” and is used to describe pit bull apologists who are trying to drum up sympathy (a pity party) for their pit bulls and themselves, particularly after a mauling or when the facts of the case are overwhelmingly against them. As the “party” term implies, multiple pit nutters are involved. Examples are often found in mauling threads after an attack and even get elevated to the media, such as Bella did after biting Vanessa Carlton.

The ingredients for a pittie party usually involve No-Kill fanatics or desperate pit bull owners begging for their dog to “get a second” chance after inflicting serious injury upon a person. A classic example occurred in 2009 (See: The Lafourche Comprise) after a pit bull named Shank badly mauled a woman. No-killers and Shank’s owners threw a pittie party to save the dog from death row. Shortly after Shank’s reprieve, he horribly attacked an animal control worker.