Community members DubV and Dude, I BaggedYourPit coined this term by combining “pit” and ‘thetic,’ (assertion/dogma,) with “dementia” (a loss of reasoning and orientation through various pathologies) to describe a system of thought that is so flexible that it can take any information at all and use it to strengthen their hypotheses. It cannot be falsified in their minds.  Persons suffering from pitthetic dementia can recall prescriptive talking points for the purpose of justifying beliefs, but have lost the ability to reason independently or accept rational conclusions in conflict with these beliefs.

Similar non-clinical pejoratives in common use: pitiot, nutter

  • When the headless body of a puppy was found in Iowa, pit nutters unhesitatingly concluded the victim was a pit bull despite their long held assertion that no one can identify a pit bull even with a head still attached.  Pitthetic dementia will relieve nutters of any uncomfortable feelings caused by the resulting cognitive dissonance and will allow them to resume spreading the “no one can identify a pit bull” talking point immediately.