Community member Dude, I BaggedYourPit came up with this term to describe an inability to identify a pit bull, or belief that a pit bull cannot be identified by appearance, or a reciprocally irrational belief that a pit bull can be identified when viewing only remnants of a dog. Pitplexic Disorder is a symptom and diagnostic indicator for Pitthetic Dementia.

[Former] The “Find the Pit Bull” test pretends to show us that pit bulls are virtually impossible to distinguish from other breeds. The test is intended to deceive. In short, the creator uses scarce to rare breeds that are related to the pit bull’s ancestry, juvenile dogs or dogs that are atypical of the breed and pretends that using one photo is the same as seeing the actual dog. The pit bull they use as an example of a typical pit bull is a puppy, for crying out loud!- TheTruthAboutPitBulls
[Latter] a dog was found near the iowa river. it was approximately 6 months old, dead and missing its head. while the authorities are busy looking for the head, trying to figure out if the dog was dead before the decapitation and the person responsible, the pit nutters have declared the victim to be a “pit bull”. – Craven Desires