“Ampubull” is a term derived from the DogsBite.org community that combines gripper breeds — pit bulls and their American bulldog offshoots — and the type of injury often inflicted by them: limb amputation and death. The term also reflects the genetic mutant nature of all breeds within the pit bull class; dogs artificially selected for dogfighting, thus shaping them into canine psychopaths.

Pit bull owners and soldiers of the dangerous dog lobby will always attempt to separate Ampubulls from the pit bull breed after a serious or fatal attack to help minimize the volume of pit bull incidents. This is especially true regarding fatal attack statistics. For instance, in 2007 there were 21 deaths by pit bulls and 3 by Ampubulls; this is slightly easier to stomach than 24 deaths by pit bulls.

The modern Ampubull (Scott type and breed standard) would not be in existence today without the endless infusion of pit bull blood. The breed has only been recognized by the UKC since 1999. Notably, in the CDC report issued in 2000 (Breeds of Dogs Involved in Fatal Human Attacks 1979-1998), the authors do not list Ampubulls as a separate breed, but include them as a “pit bull type.”

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