Like pit nutter and nutter board, “Nutterdom” refers to pit bull owners and is a term derived from the community. Nutterdom is capitalized because it refers to the ethereal kingdom in which pit bull owners live — an altered, warped reality characterized by narcipitism. Perhaps the most infamous pit bull owner, who lived in “sheer Nutterdom,” is Mark Parise who dyed his pit bull after it fatally attacked Robert Barbarita in 1987 in hopes of hiding the animal from authorities.

It’s Nutterdom mixed in with No Kill which has them not saving known manbiters. – Anonymous
Nutterdom in all it’s shining glory…. – Anonymous
Apparently Amy Fox’s Nutterdom operation was successful and Tyson was released back to the Methhead…Now the moral question: Who will be responsible if Tyson mauls something? – Anonymous