community members Landshark and CKing coined this term, which combines the study of pit bull owners, parasocial interaction and parasitology. In brief, parasocial relationships are one sided, such as a relationship between celebrities and fans and are based upon the illusion of interaction (via television, film or radio) rather than actual social interaction. Parasitology, on the other hand, involves the study of parasites and their hosts. When combined with pit nutters, the term “parapitology” is born.

  • Pit nutters live in a parasocial world with one another. They always believe they are part of an “intimate posse” as seen in mauling threads following a pit bull attack and on nutter boards. These relationships, however, are nearly always distantly based anonymous users who act together by creating an echo chamber of Maul Talk themes including: media sensationalism; canine racism; PETA murders dogs and more.
  • Parasitology symbolizes this parasocial world and how its echo chamber infects more pit nutters, pit bull apologists, science whoresmedia members and lawmakers by creating a parasitic hosting environment for the Pit Bull Cause. Persons infected by this one sided cause may be oblivious to it, as well as to the fact that parts of their brain have become germination pools spawning more parapit nutters.