The term “narcipitism” combines narcissism and pit bull owners and stems from community member Cking. Narcissism is defined as “a psychological condition characterized by self-preoccupation, lack of empathy, and unconscious deficits in self-esteem.” Thus, narcipitism was coined to describe the classic pit bull owner who does not apologize or even solicit information about the welfare of a person who was seriously injured by their dog. Narcipitism initially comes as a shock to pit bull attack victims, who can’t imagine this psychological condition.

Clark says when he spoke with the owner, he had no remorse or concern for the little girl who was bitten and commented that if kids go on his property, they are fair game. – Pit bull owner
“I have a lot of anger against the dogs’ owners, I do; I have a lot of anger,” Stewart said. She said they have not called to apologize, sent her a card or visited her. – Karen Stewart
I wonder if this is the guy/same dog that totally demolished my daughter’s kitten last year a few days before Christmas in front of my eyes? The owner just stood there in my driveway watching as I was screaming and beating his dog with a stick...Guy never apologized, offered to pay for disposal, nothing. – maybe_im_amazed
Now, the part of this story that jumped out at me most was when the victim said the owner of the pit bull never apologized? I mean, what? Really? Your dog allegedly attacks someone and you don’t say sorry? – Emily’s Morning Brew
John Stinson said he is talking with a lawyer and considering civil action against Davis. “[The pit bull owner] never apologized, never inquired about the girls,” Stinson said. – John Stinson
My only option to recover the hospital fees is to pursue civil penalties against the owner, an uncertain process filled with difficulty and added expense. The owner never apologized nor offered any financial help. – Matt Anderson
Her dog wasn’t on a leash and it jumped out of the woman’s lap and latched onto my dog and started mauling her, unprovoked. The woman never apologized or asked if my dog was okay, and went on about how friendly her dog was, implying that it must have been our fault. – Escondido
Justice of the Peace Susan Ratcliff deliberated the fate of the attacking dog. She ordered the pit bull destroyed immediately. The owners didn’t contest her decision. Sorensen says neither Amanda nor Ricky offered an apology to her at the hearingPat Sorensen
Unfortunately, frequently reads stories like this — pit bull owners that harass victims and family members after an attack. As Lori points out, they also never apologize or ask about the victim’s welfare. –

Until one understands that pit bull owners do not care about you, your beloved pets or members of the community, one cannot fully comprehend the pit bull problem. Such dog owners are narcipits, who care only for themselves and their frankenmaulers. They will employ all kinds of tactics to shift the blame of the attack off of themselves and their dogs. This refusal of responsibility and blaming a victim after an injurious incident is not unique to dog maulings. Full blown narcissism in addition to this, however, is unique to pit bull owners and sociopaths (See also: antisocial behavior).