YouTube user FUzupf is an intellectually bankrupt pit bull advocate that piggybacks his name off of the significant activist Zupf. In 2008, named Zupf Internet Advocate of the Year after posting over 90 news video clips of pit bull attack victims that year. All of Zupf’s video clips can be seen at the Zupf YouTube page. Blogger Craven Desires recently unleashed battle on FUzupf in a mauling thread that FUzupf was partaking in and published the top comment to Craven Desires.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010
Best weekly comment – thanks FUzupf!
and the winner is…..OMERGARED!
“@FUzupf Here’s no exaggeration – The victim is dead. And you want to quibble about whether the arm stumps in the box are 1.5 feet long or 2 feet long. You are disgusting. Pit bulls tore this woman apart. She died in a barbaric heinous act of senseless violence. Why don’t you send the family a memorial plaque saying – “You can be thankful she died with her elbows intact” – Craven Desires

It must be noted that the title of the post that the mauling thread refers to is: Elderly Russian Woman Dies After Both Hands Amputated in Pit Bull Attack.