To evade responsibility after a biting incident, a pit bull owner may say, “I raised the dog from a puppy.” It’s similar to another Maul Talk term, “The dog has never shown aggression before.” Both try to persuade authorities that the dog owner could never have known his dog would attack. The puppy term has added meaning. Pit bulls do not reach maturity until 1.5 to 2 years old. It is at this time when the breed’s aggressive traits kick in. This is also the average age of pit bulls surrendered to shelters by their owners.

The father said he and his family are grieving over the tremendous loss of their child. The father said the family raised the pit bull since it was a puppy and that the dog never showed any signs of aggression toward anyone in their family. – Mark Valentin
Wallis says his neighbor hasn’t apologized for the attack or said anything to him since it happened April 22…When reached by telephone, Hayes declined to comment and hung up. She told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram she had raised the pit bulls since they were puppies and considered them good, lovable pets. – Nancy Hayes
The dog was 5-years old and had been raised by the victim’s father since it was a puppy. In a press conference following the attack, the victim’s uncle, Terrence Lovejoy, urged parents to “get rid” of pit bulls. He also stated that the dog “didn’t growl, didn’t bark,” just walked over and grabbed the child. He described the incident as “a sneak attack on my nephew.” –