Sometimes a pit bull owner will say that his dog was “never beaten” or “neglected” after the animal seriously injures or kills a person. The terms are designed to absolve the dog owner from any responsibility and to counter pit bull factions who argue that pit bulls only attack when the owner has beaten or neglected them. This is an interesting position for a pit bull owner to be in. Once part of the pit bull community, this owner now must fight against pit bull factions who are calling him an abuser in order to protect the breed.

The father said he had raised the dog since the day it was born, and he said it was a very nice and loving dog who was never beaten. – WJXT (Mark Valentin)
Erb described the six pit bulls as “house dogs” that were well cared for and even microchipped for identification. “They were spoiled rotten,” Erb said. “They were not neglected in any way.” – Barbara Erb