To add legitimacy to the claim that the story doesn’t add up after a serious or fatal pit bull mauling, Maul Talkers on mauling threads will sometimes say, “I know the family” and what is being reported is untrue. In dazzling lies — due to the anonymity of most comment sections — a pit nutter may claim that he knows the family (a lie) and claim to be a member of the community (another lie) and that he has “inside information” about the incident that has been sensationalized by the media.

You can believe this. The dogs did not kill John Reynolds. I will not go into the details of his injuries due to respect for the family, but NO dog did the injuries that were inflicted on him. It was most likely the mountain lion that has been spotted in the area. First of all, if the dogs killed him, you would see injuries on the dogs. The video did not show any injuries to the dogs. If the dogs were in a frenzy eating John, then they would have had injuries themselves….
We all pay taxes here. We are not that poor. Third, the Missouri Dept. of Conservation keeps saying there are not Mountain Lions living in Missouri. Bull….! They are here. The citizens see them. We all have our stories of spotting them. – IMCROI
The story was originally reported as the dogs being APBT, yes. It also said that the child was a boy. The stories have been amended. They still have not released the official autopsy reports and I am interested to see how they will be spun by the media. Patch — this was not “allowed” to happen. I know the family and know more about this story than what has been released publicly at this time. – forever_pit
Of course, I feel sorry for both families. But I know the family of Rockett, who attacked the little dog. This dog has NEVER done ANYTHING like this before. The dog even lives with 4 other cats in the house. My children have been around this dog. (Brandy, you failed the smell test!) – BrandyWK