Pittsburgh Animal Control Supervisor Gerald Akrie is a shameless pit bull apologist, and needlessly so as the State of Pennsylvania prohibits pit bull laws. It is important to bring to your attention the numerous Maul Talk phrases Gerald Akrie has used recently in media reports, particularly those involving Pittsburgh Police Officer Christine Luffey and her daughter who were viciously attacked by three pit bulls in April 2010.

If you look at the bites and the context in which it happened, a majority of the time it wasn’t really the dog’s fault. – Gerald Akrie
I’ve been on this department for almost 18 years, you see an aggressive dog, you talk to an owner, you got a knucklehead owner. – Gerald Akrie
I would love to have more vehicles around the clock, but that’s not going to prevent accidents from happening. – Gerald Akrie
Let’s not look at the dogs. Let’s look at the owner. Those dogs are reflecting that owner’s temperament. It’s not just pit bulls, it’s any dog. – Gerald Akrie
Mr. Akrie said he doesn’t favor a ban or believe the pit bull population is exploding. He said Friday’s incident could have been avoided if the owner had been more responsible. – Gerald Akrie
What the (man) did was he gave the dog a doggie treat and then he went and took the doggie treat away and the dog flipped out. – Gerald Akrie