After Tonya Holland’s pit bull mixes mauled and permanently disfigured 5-year old Winston Bankston in Bush Il., she turned to her Facebook page, and after asking her friends to pray for her, she excuses her negligence by suggesting that her choice to keep dangerous dogs and allow them to run free was part of God’s plan.  Not only is she completely absolving herself of any responsibility or culpability for a horrific mauling, she is actually suggesting she is an instrument of God. (See more at Craven Desires).

…you know I watch the news and read comments since this has happen and I really set back a really look. You know what I see fear, life, death, and think why don’t they see life isn’t perfect and everything happens for a reason and purpose. and just think of themselfs has blessed instand of arguing over animals. Because their are billions of wild life. You know if we could control everything we would. You know everyone feels bad on what happen. You see these boards members arguing and they may not even be here tomarro. Besides that little boy is going to make it.  The next one might not. wheather bye cancer, brain trauma, car wrecks. They have to realize god knew it was going to happen. we live in a curse life. They don’t read the word. – Tonya

Along similar lines of completely absolving oneself of any culpability after a brutal mauling, a Google News Archive search for God pit bull attack brought up an interesting 1997 result. After Tommy Halcomb’s four pit bulls nearly killed Lois Moore in Texas, Halcomb said, “They were good dogs, I can’t believe it happened, but it did and I’m going to have to deal with it. I got to try to understand this. I just have to put this in God’s hands now.” He also denied reports by neighbors that his dogs had menaced other people.