After the family of Justin Clinton won a $7 million dollar verdict against the owners of two pit bulls that mauled him to death, user “Rebecca” left a comment at that was not published. In the comment, she employed the “bad apple” phraseology used by pit bull advocates to minimize and dismiss the horrible death this 10-year old boy endured. Rebecca followed up by saying, but that’s life and it’s not perfect.

There’s always a few bad apples and yes bad things happen but sorry to say but that’s life and it’s not perfect … Or it wouldn’t be life …. – Rebecca
Courts have also rejected arguments that because the law targets docile members of the pit bull breed in addition to aggressive ones, the law is unconstitutionally overinclusive. Essentially, a few bad apples spoil the bunch… – Rebecca F. Wisch, Animal Legal & Historical Center
The idea of banning a breed of dog because of a few bad apples is like suggesting a race of humans be banned because some of them got out of line. – bmfg99
Dogs are a lot like people. Most are good, and there are some bad apples. Bad apples can come in any shape and size… – PHillian
Any dog can be bad. Like people, there are always a few bad apples – but humans know the difference when they commit a crime. – avegas