Like its sister phrase, “must have been trained to attack,” the “any breed” version is a denial of the pit bull’s responsibility. The use of “any breed” also flattens the dangerous dog argument by falsely asserting that all breeds pose an equally dangerous threat (See: All dogs have teeth and All dogs bite). The training aspect, however, is the most egregious falsehood. As veteran dog behaviorist Gary Wilkes pointed out in a recent piece, “99% of pet owners can’t teach their dogs to ‘come’ reliably or virtually any other behavior.”

No, pit bulls are not inherently viscious. Even though they are bred for dog fighting and ‘bull baiting’, they are not born insane. You can train ANY dog to be a mean viscious killer: bassett hounds, chihuahuas, or any breed can be trained to kill. – Pit nutter BigBill
Any breed can be trained to be vicious, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Every breed needs a chance. – Jim Kosmicki
Any breed can be trained to be mean. Any dog can bite. – Big Jutts
I’ve been around animals my whole life and any breed can be trained to be mean and kill – LAP