The term “somehow” is often used after a devastating pit bull mauling because police officials and the media have no other way to describe the incident or the term is used to help magically “explain away” the dog owner’s responsibility. For instance, the pit bull somehow managed to slip its collar. The pit bull somehow managed to escape its owner’s yard. The pit bull then, not so magically, seriously injured or killed a human being.

During the visit, the [pit bulls] were put into another room, but somehow got out and found the child laying on the floor on a blanket in another room [and killed the child] – New Haven Register
She found her son being attacked by the dog that had somehow managed to get off of a chain and grab the child. Despite being rushed to the hospital, Kaden died due to the massive injuries sustained in the attack. –
Officers were told that the pit bulls somehow escaped from a fenced-in yard of Shawn Middleton. They ripped the shoes and jacket off Bates, biting him in the face and feet. – Indianapolis police
Police say they will continue to investigate, but it appears the attack was accidental. “We’re exploring the possibility the dogs were supposed to be in backyard but somehow got into the home.” – Leesburg Police
Florence police say a 7-year-old girl was at a neighbor’s house on Charles Street Thursday afternoon when a pitbull attacked her. According to officers, the dog somehow broke loose from it’s collar before it attacked… – Florence Police
Police said a pitbull somehow got loose and attacked the woman. “The pitbull had been chained in the yard and the dog pulled a stake out of the ground and attacked the 40-year-old victim.” – Det. Sgt. Carl Gulas
Destiny Knox was attacked [and mauled to death] when the dog, normally kept chained, somehow got loose and ran inside the house. – WMC-TV